ECM 41


Chapter 41

After Ma Fengkai was arrested, the Zhongtian’s trainees’ gossips finally changed from Yin Chang to this former Mr. Ma. Before this, none of them knew that their top boss was actually such a scum.

The police took the person away from the office of the trainee branch building, at that time all the trainees ran out to watch. They thought they were suspected of some economic crimes in business and didn’t know that they had lived under the eyes of a scum for so long until the news broke out.

It’s scary to even think about it.

Cen Feng stood by the glass window and watched the man who had humiliated and bulled him get into the police car through the cold winter wind. But he didn’t seem to have much fluctuation in his heart.

After being reborn, he and Ma Fengkai have not yet met head-on. The first time Ma Fengkai let Yin Chang drugged his water and in the middle of the night went into his room and broke his arm which needed six months to heal.

He has been prepared to let him break a leg again if he dares to come this time but did not expect that he wouldn’t need to do it all.

After that came the news of the sentencing.

The trajectory had changed dramatically without his knowledge, and the two people who were once snakes and rats had just disappeared from his world.

The departure of Yin Chang could be said to have little impact but once Ma Fengkai leaves the S-star that he planned and packaged would not reappear. Although the company would still launch a group and may even still be called S-star but it would never be the same group it once was.

He has changed, the world had changed it looks as if the evil-doers have disappeared from his side and his future became brighter but Cen Feng did not feel happy about it.

The original familiar future begins to become unknown and everything moves in an uncontrollable direction.

The future seemed to show another glimmer towards him, luring him to it.

See, wasn’t it exactly the same as before? Throwing a bait when he was desperate and dead then wait for him to take the bait before kicking him into the abyss.

Think he’ll still fall for it?

Cen Feng closed the window with no expression.

The social impact of Ma Fengkai’s incident was so great that it directly led turmoil in Zhongtian’s stock market, with stocks falling and even Zhongtian’s artist losing many endorsements.

Chen Xing quickly picked up the oppurtunity.

Xu Zhaixing didn’t expect that the intention of cleaning the scum man could in the end benefit her company. She was very happy with this gain even if no one know she was the mastermind, although everyone was looking for the hero everywhere she didn’t dare to stand up and claimed it.

After all the saying was right, it’s better to deceive the gentleman than to provoke the villain. He was only sentenced to seven years and not life, once he knew she was the culprit subsequent trouble was sure to continue.

So this “great achievement” could only be silently applauded for herself inside.

After the applause, she need to continue to strive for her own business.

In early summer, Chan Juan hold a work exhibition in City B which was the first time since Chan Juan was founded. Fei Lao was very optimistic about this young generation and believes that she could take Chan Juan to the world. The resources and scale used this time were by no means lower than that of a spring show.

In addition to the previous Fei Tian the other three dresses in this series have been designed for a long time. Because the exhibition was held in early summer, Xu Zhaixing also made the “Li Xia” of the Four Season series which would presented at the show.

Not to mention several large series of high luxurious works there would some daily and simple designs which don’t need to be done by Xu Zhaixing herself. After she produced the design drawings professionals would arranged to sew them by hand in Paris.

The models participating in this runaway show were all international models, but Fei Tian would still be modeled by Zhao Jinjin. Such good fashion resource has made all the female stars in the circle jealous, they have tried to get the invitation letter for this Chan Juan show hoping to be favored by the designer and became her royal model.

Although the organizers in Paris arranged and coordinated the whole process, Xu Zhaixing as the designer of the show basically participated in every step and confirmed that it was correct. During this period, she had to study and was busier than Father Xu who was also working every day.

This was her daughter’s first exhibition of work in her life so of course Father Xu couldn’t be idle either. At the beginning of the year after reorganizing the entertainment video online, Xu Zhaixing’s previous proposals was in full operation and father Xu took the wave of network independent broadcasting copyright of the series owned by several major domestic film and television production companies and introduced many foreign popular dramas which opened the prelude to copyright dispute.

Because Xing Chen took the lead, the previous video platform without copyright had to take down the shows they were airing. So online users gradually gathered to Xing Chen Entertainment, after coming to find that the platform was good not to mention the HD quality of the videos, no pop-ups and they could chat while watching and interact with other netizens who were watching the drama at the same time was too novel.

After the traffic surge, advertising sponsorship followed. Father Xu struck while the iron was hot and linked with Chen Xing and have Zhao Jinjin endorsed the entertainment video.

Father Xu was an expert in traditional media, ground propaganda was simply his world. So as soon as people go out every day they could see their national first love in elevators, bus stops, LED screens and street billboards. Her sweet smile after telling them “Come to Chen Xing entertainment and see what you were searching and have fun.”

That’s how the fame was made.

Knowing that his daughter was going to hold an exhibition Father Xu led the entire company’s technical staff to work overnight and put the live board which was intended to be launched in the summer vacation online in advance.

In this way Chan Juan exhibition cooperated with Xing Chen Entertainment were live online shows.

Father Xu gave the best publicity position of the home page to Chan Juan show. People who knew the reason knows that this was the father’s support for his daughter but most users and viewers were thinking.

Hey what is this Chan Juan show, never heard of it before. The dress on the cover looks good oh, it feel so modern. Let’s see when it is and watch the live first.

The first online live broadcast of Xing Chen Entertainment was pushed so smoothly.

Two days before the show, Xu Zhaixing went to ask for leave from the teacher. Although the class teacher granted the leave, she still seriously admonished her.

“You will going to be in senior three soon, so you can’t ask for long leave just like now. Take advantage of this summer vacation to finish your things, you have to understand that right now for you the college entrance examination is the most important, understand?”

Xu Zhaixing nodded quickly.

Time was tight, when she arrived in City B she directly went to the show site to see the venue, check the stage construction and clothing. She also needs to go through the process and rehearsal after all she still attaches’ great importance to the first exhibition in her life.

It was almost evening when Xu Yan brought Zhao Jinjin to see her and also brought her a lot of snack. Zhao Jinjin has starve herself for several days for tomorrow’s runaway show while Xu Zhaixing has been stuffing herself with packed of hot and spicy dishes, milk tea and nibble next on the vegetables leaves mixed salad.

Xu Zhaixing took a piece of liver and dipped it in the dried chili then put it on her mouth, Zhao Jinjin pursed her lips and ducked back.

“No, no, no! I can’t lose! I can’t afford to lose my career! Mr. Xu has written all the press notices for me, so I must be worthy of the cultivation of the company!”

Xu Yan: “….. there was no pressure notice.”

Zhao Jinjin: “Ah? So there’s no pressure this time?”

Xu Yan: “This is a show, not a red carpet. The ones with you are all international models, why pressure yourself for?”

Zhao Jinjin nodded wistfully as her eyes lit up and moved over.

“Then give me a bite, ah!”

Xu Yan: “….”

Everything was confirmed correctly and by the next day the show was launched as scheduled.

This time, the venue was in the cultural and entertainment where large-scale activities gather. The venue was called Crystall hall, which was a special place for exhibitions in previous years, the road was closed early in the morning and the media was the earliest to arrive. The models and staff were all outside taking pictures when they entered the venue.

The audience who wanted to watch the show also came one after another including some popular stars, and some low-key who just want to watch the show. Some high-profile were dressed up, afraid that other don’t know who they were.

There was a large arena not far from the Crystal hall, where some outdoor variety shows and group activities were usually filmed and recorded. More than a hundred of them were living and eating here every day for their debut performance at the end of the year.

Every afternoon, the teacher would lead the trainees out for a run to let off some steam. Today, the road was closed and dozens of people had to take a detour. The trainees who trained in the building all year round have not participated in an event before so they have never seen such a scene, making them curious and looked over there frequently.

After all, they were still a group of teenagers who were active and noisy.

–“Is that Bai Siyu? The one in the red dress?”

–“I saw Xie Tong! Ahhhhh my idol!”

–“I’d love to go in and see it too.”

–“In your dreams.”

–“What is written on it….Chan… Chan Juan Show? What’s Chan Juan Show?”

The teacher yelled at them with a headache.

“Stop looking! Run! When you become popular after your debut you will also see this kind of show exhibition and even enter into a few. There is no use being envy now!”

 Everyone were joking and laughing as they pushed each other to continue to run forward.

Cen Feng who had been looking down at the ground in the middle of the field suddenly stopped and turned his head to look over.

As soon as he stopped, the line went haywire and several people next to him shouted.

“Cen Feng go! Don’t look!”

Without speaking, he sidled out the line and raised his steps in the direction of the Crystal Hall.

The group had just run up stopped again all looking at his back in shock, while the teacher was furious and called him.

“Cen Feng, what are you doing?!”

He didn’t stop in his tracks and said in a light voice.

“Go and have a look.”

The teacher also knows his temper, he usually doesn’t cause trouble or make trouble. He was more disciplined than anyone but once he has to do something, no one could stop him.

So he did not care about him and said.

“Then, you go back later!”

When this was said, the other trainees stopped running.

“Teacher we want to go and see too!”

“Right! We’re going too, Cen Feng can go, why can’t we?”

One of them who had always had a bad relationship with Cen Feng, said coldly with a smile.

“Don’t trouble the teacher, I say isn’t one trouble enough? What is there to see? Can you get in? You can just stand there like a security guard, that’s so shameful.”

The words just fell when a mercedes benz business car drive across the street and stopped by the side of the road. The door opened and jumping out was a little girl with a long hair, because she was too eager she sprained her foot when jumped out of the car.

She ran in their direction, not knowing who she was calling to.


Everyone froze for a moment, curiously thinking whose little sister she was.

Cen Feng stopped and looked up, the little girl carrying her skirt across the street like a colorful summer wind excitedly ran to him.

“Brother, it’s really you! Why are you here? Are you here specifically to see me?”

It’s been almost a year since he last saw her, and she’s grown a lot.

The baby fat on her face has faded a lot and she looks like a big a girl now.

Seeing Cen Feng dropping his eyes and looking at her without talking Xu Zhaixing’s heart jump and couldn’t help but raises her hands and covered her nose. Frightened, she said.

“I’m not going to have a nosebleed again right!?”

He finally smiled reflecting the light under his eyes that he had lost for a long time, called tenderness.

When Xu Zhaixing saw him smile, she also followed and smiled. Tilting her head she asked him in a small voice.

“Brother, my work is being exhibit inside. Do you want to …..go in and have a look?”

Her eyes were glowing like they were saying.

“I’m awesome! Go and take a look! Go and take a look!”

Seeing her enthusiasm, Cen Feng nodded and said yes.

Xu Zhaixing’s eyes blinked and at the moment he nodded, tears almost fell from her eyes.

She expects that one day, she would be able to stand in front of Cen Feng with her work and proudly say to him: Brother, look I did it.

She wanted to say to him, thank you for showing up, thank you for playing the piano for me, thank you for not giving up on me, and thank you for letting her be who she was.

After Cen Feng death she had thought that in this life it could not be realized again.

But right now, he was standing in front of her.

She could finally say to him.

I did it.


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