Chapter 52

Xu Yanwen stayed in there and picked up the phone then slid open the answer button, Zhou Chenguang’s laughing voice came from the phone.

“Brother Xu, come to Tang Xiaoyue to play! Everyone is over here.”

“No, I won’t.”

Xu Yanwen refused dryly.

“Why aren’t you coming again?”

Zhou Chenguang was disappointed and complained.

“You haven’t played with us for a long time.”

“Something’s up.”

Xu Yanwen replied in a concise manner.

“What is it?”

Zhou Chenguang asked after him.

“It’s none of your business.”

Zhou Chenguang: “…..”

“If that’s it, I’m hanging up.”

“Brother Xu…”

Just as the phone was about to be hung up, Tang Yichuan’s voice came across.

“You’re really not coming out? Do you not care about us?”

Xu Yanwen paused for a moment then said.

“Next time.”

Tang Yichuan then said.

“Okay then, you have to remember what you promised me.”

Xu Yanwen replied with a “hmm”, “Hang up.”

After hanging up, Xu Yanwen turned to find Xue Jiayue. He just deliberately teased her and thought she would pester him for a few more words of flattery.

Unexpectedly she turned and left without saying any flatter to him, this was really different from when she was a child. When she was a child, she would always grind until he agreed.

Xu Yanwen found Xue Jiayue on the balcony, he walked over and said.

“Go pack your luggage and we’ll leave later.”


“I told grandpa we went to the next city to have fun, since I said that then we have to make a full set of plays!”

Xue Jiayue jumped at once and gave a cheer as she shouted joyfully.

“Brother Xu, you are so kind.”

“Then why don’t you go collect your things?”

Xu Yanwen’s black eyes reflected a smile.

“I’ll be right there!”

Xue Jiayue snapped a salute to him and darted off to collect her things.

Oh yeah, we can go play~

Xue Jiayue packed her luggage as fast as she could and followed Xu Yanwen to the next city with a car.

On the way, Xue Jiayue were very excited, she specifically put a travel app on her phone and carefully looked at the interesting places in the next city.

When they got there, she would definitely enjoy herself to the fullest.

“This Cai family compound is said to be an old house in the Qing Dynasty. The architectural furnishings inside are antique, the things left are old objects. You can go and have a look, the evaluation is very good.”

“Not far from the Cai family compound there is an ancient city of Xiangguo. They are all very old houses, osmanthus fish cake in leaves are very famous. You must have a taste.”

“There is also this porcelain museum, it is said that the porcelain produced in the next city was exported abroad before. There is a joke that someone brought a porcelain vase when traveling abroad, as a result he found a knowledgeable person. It is clearly made in China and produced by XX factory in the next city.”

After reading the comments, Xue Jiayue couldn’t help but laugh, turning her head to show the comments on her phone to Xu Yanwen next to her.

“Do you think it’s funny?”

Xu Yanwen lightly swept a glance.

“It’s just a joke, do you believe it?”

He don’t even know how to joke, this person is really boring!

Xue Jiayue pursed her lips and turned back to ignore him, she continued to read interesting things on her phone.

The person next to him calmed down, Xu Yanwen subconsciously turned his head to Xue Jiayue and saw her flipping through the pictures of scenic spots.

When she saw the interesting scenic spot the interest in her eyes couldn’t be hidden not to mention the look of excitement, as if she couldn’t wait to have fun.

“It’s not like we haven’t there before.”

Xu Yanwen saw Xue Jiayue looking at a picture of a clock tower, they went there when they were young.

He couldn’t also help pointing out that the picture on the internet were obviously not true.



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