Chapter 46

Madam Fu become a sharing demon on weekends which doesn’t cause any surprised in her circle of friends anymore.

Her friends were not really surprised but instead they actively and enthusiastically give her messages full of praises.

Recently under the condition of Madam Fu sharing her experience with her child they could often see the presence of Old Master Fu and Old Madam Fu so no one wants to appear to be negligent.

Everyone in the circle of friends was happy and peaceful.

Weibo on the other hand was little more lively, and the news that Jian Ruixi had taken Jayce to play Disney was made known to the melon eaters.

In fact, unsurprisingly Jian Ruixi’s still has strong presence recently. Not all those who like Disney were children, there were also young people who were the backbone of the tourists so in the crowded park there were so many young people pass by the mother and son.

And some of them with sharp eyes recognized Jian Ruixi.

Making Madam Fu’s named appeared in the Weibo hot search—

[Super lucky to have met the recently very popular Princess Consort of Fu at Disney, really very down to earth. The Princess Consort lined up to buy tickets in person @dearAnnie.]

[Today I met the young princess and the young master of @FuGroup in the amusement park. I finally understand why the young lady said she was willing to wait for him to grow up. Young Master, this sister is also waiting for you to grow up.]

[I want to confess @dearAnnie, the real madam is so beautiful, she has white skin and long legs. The key is that her waist is thinner than me, I told my mother that it was Madam Fu and the little boy next to her was her son but my mother don’t believe me at all. She said that iwas the little girl who took her brother out to play. You heard correctly—it was little girl! Auntie! Mother! Oh! [laughing and crying.jpg]

[Before today I thought that the son of my male god would be a replica of a little male god. He was wearing a tuxedo and a lovely bow tie around his neck, his small body was very straight. He was elegant in capital letter but his smile would turn into crescent eyes.

[However the little young master I saw in Disneyland, with a small face like male god, wore a lovely Mickey hat, paired with Mickey clothes and carrying Mickey’s bag, it’s totally a big Mickey—no its more cute than Mickey! In capital words, I’m stunned! #and tricked me into giving birth to goose series#]

[Everyone is confessing to the young madam and the young master, so let me confess to the bodyguard of the young madam. Skilled, good looking and can take pictures, save me and ask you to come out for marriage!!!]

These netizens were quite reasonable, the environment at that time was not suitable for sneaking a picture so they just shared today’s special experience online and didn’t expose Jayce’s appearance.

But it was precisely because they keep saying how handsome the young master was and how loving the mother and son look but there was no picture of it which was has fully aroused the curiosity of the majority of netizens who have never seen the real face of the young master.

The more the Fu family protects them the more they scratch their ears and cheeks to know the respected young master.

Then under the weibo of Jian Ruixi, and President Fu the netizens has posted,

[10,100 blood letter begging the young master to appear.]

Of course Jian Ruixi won’t release the photos of her son, even if she doesn’t have the three mountain namely the Grandfather, father, and last but not the least grandmother Fu on her head and could be the master of her own, she still won’t.

She was not too poor and crazy to need to rely on the child to have fans.

However, Jian Ruixi did not want to disappoint the users who had started to call her “mother-in-law” so she made a compromise—

Dear Annie: I can’t put a picture of my son but I can show the pictures of my took [photo.jpg]

The photo was taken by Jian Ruixi when they were riding the carousel, people around them were taking selfies and the child also volunteered to take over the phone saying he took some nice and clear photos of his mommy.

To be honest this photo was not as good taken by Ah Ming, the interesting thing was that it was a live motion pictures. When the screen shakes you could hear a child’s cute milky voice shouting.

“Mommy look this way.”

A lot of netizens hearing this little milky voice spits blood.

The Weibo was very lively for two days. Jian Ruixi also rested at home for two days when Lisa came over with an invitation.

“Madam do you think you will be there in person for Mrs. Zhong’s birthday tomorrow night?”

“Mrs. Zhong?”

Jian Ruixi heard of Boying Group even if Madam Fu doesn’t remembered, after all she hasn’t been here for a long time.

She still knows which consortia in Hong Kong were famous, she has also visited Boying’s department stores but it’s strange that Mrs. Fu doesn’t seem to have any impression of Mrs. Zhong.

Lisa quickly solved her confusion.

“Mrs. Zhong used to be a famous actress although she stopped acting for many years but her birthday party media should pay attention to it.”

“Especially she just had her wedding with Mr. Zhong this year, at least give Mr. Zhong a face.”

Lisa was afraid that her boss who was addicted being cope inside house, reminded her in a roundabout way.

Jian Ruixi however listened purely to gossip and asked excitedly.

“How long have they been together?”

“It’s been seven or eight years, Mrs. Zhong’s oldest son is about the same age as our young master.”

Lisa was really talented, Jian Ruixi asked again.

“How come they make up for the wedding now?”

“I heard that the first wife of Mr. Zhong has been refusing to sign the divorce papers and old Madam Zhong also likes this daughter-in-law the most so….”

Lisa smiled faintly and did not say anymore, but Jian Ruixi has already brainstormed a wonder and colorful story of the chaotic life of rich people and then nodded at Lisa’s expectant eyes.

“Then let’s go and have fun.”

With her boss approval Lisa immediately got busy, her boss’s recent skin conditions was very good. Best examples the netizens that were praising her youth and beauty even their employees think that their boss seems to be getting younger and younger.

However women should not be self-satisfied on the road of beauty so beauty services were still offered.

Then there was the choice of clothes, no matter whether the media was present of not there was no lack of competition on this occasion especially if the boss hasn’t appeared for a long time.

The dress must be the latest of the season and mustn’t collide with other madams, of course jewelry was more valuable. It’s best to buy new.

In short Lisa was so busy that Jian Ruixi felt that she was about to walk for a red carpet. Although she was an actor, Jian Ruixi obviously rather than to walk on the red carpet and dress up she preferred to be in a studio where she was relaxed and less tired.

She could also shine on her weibo page leaving to dust her opponents, though right now she began to look forward to Mrs. Zhong’s birthday party.

Howevery she didn’t expect that not only the entertainment circle has plastic sisters but also the wealthy circle. Many actors were ashamed of the ladies refinement such as the birthday star, Mrs. Zhong.

In fact Mrs. Zhong was very enthusiastic about Jian Ruixi, and when she saw her from afar she left behind a group of guests and greeted her. Saying familiarly.

“Annie, I heard that you have been living in seclusion recently? I’m really flattered that you can still find time to come to my birthday in the midst of your busy schedule.”

Although she was a little too warm, she had no problem with her attitude so Jian Ruixi gave smile.

“How can I be absent from your birthday? Dear Jenny bless you year after year, year after year—”

With that Jian Ruixi was ready to take the birthday gift box from Lisa’s hand when Mrs. Zhong across the room habitually tuck her hair.

Mrs. Zhong immediately laughed and waved her hand in embarrassment.

“You’re looking at this? My husband bought it, I also advised that the wedding ring has only been bought for a long time there is no need to break the bank but he said this ring is more in line with my skin tone…”

It sounds like Mrs. Zhong and Mr. Zhong were much in love and someone next to her complimented that.

Jian Ruixi pursed her lips and smiled, sorry who made her a wealthy lady?

Madam Zhong was only a junior and dared to show off her wealth to who?

“Isn’t that a coincidence?”

Jian Ruixi slowly showed her left hand.

“We’re the same.”

Not only the ring, she also wore a full set of necklace and earrings.



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