Chapter 3

The sudden sentence exploded in the living room which suddenly make the whole room fall silence.

Mo Lanqing looked at Tang Xinyu incredulously.

“Xinxin, you said to hurry up and do….”

When Tang Xinyu heard the nickname “Xinxin” came out of a man who had just been with another woman she felt disgusted and quickly interrupted him without any chance and smiled.

“Right, you don’t want to get engaged that early?”

Mo Lanqing who was eager to fight for power in the Mo family immediately denied it.

“How could it be? The elders also hope so, yesterday was my…..”

Tang Xinyu held back her impatience and interrupted him again.

“You had business to do yesterday, I can understand that. Mom am I right?”

Ye Tong of course was happy to see it and looked at Mo Yifan who had been sitting in the wheelchair in silence.

“Mo Shao what do you think?”

Tang Xinyu immediately looked at Mo Yifan, her eyes showing the implication of please.

Mo Yifan lightly said.

“Since they both have the will, our Mo family will take care of everything.”

Tang Xinyu was relieved.

“Good, the guest list on the woman’s side will be sent to the Mo family when we are done.”

Mo Yifan looked at Tang Xinyu who had a long face and knew that there was absolutely no such joy on her face.

“If Miss Tang has any requests for the engagement party you can just mention them, our Mo family will definitely help you do it.”

Facing a smiling tiger with sharp fangs hidden behind, Tang Xinyu was a little bit unsure what purpose this person had in his heart. And hated why she couldn’t go back from that time and insisted on reading the novel a month ago, at least she could predict the plot and hold the golden thigh like other girls in the book who crossed over.

Tang Xinyu mustn’t reveal to the crowd that she was pretending so she excitedly counted with her fingers one by one on what needs to be done.

“Although the engagement is not a formal wedding I want to hold it as grand and solemn as the formal wedding. The venue is mainly pink covered with flowers and high definition projection which can show our sweet films. Dress….I will prepare my dress myself, hey by the way I want my good friend to be my bridesmaid and witness the happy moment of my life.”

Tang Xinyu looked at Tian Wanwan with arched eyebrows, her eyes full of expectation.

Tian Wanwan who was immersed in sourness and bitterness was coldly named and looked up at Tang Xinyu and was surprise seeing her crude smile and barely smiling face.

“Xinxin, there will be bridesmaids only when you get married, right?”

Tang Xinyu looked back at Ye Tong, Ye Tong dotingly reached out and nodded at Tang Xinyu’s forehead.

“You really love to fool around…..according to what Xinxin said, please ask Miss Tian to be gracious and help Xinxin more at the engagement party.”

Tian Wanwan smiled gently, virtuously and softly answered yes.

Mo Yifan’s eyes grew with more and more interest, according to his own observation when Tang Xinyu discovered the adultery there was no anger or hatred in her face only happiness. If here was no love for Mo Lanqing why did she insist on holding the engagement party? Mo Lanqing was only from the side branch of the Mo family not to the extent that the Tang family sacrificed their pearl to pull the strings.

Mo Yifan began to look forward to the engagement party which would certainly be interesting.

After counting and listing to a large number of requirements, Tang Xinyu said.

“For the time being these are all, I do not know if Mo Shao remembers? How about I make a list?”

Lin Vincent, who was standing behind Mo Yifan turned off the recorder.

“Miss Tang’s request has been recorded and will be organized into a text.”

Tang Xinyu got up.

“Very well, Wanwan follow me upstairs.”

Tian Wanwan got up and followed Tang Xinyu in a proper manner, she didn’t even slip her sight from Mo Lanqing. Tang Xinyu scoffed in her heart: They really worthy to be the male and female lead, they have hidden their love very well from the other people.

 Entering the bedroom’s walked in closet, Tang Xinyu chanted as she looked for her stockings.

“Wow, I’m really getting engaged it feels like a dream. Wanwan you’ll be happy for me right?”

Tiang Wanwan looked at the walked in closet which was the size of her own bedroom and hung her head slightly to hide the envy in her eyes,


Tiang Xinyu observed Tian Wanwan’s expression clearly through the mirror on her side, hooking her lips and smiling lightly.

“Wanwan you should also hurry up oh, find a man who truly loves you and get married.”

Tian Wanwan doesn’t want to hear these words at the moment, but Tang Xinyu knows how to pick her words today. It’s like stabbing her in the heart but couldn’t revealed it on her face and need to bless her happily instead.

Seeing Tian Wanwan’s bitterness that she couldn’t say anything and could only swallow her pain made Tang Xinyu happy.

“Wanwan come over and picked it out yourself, see which one you like?”

In several rows of small compartments, stockings of different colors were arranged to the number of D from less to more. Tian Wanwan drew out a thin light gray with light pearls which was very suitable for her silver gray skirt today.

But who know what happened, Tang Xinyu pressed her hand on the stocking and said apologetically.

“Wanwan this one won’t work, although I don’t really like the texture of this stocking and haven’t worn it but the color of its exterior matches my pair of shoes. As long as those shoes are not thrown away I can guarantee that I will use them one day, you know how I am. I never like to share thing with others, why don’t you pick another one?”

Tang Xinyu turned over a skin colored stocking.

“This one matches your dress today, and I haven’t use it, it’s brand new.”

Tian Wanwan was shocked by Tang Xinyu’s words just now, she wondered if Tang Xinyu knew anything but looking at her harmless smile she thought she might have overthinking. With Tang Xinyu’s personality like a greenhouse flower she would cry bitterly rather than smiling with her right now.

When sending off the guests, Tang Xinyu found an opportunity to push Mo Yifan’s wheelchair. She could only said two words.

“Mo Shao….”

Mo Yifan coldly raised his palm to stop her words,

“Miss Tang my time is precious and I don’t want to care about idle matters.”

Tang Xinyu’s hand paused for a while before pushing the wheelchair.

“Very well.”

Then let go of her hand, gesturing for Lin Vincent to take over and push it as she politely waved goodbye to them.

Mo Yifan and Lin Vincent return to the Mo family’s old mansion in a modified car that was convenient for getting on and off in a wheelchair. Lin Vincent glanced the rearview mirror.

“Mo Shao, what you did today….”

Mo Yifan closed his eyelids and leaned on the back of the of the wheelchair’s chair, his fingertips resting on the armrest tapping it once or twice.

“How come I didn’t deal with Mo Lanqing?”

Lin Vincent: “Yes.”

Mo Yifan still did not open his eyes.

“If you are on the established route, when you accidently found a bright scenery will you stop to appreciate or firmly continue on your road?”

Lin Vincent choked.

Mo Yifan does not really want Lin Vincent to answer this question more like he was asking himself, abruptly after hearing the name of the girl from the Tang Family who withdrew her hand pushing the wheelchair after hearing that he would not intervene made his lip line slightly curved.

Lin Vincent was still inwardly torn about how to answer Mo Shao’s question only to hear a low laugh coming from the back seat in the quiet car.

“Tearing down the river after crossing the river.”


Tang Xinyu stayed in the Tang family for several days and finally familiarizing everything from top to bottom. Liu Ma knocked on the door and called her, she was also the housekeeper of the Tang family. Tang Xinyu was relieve that the housekeeper was not a serious and stereotypical old man, as for the original body’s father she haven’t seen him she heard that he as in foreign subsidiary business trip.

Ye Tong was the one who loves Tang Xinyu the most, the typical if she want the moon and stars mother would pick it up for her. This said mother was looking at her daughter as if she was wearing an eighteen layer filter. She felt that her daughter had suddenly matured since the moment she decided to enter the marriage, and felt particularly gratified.

On this day, Tang Xinyu brought the black car given by her mother to the mall and asked another friend of the original body, Yun Xiuyao to meet her.

A big reason why Tang Xinyu took the initiative to contact Yun Xiuyao was because the Yun family was a big player in the media industry and would have a very important role in her next plans. According to Tang Xinyu’s limited impression of the novel, Yun Xiuyao was the only person mentioned in the book who genuinely organized the funeral for the original body.

Tang Xinyu asked Yun Xiuyao to meet her at a café, after carefully looking at Yun Xiuyao’s selfie from her WeChat friend circle beforehand. She stepped into the café and found Yun Xiuyao immediately.

Yun Xiuyao’s attention was on Weibo, feeling someone sitting down the opposite without raising her head she directly beckoned the waiter to come over and pointed towards the opposite side.

“She orders, she pays.”

Tang Xinyu immediately liked the girl and slapped her finger that was pointing at her.

“You’re going to lionize her after not seeing her for so long.”

Yun Xiuyao stopped what she was doing and started to order.

“Waiter, order the most expensive signature dish you have in store and tell her what lionize means to open your mouth wide.”

Tang Xinyu smiled and turned her head to the waiter, she said.

“Serve it as she said.”

Looking at the back of the waiter who froze and went to get their order. Tang Xinyu looked around before she said with mysteriously lowered voice,

“Tell you one thing, you can’t shout.”

Yun Xiuyao answered perfunctory, “Hmmm.”

Tang Xinyu: “Mo Lanqing cheated.”

Yun Xiuyao put down her phone and looked at Tang Xinyu for the first time since she entered the café, after staring at her a long time she didn’t find a trace of jesting on her face and said.


Tang Xinyu: “Tian Wanwan.”

Yun Xiuyao broke into cursing fit.

“Fuck that….”

The next words were muffled by Tang Xinyu with her hand and pressed to sit down.

Tang Xinyu had a bit of headache, she didn’t know that Yun Xiuyao who was beautiful and lovely could be so fierce. She quickly controlled her and told her about how she discover the adultery, she covered her mouth several time revealing only Yun Xiuyao’s angry eyes.

After refilling five cups of coffee, Yun Xiuyao finally exhausted all the words she could use to cursed people and even used the words “swollen by swarm of hornets’ dirt dog” to describe Mo Lanqing.

Yun Xiuyao took a breath and asked.

“They say marriage is the grave of love, how come there are still juniors who love to dig graves?”

Tang Xinyue spoke in a calm tone.

“Because the burial goods are abundant.”

Yun Xiuyao: “…..”

Yun Xiuyao:  “Then what are you going to do? My family has received the invitation to your engagement party.”

Tang Xinyu looked at the two figures outside the glass and narrowed her eyes.

“What can we do? Screw them.”

# # #


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