Chapter 23(2)

The bodyguard was unsure but the question was answerable.

“Mr. Shen asked Miss Jiang to come over and she already left.”

Zhen Xiaoyu froze, she went to look at Guan Xin and met her gaze exactly.

“Shen Shiqing would rather see Jiang Mian than Guan Xin?”

Jiang Mian returned to the room, Tang Annan and Xie Siyuan were there, seeing her back Tang Annan breathed a sigh of relief.

“Brother Xie and I are planning to come to you if you are not back in another five minutes.”

Although it was known that Shen Shiqing could not do anything to Jiang Mian—this was the crew and there were so many people but worrying was still inevitable.

“Here, this is for you.”

Jiang Mian took out the “murder weapon” and handed it to Tang Annan.

Tang Annan just last night received from Jiang Mian a piece of gold lump worth tens of thousands and subconsciously thought that Jiang Mian had pick something from somewhere again with value so she quickly said.

“No, I can’t accept this. Thank you…”

Before she could utter the word, she noticed that the item was an ordinary piece of wood that nothing could not be more ordinary making her at loss.

She froze and took it, Jiang Mian patted her shoulder and winked.

“This is a good stuff, keep it to ward off evil sprits.”

Tang Annan: “??”

When Jiang Mian went to the set in the afternoon, she got the news that Shen Shiqing already left.

“He’s actually gone like that?”

Jiang Mian nibbled on the groundnuts Xie Siyuan bought from the villagers, and hearing Tang Annan said her tone was distinctly regretful.

“Isn’t it good now that his gone?”

Tang Annan had a good impression of Shen Shiqing at first but now she especially hates him.

“If he’s here director Zhang has to look after him.”

In a play, the director was the boss but the management was also the boss of the boss and of course the investor was the golden boss of all level that even the director has to be demoted. If Shen Shiqing stays in the crew all the time, it was equivalent to pinning a life-saving medal on Guan Xin, that would be nauseating.

Jiang Mian glanced at her.

“You don’t understand.”

She was still waiting for Shen Shiqing to come to his senses and have his bodyguard invite her over again so she could beat him up again.

Or directly get rid of the bodyguard, but since the other party ran off she could only regret it.

After nibbling the groundnuts she continued filming the scene with Guan Xin, probably stimulated Guan Xin did not miss any take and ended the work early for the first time.

As soon as Jiang Mian returned to her room, the owner of the room who had been trying to make himself invisible popped up.

Fear of disturbing a noble, the owner of the house usually does not appear.

For the owner of the house, Jiang Mian was a beautiful girl like people in the painting so he was usually even embarrassed to talk to Jiang Mian.

He vacated this room in order to live with his future wife but even after building the room he was still not married and since he don’t want to use it, it has been empty.

Initially when Jiang Mian gave him the money he didn’t want to come, he wanted to give the room to Jiang Mian for free. Later he took the money, even if the room has not been used it was still clean from inside and outside.

Jiang Mian had to give twice as much money so he rushed to the house and give it back since he doesn’t have a wife yet he didn’t need that much money.

“Jiang, Miss Jiang there is someone asked me to give, give this to you.”

The room owner stuttered as soon as he saw Jiang Mian, his dark face turned red and his eyes went straight to the ground not daring to meet Jiang Mian’s eyes.

It was a box again.

Xie Siyuan: “Let me check it.”

He walked aside with the box in his arms and Jiang Mian asked the owner of the house.

“Who sent it here?”

The house owner continued to stutter, gesturing as he spoke.

“Very tall and strong.”

Jiang Mian nodded, according to the room owner’s description it should be a bodyguard sent by Shen Shiqing so what was in the box was self-explanatory.

Sure enough, Xie Siyuan opened the box there were two things inside; a glass jar and thermal box.

In the glass jar was the snake completely peeled off, it was also cleaned and at a first glance it look like it’s alive.

Tang Annan exploded for the first time.

The owner of the house who saw the snake skinless had his complexion changed.

“I, I do not I do not know…”

He was in a hurry that the words came out in his mouth were not said clearly.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Jiang Mian gave him a reassuring smile.

“I know you don’t know what’s in here, I’m not scared so don’t worry about it.”

And patted the angry Tang Annan.

“Calm down, calm down.”

“Does he still call himself a man! This is intimidation! Call the police, must call the police!”

Tang Annan’s words were unscrupulous, she doesn’t care whether the other party was an investor or not he could not bully people with money!

“If he is intimidating me, he shouldn’t have wash the skin and put it so beautifully.”

Shen Shiqing showed his attitude with this move.

He used this move to tell Jiang Mian that they were not finished with each other.

Xie Siyuan was also calm and opened the thermal box next to him.

“Snake soup.”

“Can I eat it?”

Jiang Mian leaned over.

Xie Siyuan sniffed, then nodded his head and replied in short words.

“The food was not bad.”

“Put it back.”

Jiang Mian turned to room owner and said.

“Brother Zhu you know Guan Xin who lives in aunt Caihua’s house?”

The owner of the room nodded repeatedly—many rich people from big cities came to the village to make a film. Each family divided their room for rent, everyone knows which family has a star renting their room. From time to time they would specially come to see the difference between stars and the ordinary people.

After looking at it, he think the difference was a little too big and his regretted coming back in the house.

Brother Zhu has known most of the people in here, especially the young guys, everyone who comes here was driven by brother Zhu—with so much money it’s natural to give you a quiet place.

Jiang Mian smiled a particularly sincere and innocent smile as she said to the room owner.

“Then please take this box to Guan Xin and say that it was given to her by the imposing boss who came today.”

Although the home owner of the house was simple and unpretentious but he was not stupid. He scratched his head and felt that it was not good to do so but facing Jiang Mian’s big eyes he nodded obediently and patted his chest in the process.

“I, I will deliver.”

“Thank you brother Zhu.”

“No, no thanks.”

Tang Annan and Xie Siyuan: “….”

They looked at Jiang Mian in unison and after a moment gave her a thumbs up.

Guan Xin was reading the script and she really put in a lot of effort to be able to shoot this role because she couldn’t afford to lose.

As long as there was a free time she would take out the script to study, Chen Xueyi has a night scene and goes to the set early to wait. She was not in her room, and there was only her and Zheng Xiaoyu.

The atmosphere between the two was strange, a few minutes ago Zheng Xiaoyu talked how she disliked Guan Xin in a gloomy way.

Brother Zu came right at this time, Zheng Xiaoyu heard that Shen Shiqing was giving Guan Xin something making her jealous and relieved the same time.

With Guan Xin it was possible to have more contact with Shen Shiqing.

“Guan Guan, Mr. Shen left something for you when he left.”

She put the box on the table.

“How good Mr. Shen was to you, he must have not seen you this afternoon because he didn’t want you to see the condition of his neck and was afraid you would worry.”

Guan Xin did not listen to her last words but looked at the box with a faint flash of surprise in her eyes.

Although she doesn’t like Shen Shiqing but she couldn’t refused Shen Shiqing’s kindness to her and even enjoys it intentionally or unintentionally.

“Guan Guan, Mr. Shen gave you a surprise, you open it.”


“Mian Mian.”

Tang Annan came in with an excited face.

“Aunt Ciahua’s place was bustling with activity.”

“I heard that Guan Xin and her assistant screamed in fear, scaring Aunt Caihua downstairs. Thinking that something had happened she rushed upstairs to see and saw a bowl of snake soup which Aun Caihua ate later.”

Jiang Mian did not raise her head and continued playing on her phone.

Tang Annan hesitated.

“Mian Mian, will Guan Xin know that you sent her snake soup there?”

“Why would she know that?”

Tang Annan was almost carried away by her righteous tone.

“Why wouldn’t she know? She can ask Shen Shiqing.”

The girl has changed her address from respectful “Mr. Shen” to his first name.

The character in Jiang Mian’s game died, she doesn’t seem to like continue playing as she throw away the tablet and looked up at Tang Annan.

“First it was a high probability that she won’t ask, second even if she ask Shen Shiqing won’t deny it.”

“Why? He’s willing to take the blame and isn’t afraid Guan Xin will misunderstand him?”

“After Shen Shiqing send the snake soup to me there is no such thing backing down, if he explains to Guan Xin from the side that he lose to me, him with such high and arrogant personality will never admit defeat.”

Even if Shen Shiqing ran with his tail behind his legs.

Tang Annan went out to digest the admiration she felt for Jiang Mian. While the latter picks up her tablet and wants to play the game again, she doesn’t believe she won’t this time.

When a WeChat alert message came, it was from her film emperor father. Jiang Mian could not wait to see the message.

[Baby who is this? Performing snake fighting technique online?]

Jiang Mian puffed out.



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