Chapter 53

Xu Yanwen saw Xue Jiayue looking at a picture of a clock tower, they went there when they were young.

He couldn’t help pointing out that the picture on the internet were obviously not true.

“In order to attract tourist, S city deliberately took the pictures better than the real ones. In fact it’s not that good, those who were fooled are fools.”

Xue Jiayue just crossed over not long ago, the original body did not leave her memory of having been here.

So she looked excited at the sight of these attractions and wanted to go and see, but now that Xu Yanwen said this it was like pouring cold water on her which seriously hit her enthusiasm.

“I’ve been there before, I want to go again now can’t I?”

Xue Jiayue dislikes retorted back.

You are fool! Your whole family is stupid!

Although the words were not said, Xu Yanwen only swept a glanced at her and already guessed what was on her little brain with eight to ten chances.

“You and I are family.”

Xu Yanwen said indifferently.

Xue Jiayue froze, and quickly reflected on what he meant. Her face suddenly turned red, he was laughing at her for cursing at herself!

Xu Yanwen was really not cute! Xue Jiayue thought bitterly.

The car drove more than two hours to the next city, almost just in time for dinner.

Xu Yanwen let the driver drive directly to the best hotel in the city.

Xue Jiayue followed Xu Yanwen and got out of the car at the entrance of the hotel, carrying her bag and walked inside the hotel.

Just after walking into the lobby Xu Yanwen accidentally ran into an acquaintance, and that person was no other than Gu Tingshen. The president of the Gu group and his wife, Tang Xintian.

Xu Yanwen hurriedly went forward to greet Gu Tingshen.

“Mr. Gu. Mrs. Gu, I didn’t expect to run into you here.”

“Yes, such a coincidence.”

Gu Tingshen was also surprised to meet Xu Yanwen here, and a smiled appeared on his handsome face.

At present, the Xu Group and the Gu Group were cooperating on a big project and when the two group bosses meet they have to exchange a few pleasantries.

After some business talk, Xu Yanwen and Gu Tingshen were still not done talking so they met up for dinner and continued to talk while eating later.

Sitting in the private room, Xu Yanwen and Gu Tingshen talk about work. Xue Jiayue and Tang Xintian on the other hand don’t understand their business talk.

They could only eat while talking about some new clothes style, skin care products and other stuff.

Xue Jiayue and Tang Xintian had a nice chat and the two agree to go out shopping after dinner, leaving the two men to talk about their own world.

“I want to visit Drum Tower and the ancient city of Xiangguo.”

Xue Jiayue read the online comments, those places were the best and have the highest evaluation so she wanted to have a look.

“Okay, we’ll to after dinner later.”

Tang Xintian agree without hesitation.

The two women quickly eat their dinner, while Xu Yanwen and Gu Tingshen were still talking about the project and they didn’t know when these two gentlemen finished their meal.

Xue Jiayue and Tang Xintian decided to ignore them after telling them they went out shopping happily hand in hand.

Siting in the car going to the Drum Tower, Xue Jiayue heard her phone ringing and hurriedly opened her bag to take out her phone.

It was another bank transfer notification through SMS.

Xue Jiayue clicked on the text message and took a look, her hand couldn’t help but shake a little and almost dropped the phone on the ground.

This time Xu Yanwen transferred a large sum of money again, the amount was more than the allowance given last time.

Was this another pocket money for her?

In fact, Xue Jiayuue really did not guess wrong. Xu Yanwen learned that Xue Jiayue and Tang Xintian went out to play together and was worried that she didn’t have enough money so quickly transferred a large amount of money to her.

Xu Yanwen was thinking that women have to spend a lot of money when they go out to buy!

Xue Jiayue opened WeChat and sent a message to Xu Yanwen, her finger knocked a large paragraph in the WeChat dialog box.

When ready to send, Xue Jiayue hesitated again and thought about it. She deleted the paragraph and finally sent only a picture of thank you.

Xue Jiayue: Huahua~ thank you boss.jpg

At the other end of the phone, Xu Yanwen received the picture sent by Xue Jiayue. It was a cute little girl with flower in her hand saying thank you to his boss.

He was going to reply with no thank you needed, but thought about it and stopped.

He hurriedly downloaded several interesting Q pictures on the internet and then chose the one he thought looked the best in the picture and sent it over.

Xue Jiayue soon received a message back from Xu Yanwen, holding the phone she burst into laughter.

Xu Yanwen sent over was a large hand stroking the kitten’s head, the little kitten opened her mouth and said meow while next to it was a word “good.”

Xue Jiayue thought that cat was cute and snorted a laugh.



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