Chapter 4

Yun Xiuyao followed Yang Xinyu’s line of sight and looked over, anger suddenly leaped up from her heart to her head. The stainless steel cake fork in her hand slowly twisted and bent.

Tang Xinyu was shocked and hurriedly held Yun Xiuyao’s hand with the fork.

“Calm down! Calm down! this fork is innocent.”

Tang Xinyu really didn’t expect that under Yun Xiuyao’s lady like appearance there was actually a strange power loli hidden.


Yun Xiuyao let go of the fork and the bent fork fell on the table with a crunching sound. Yun Xiuyao clasped her hands to her chest, her face unhappy.

“Never force or push when you can do it. Tang Xinyu why are you such a wimp! Now you rush out and slap that pair of dog man and big mouthed woman, I’ll see who dares to say anything!”

Tang Xinyu said soothingly.

“A beating is too good for them.”

Yun Xiuyao’s eyes lit up and she moved closer,

“You mean?”

Tang Xinyu raised a proud smile.

“Isn’t it more interesting to push them down from their heights after they think they’ve climbed to the top?”

Yun Xiuyao looked at the girl who had always been indecisive and was inexplicably shaken by her smiling face at the moment.

The fire in her head immediately extinguished and Yun Xiuyao rubber her knuckles to “click.”

“You say, I do.”

Mo Lanqing who has been busy with the engagement banquet for several days finally found time to meet with his white moonlight in his heart today. They wore sunglasses, a cap with a duck tongue and bucket hat which covered most of their faces. They paid attention to conceal themselves in public. It was not convenient for them to hug, but they could still comfort each other’s lovesickness if they could link each other arms when walking.

Yun Xiuyao who followed Mo Lanqing into the restaurant found a seat near the corner of the wall and watched the man and woman who were flirting obliquely under the cover of a pot of green plants.

Yun Xiuyao wore a bluetooth and snorted in a low voice.

“Miss, you should really come to see how the word shameless are written.”

Tang Xinyu in the café gently stirred her coffee.

“I’m afraid of growing a needle eye (sty). Remember to record the video for me.”

Yun Xiuyao: “It’s recorded but can I report a work injury? I forced myself to hold in the front line with nausea and my mental state was seriously damaged.”

Tang Xinyu: “Listening to your voice, it seems that you are full of confidence and that you are enjoying it.”

Yun Xiuyao retorted.

“Sister how can I persevere if you don’t make fun out of my suffering?”

Tang Xinyu reminded.

“It’s time to get down to business, I hope you’ve bribed one of the restaurant’s waiters.”

Yun Xiuyao laughed lightly.

“It’s too simple, I just pretended to be miserable crying about being cheated on hoping that the kind girl would help me branch out the mistress. She immediately burst with justice to ensure that the package is on her.”

Tang Xinyu raised her eyebrows.

“You’re lying to people.”

Yun Xiuyao didn’t care.

“It’s the truth. Didn’t he cheat? And wasn’t she a mistress?”

Tang Xinyu: “That makes so much sense, I’m actually speechless.”

Yun Xiuyao gently snapped her fingers.

“That kind girl is on the stage.”

The restaurant waiter gave Mo Linqing a table of meals and accidentally knocked the wine over, spilling it on Tian Wanwan’s skirt. The latter screamed and hurriedly got up, using a napkin to wipe the wine.

Mo Lanqing frowned and reprimanded in a deep voice.

“How do you do things? Call you manager over!”

Yun Xiuyao: “Looks like I’ll have to give this kind girl some more compensation later.”

Tang Xinyu smiled faintly.

“Don’t worry, Tian Wanwan that white lotus will definitely persuade Mo Lanqing.”

The restaurant waiter was so shocked that she was about to cry as she was busy apologizing.

“Sorry miss, I’m really sorry I didn’t mean to do it. I’ll help you send it to the dry cleaners for cleaning and I’ll bear the costs.”

Tian Wanwan was indeed distressed. This expensive skirt was specially bought for today’s tryst so how could she not feel distressed, she wear it for the first time but in front of Mo Lanqing she could not show this little petty attitude. In addition her rendezvous with Mo Lanqing was bet not to be disturb too much as to not spread to the ears of others.

Tian Wanwan patted the back of the restaurant waiter’s hand gently and said.

“It’s okay, it’s okay I know you were careless but I don’t blame you. Just take me to the restroom to clean up a bit. Lanqing don’t pursue it either, wait for me for a moment I’ll be back in a while.”

The restaurant waiter answered well and led Tian Wanwan to the resttoom, sighing as she walked.

Yun Xiuyao covered her mouth and whispered.

“Xinyu you are really good. Tian Wanwan’s mind is clearly seen by you. She really did persuade Mo Lanqing.”

Tang Xinyu picked up the coffee cup.

“Know yourself and the enemy and you will be invincible in a hundred battles.”

“Know who? Who’s war again?”

A male voice suddenly came from beside him, and even though Tang Xinyu had a good mental quality she was still startled and almost spill her coffee.

Yun Xiuyao pressed her Bluetooth.

“Xinyu who’s there?”

Tang Xinyu looked at Mo Yifan who was sitting on a wheelchair and was a little surprised.

“Nothing, I ran into a friend.”

Mo Yifan saw Tang Xinyu wearing a bluetooth and politely asked.

“Did I disturb you?”

Tang Xinyu said politely.


Then she saw Mo Yifan unceremoniously direct the waiter to remove the seat and drive the wheelchair to the opposite side of Tang Xinyu.

Tang Xinyu: “….”

Mo Shao I don’t seem to have invited you to seat ah, can’t you hear that I was just being polite? I’m busy cleaning up the scum man right now.

Mo Yifan did not pick up the rejection in Tang Xinyu’s eyes and ordered a cup of coffee in a calm manner. During the coffee break, he said.

“Saw that Miss Tang is alone, I also happen to be alone. Meeting you here seems to be destiny….how about sharing a table?”

The conversation she had was clearly transmitted to the other end of the Bluetooth.

Yun Xiuyao spat out.

“Meeting is destiny, I thought his next sentence was ‘Why don’t we make a pair and forget about it.’”

Tang Xinyu didn’t respond to Yun Xiuyao, instead she looked at Mo Yifan seriously.

“Mo Shao is very idle huh?”

Mo Yifan: “Even busier but there is still time for a cup of coffee, just like Miss Tang is busy with her engagement but still can squeeze in time to walk around the street.”

Tang Xinyu’s gaze sharpened.

“Mo Shao I remember when someone said that his time was precious and he didn’t want to meddle.”

Mo Yifan folded his hands lazily.

“You’re going to be the Mo family’s daughter-in-law so this can’t be considered an idle matter.”

Tang Xinyu’s brain was running at full speed, the Mo family was a large clan it was inevitable that many people were spying in the dark. Listening to Ye Tong, the Mo family were about to fall into the hands of o Yifan unfortunately Mo Yifan was involved in a car accident. Seeing that his nephew was going up with the help of the Tang family and the Yue family so naturally he would have resentment.

Fortunately in the face of the Mo family’s power strife the initiative was currently in Tang Xinyu’s hands.

Thinking about this, Tang Xinyu was more relaxed,

“If Mo Shao came to persuade me not to get engage I’m afraid it would disappoint Mo Shao. The engagement is imperative.”

Mo Yifan lips hooked up but it was not much of a smile and his star like eyes were cold as if been casted with magic taking people’s heart and soul all the time. Tang Xinyu uncomfortably avoided looking directly at him.

Mo Yifan: “It’s Miss Tang’s right to be engage or not, and I won’t stop it. But I think Miss Tang is not yet blind for love and this is a point on which we can perhaps reach a certain degree of negotiation.”

Tang Xinyu was silent for half a second: “If you want to cooperate you have to have enough weight of chips and let me see your sincerity first.”

Mo Yifan’s tongue swept across the roof of his mouth taking interest in the equal attitude of the girl sitting across from him for the first time.

Mo Yifan: “Five percent of the Mo’s shares I wonder if it still meets Miss Tang’s eyes?”

Without waiting for Tang Xinyu to answer, Yun Xiuyao’s reminder came from the other end of the Bluetooth.

“Xinyu the weasel is worshipping the chicken, no good intention. Don’t say yes to him.”

Tang Xinyu tilted her head slightly sideways and pressed her Bluetooth.

“How’s it going on your end?”

Mo Yifan saw that Tang Xinyu was talking to someone so he did not interrupt and just slowly picked up the coffee that had just served and savored it.

Yun Xiuyao: “Everything is under control. Our extras are already on the stage.”

A creamy white face wearing a flowery shirt walked into the restaurant and looked around as if looking for someone else when suddenly his gaze stop and walked straight towards the direction of Mo Lanqing.

The tears was already flowing when he walked to the table.

Yun Xiuyao gave a low whistle and praised.

“Quick to enter the scene and good crying skills.”

Mo Lanqing looked up at the little white face in confusion.

“This gentleman, you are….”

The white boy cried out.

“Ah Qing you can’t do this to me. Last night you hugged me in bed and said you would only love me in this life and today you immediately asked another woman out for sex. You don’t deserve me! You thick-skinned heartless man!”

The white boy’s cries grow louder and louder, disturbing many of the surrounding dining guests and suddenly became the center of attention for the entire restaurant.

Mo Lanqing’s face instantly turned green, disgustedly pushing away the little white face’s hand.

“Psycho, you talk nonsense and caught people off guard. How could I possible like a man! Isn’t it disgusting!”

The white face crying stopped and froze on the spot as he began to shake with anger, with trembling finger out to point at Mo Lanqing’s face.

Little white boy: “I didn’t expect you to be like this!! Good! Don’t blame me for being unkind. I’ll say it all today in front of everyone.”

Once the guests hear the gossip, they turned their ears to listened to the gossip and eyeing the tiger.

Little white boy: “Why this cheap man hides his homosexuality and why he goes to his girlfriend in a hurry, it’s all because he’s messing around with several men at the same time and has contracted AIDS!”

Tian Wanwan who had just left the bathroom was stunned.

Mo Lanqing who was about to kick the white face glanced at Tian Wanwan who was pale and panicked.

“No, Wanwan don’t listen his nonsense.”

The chaos in the restaurant, Tang Xinyu heard it all. She straightened her hair looking so bright.

“I will seriously consider Mo Shao’s suggestion. Please allow me to excuse myself.”

Mo Yifan looked at Tang Xinyu’s distant back and whispered.

“You will come to me.”

# # #


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