ECM 40


Chapter 40

The evening party soon began.

Xu Zhaixing who was excited to watch now has no mood to enjoy the show, she has been hanging her head down trying to recall whether there were any clues about Ma Fengkai in the explosive she had read once.

It was not until Zhao Jinjin came out that she raised her spirit a little, she took out the soft light card in her bag and snapped the switch on.

The sudden bright purple light almost blinded the eyes of the two girls next to her.

At this time, it was still rare to used light signs as a support to a star. Xu Zhaixing went directly to a local store of advertising company and draw a design to the boss on the spot, she even rushed the boss to rush the work on the spot.

She asked Zhao Jinjin what color she like the most which Zhao Jinjin replied, purple so she decided this color as her support color.

The dimly lit auditorium suddenly had a bright light that was even brighter than the camera, also there was huge flashing sign board appeared on the screen and the word “Zhao Jinijin” glittering earning enough attention.

The girl who just gave Xu Zhaixing a juicy gossip came over and asked with a smile.

“So you are a fan of Zhao Jinjin ah. Eh where did you get this? This look good, I want to make one for my idol later.”

Xu Zhaixing told her that when Zhao Jinjin’s performance was over she would give her information and teach her where she could customized one.

The official charity dinner would not start until the stage performance were over, Zhao Jinjin went to the star seat after she got off the stage while Xu Zhaixing sat in her seat once again with her hands touching head, not long after her shoulder was tapped by someone.

She looked back and saw Annan.

She hasn’t seen Annan since the end of the last design competition, though occasionally Annan sends text messages to say hello. After Chan Juan was founded, Annan have a remote interview and the dress under Feitian series were on that issue.

And then, as Annan envisioned the title of the youngest designer ever to win the title was published and the issue made the magazine sales skyrocketed.

Seeing that it was him, Xu Zhaixing’s dull mood finally got better. She said with a surprise.

“Why are you here too?”

Annan sat down in the empty seat next to her and smiled.

“When I saw Zhao Jinjin I wondered if you were here too. I didn’t expect to see you holding a sign stick flashed on the big screen.”

With Annan Xu Zhaixing slightly improved however as Annan has sharp senses he was able to tell that she was a little absent minded. He asked.

“What were you thinking?”

Xu Zhaixing thought about it, Annan has been in the magazine circle for so many years now and he should heard a lot of gossip. If she wants to investigate Ma Fengkai she needs to know more about him so she pretended to be curious and said,

“I just listened to the gossip of the two sisters next to me, they said that the man in the front row was a scum.”

Annan looked forward a few times,

“Who is it?”

When Ma Fengkain just turned his head to say something to the person next to him, Annan saw his face and immediately had a clear look of his face.

“Him, that’s really a scum.”

Xu Zhaixing was surprised and said,

“You also know?”

Annan raised his eyebrows.

“Know what my nickname is?”

Seeing Xu Zhaixing’s thirsty for gossip expression, he snorted and smiled.

“Gossip PHP1

Xu Zhaixing also smiled, and said as if nothing happened.

“This scum, no one will clean him up. Why do we still keep him in the circle to harm people ah?”

Annan sighed.

“His character is not very good but his ability is another story. He brought models who were now popular in China, it is said that he has changed his career and take artist now. The executives doesn’t care whether your character is good or not, anyway someone like him are always behind the scene and doesn’t need to stand up and be examined and tested by the audience.”

Xu Zhaixing unhappily asked.

“Then does that give him the courage to give people medicine and force them to obey?”

Annan said.

“He’s a notorious scum, people always pay attention to voluntary exchange of resources right? It’s one thing if someone is willing but if you force someone, it is another thing. I heard that the modeling circle before had that incident and it is quite big although at the end it was suppressed but he also cannot stay longer in that circle. Why else do you think he jumped ship to the film and television industry? I haven’t heard of him getting into trouble recently, so I think the last incident gave him warning and now he doesn’t dare to do anything.”

Xu Zhaixing like a curious child asked again.

“So is he married? Does his family know about these things?”

Annan said with a smile.

“It’s impossible for this kind of person to bind himself with marriage but I heard that he has many lovers. It’s hard for everyone to say what he like and what he want, he has a very shady means and bears a grudge. Only few people are willing to provoke him, after all it’s hard to be concerned with such villains. Don’t look at him. He may look honest but he is ruthless, he also focuses on those cool and cold boys, someone that bite back….”

Annan suddenly realized that the object of gossip was not good for minors, so he quickly braked his mouth and rubbed her head.

“You’d better listen less to this kind of gossip in the future, which is not conducive to your physical and mental growth.”

Xu Zhaixing smiled and did not say anything but the fingers under the sleeve have been squeezed to death.

Cold and cool boys, wasn’t that simply describing her idol?

This person must die.

After Annan finished his gossip he returned his gaze to the stage and was ready to enjoy the performance for a while. Xu Zhaixing rubbed over like she was fascinated by the gossip and continued to ask.

“Oh, tell me more. Has he done anything else to attract people’s hatred in addition to his bad character?”

Annan looked at her speechlessly.

“You little girl, it’s not good to learn this. How can you like listening to these notorious things?”

He said, then lowered his voice.

“It’s all rumors and I don’t know whether it’s true of not but I heard that he adopted a 10 year old boy in an orphanage a few years ago….”

Xu Zhaixing was now really horrified.

“You mean…”

Annan nodded, with his voice still lowered he said.

“I have a friend and he lives in a neighborhood. When he was running at night he saw the little boy once, he said the boy was so thin and scared of people hiding away from them. He never saw the boy again, though my friend loves to brag so I don’t know whether it is true or not.”

Xu Zhaizing got goose bumps as she felt her whole body chilled.

Annan looked at her piteously.

“I told you this because I’m afraid you will asked around blindly. Forget it—just watch the show, hey now there is a handsome little guy on the stage, look.”

Xu Zhaixing didn’t have the time to look at the handsome boy as her mind was buzzing with anger and disgust. In the end she wasn’t able to control her emotions and has some nausea, Annan noticed something wrong with her and got worried.

“What’s the matter with you?”

She pressed her stomach and forced a smile.

“I didn’t eat dinner so my stomach hurts a bit. Brother Annan I’ll go back to my room to have a rest ah I’ll contact you again.”

Annan said.

“I’ll drive you.”

Xu Zhaixing shook her head and stood up, bowing her head.

“It’s okay, you watch the show. I’ll just go back by myself.”

After saying this, Annan did not force his offer and just waved his hand then said,

“I heard that Fei Lao will hold a work exhibition for you in a few months? I will come to support it at that time.”

Xu Zhaixing nodded with a smile and walked away.

When she returned to Zhao Jinjin’s rest room her makeup artist, Yan Yan was sitting inside playing with phone when she saw Xu Zhaixing enter. She stood up at once,

“Miss, why are you back?”

Xu Zhaixing said.

“I’m a little uncomfortable, please pour me a cup of hot water.”

Yan Yan hurriedly get some hot water.

Xu Zhaixing half lying on the sofa, recalled what Annan said just now. She really wanted to turn into a super hero and quickly teleport to the scum and tore him with her hands.

She closes her eyes and lets her tumbling thoughts calm down.

After the event, Zhao Jinjin heard that her Missy was not feeling well so she only gave a few interviews in the media before rushing back.

Xu Zhaixing has recovered and there was nothing unusual on her face, while the assistant was packing up and ready to leave she whispered to Zhao Jinjin.

“Do you have a contact information of a professional paparazzi?”

Nowadays, actress cannot leave everything especially some of media resources to their company’s backing so resources should not be missing.

Zhao Jinjin eyes her suspiciously for a few moment.

“What are you asking this for?”

Xu Zhaixing said.

“I’ll use it. Give me the private contact number, it should be reliable, professional and strict.”

Zhao Jinjin thought she was going to deal with opposite star so with clear understanding she gave her a phone number.

Xu Zhaixing seriously patted her shoulder.

“Heaven knows, earth knows, you know, I know.”

Zhao Jinjin hurriedly made a gesture of swearing and gave her a cheer.

“Go for it, Missy!”

At the end of the work, the next day. Zhao Jinjin took Xu Zhaixing to Z City as the host and as a result they were surrounded everywhere. She was popular nationwide that she would be recognized with ordinary disguise.

The whole journey she was hiding and Xu Zhaixing couldn’t take it anymore after playing for half a day she sent Zhao Jinjin away. After she finished shopping downtown by herself she then took a car home.

Near the end of the semester, Mother Xu warned Xu Zhaixing that if she didn’t make it to the top three in the class she wouldn’t be able to step out of her room for the entire winter break.

The frightened Xu Zhaixing studied all night and finally got second place in the class for their final exam.

Just one day before receiving the notice for the winter vacation both social channels and entertainment channels broke a news story.

A man surnamed Ma in City B was imprisoned for child abused in the name of adoption. A reporter photographed the key evidence and submitted it to the Public Security Bureau. The police quickly arrested the person and found several abuse tools in his bedroom, the boy he adopted had suffered from the serious mental illness and was taken to the nursing home by the police.

The reason why this piece of news made to the headline was because the man surnamed Ma was a senior executive of the old agency Zhongtian Entertainment. After the news broke, Zhongtian Entertainment quickly issued a statement to clear the relationship but the incident still affected Zhongtian’s stock market, employing several personnel executives who hired Ma Fengkai were suspended.

People who know the inside story feel that this incident has done a great deal of goods and finally eradicated this cancer in the circle. But the informant was anonymous and the reporter also found no such person. It was done imperceptibly. The people in the circle speculate this was done as an act of revenge by the victim who had been harmed by Ma Fengkai before.

However Annan who saw the news: “………”

I have an immature little suspicion.

This incident has aroused public outrage and further information from the relevant authorities have investigated and verified the identity of the adopter of children for adoption.

Whether it’s the social enthusiastic of the entertainment crowd they all sit in anger and waited for the results.

It was estimated that the superior has given an order that they must be severely punished as an example and the verdict would come out soon. Ma Fengkai was sentenced to seven years in prison for abusing and sexually assaulting children.

After everything was done, Xu Zhaixing who has deep hidden merit and fame deleted the paparazzi’s contact information in her phone and cancelled the new phone card she bought and happily went downstairs for dinner.


PHP1– personal handy phone system

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