Chapter 9

Chacha stood in front of the mirror, raised the camera to the position of her face and took a few pictures in front of the mirror.

It look good, but it maybe it have some problem with the angle. She angle her long legs and make it more long.

No delete it.

After a busy morning, Chacha temporarily put down her new toy because she was hungry and ordered take-out.

When waiting for the takeaway, she upload the photos to the computer and filter out a few, then the rest were all deleted. She lost the enthusiasm at the beginning and her movements slowed down and leisurely edited the pictures.

After selecting the pictures, the takeaway arrived just in time.

Chacha had lunch and continued to take photos.

It took Chacha two days to shoot all the remaining clothes and upload them to the computer one by one, then filter out the one that look good and delete the one that don’t.

It was a beautiful and fulfilling Sunday.

The photos that were eventually left behind could be posted once a day for two weeks.

She uploaded two sets of photos, one set of three pictures on Saturday and one on Sunday. It took her a while to write caption explaining the matching styles and so on.

Posting now has a better chance of being seen by users, and there were keywords for people to search for.

However she does not intend to rely on this to gain fans, but intends to raise the number and then spend some money to find certain amount of followers to forward recommendations.

Although she has taken the entrance exam once, there was a definite difference in what she had studied before so this semester while getting her Weibo followers and take time out to be a villain, her focus was going to be on her studies.

After all, it’s better to have a good degree than none at all.

More skill was not really needed now.

Besides, there were still years to go before she could her leash away so there was no need to hurry this time. It was the right choice to do what could be and should be done first.

Chen Cha’s performance was not bad, but also not very good. She was in the middle.

So she needs to get her grades up.

Monday noon, Chacha after class intended to go to dinner but someone stopped her in front of the classroom, it came faster than the plastic duo sister.

“Luo Junming?”

Chacha was a little surprised and then relieved.

He didn’t look old enough to be a high school student moreover she didn’t knew his name before but he knows her name, and the fact that they were in same school fit the reason why he know her.

The students around them looked at the two and slowed down their steps.

“Let’s go and have dinner.”

Luo Junming showed a smile and said.

“Didn’t you say you were going to treat me to dinner?”

How could she refuse when the debt collector was at her door? She smiled and said.

“Well okay, let’s wait here for a while my friend will come to me.”

“En, okay.”

Luo Junming nodded and stood side by side with her in front of the guardrail waiting quietly.

The surrounding students were simply shocked to the point of vomiting their dinner last night.

Was this Chen Cha who was smiling gently and has calm tone was the same Chen Cha who was arrogant and overbearing that they know?

And Luo Junming hadn’t even spoken to Chen Cha before right?

How come today he suddenly look familiar with Chen Cha?

However both Chacha and Luo Junming have no intention of answering their doubts, and just look at the distance with a self-effacing expression while chatting idly.

Yao Yiyi and Lu Ruoruo were also surprise when they came. They didn’t expect Chen Cha to be so friendly and standing in peace while chatting with a boy.

Luo Junming looks belong to the clean-cut type of boy, he has a good family background, his achievement were also good and he has a witty personality.

Although there were more than one or two people like his type in the school but they were scattered and in a school with thousand people in it so he could be regarded as one in hundred.

Despite being pushed to the button by the overly outstanding Jiao Yushi, he was still quite famous in school.

They were both a bit envious, this Chen Cha in addition to being good-looking what else does she have?

Why do all boys come up to her?

All boys only look at the face, how filthy.

Even though they think that boys who only look at a girls face were vulgar, but deep inside they actually expect a guy to treat them the same.

Unfortunately standing to Chen Cha, they could only have the supporting role.

“Chen Cha.”

Yao Yiyi shouted and patted Chacha’s shoulder.

Chacha unobtrusively moved a step to the side refusing to get too close to her before smiling and saying.

“Here you are, let’s go, let’s go eat together.”


They went out to eat a restaurant and on the way, Chacha introduced the three of them to each other.

Luo Junming’s attitude to Chacha was cordial, he doesn’t look like someone who has only spoken twice but it’s the same for the plastic sister duo. Not making them feel left out.

Chacha does not think he was the kind of warm man with central air conditioning(T/N: boastful or prideful) Through his tone and attitude, she thinks it’s his upbringing and habit.

In the following days, Chacha often met Luo Junming to eat dinner together.

What was originally a trio became a quartet.

Most of the time, Luo Junming would grab the bill.

Usually the plastic sister duo were looking at Chen Cha to pay with a very casual attitude. But with Luo Jungming with them they did not even speak ill of Ning’an. After eating they retouch their makeup and check their nail polish nor did they rush up to play.

Chacha this time was basically quiet and didn’t rush up to pay when the bill was served. After all this plastic duo sisters only knows how give compliment after eating a free meal.

Within a few days, they were all getting a little worse especially when they were out for dinner.

Luo Junming could see that Chen Cha was not a petty person but looking at her attitude, it gradually came back to him that she actually deliberately being one.

There was a difference between close and distant, and seeing it first hand he also does not really like the way Yao Yiyi and Lu Ruoruo look at him so he would cooperate with Chen Cha to keep silent.

After all the biggest reason why Chacha and Luo Junming were out for dinner was to discuss shooting techniques in their free time.

During the day they discuss shooting skills, every night she would practice them. The effect was not very obvious but the photos were getting better and better.

People in the school were also shocked that Chen Cha had changed.

She was friendly and give way when she meets someone on in a narrow road.

She would help the students who dropped something and pick it up.

She would smile and nod at people who inadvertently met her gaze to ease the bewildering awkwardness.

There were so many things other things…. And each one of them were surprising.

She became the central figure of gossip.

On Friday afternoon the class of class 1 senior high school has physical education, some students were waiting on the ground before class starts.

“Chen Cha would not be in love with Luo Junming right? Being together day after day, as if they were living together.”

“I don’t know.”

The girl added.

“But just because they didn’t live together doesn’t mean they didn’t sleep together.”

“It shouldn’t be, although Chen Cha has a disgusting personality but it’s not she is that kind of person.”

“Knowing people is not easy.”

“Hahahah, that’s right.”

Several girls laughed out loud and suddenly stopped laughing seeing Jiao Yushi passed in front of them.

Jiao Yushi has been in a wonderful mood lately.

Since the last time he saw the courageous act, he didn’t think it was very fun so ignored Chen Cha.

But now, he was wondering.

He usually did not hear any rumors of Chen Cha, how come as soon as he decided to ignore her, his ears were all filled with news of her?

He was bit speechless when he saw four people walking out of a mini-mart not far away, the very same two who were being gossiped about and two passers-by who he didn’t know who they were.

Chen Cha was talking and laughing with Luo Junming, looking quite happy.

Chen Cha stands out among the girls while Luo Junming was about half a head taller than her, looking at the picture it was very harmonious. They were both good-looking, full of youth and close to each other. They look like a good match.

Jiao Yushi was in a low spirit but now he suddenly felt a little interested, in the end what was their relationship?

But his curiosity was too shallow and too thin, as soon as the thought came it quietly disappeared. He retracted his gaze and once again to forget Chen Chan in the back of his mind.

“Chen Cha, are you free tomorrow?”

Luo Junming originally wanted to find an opportunity to ask Chen Cha alone but Yao Yiyi and Lu Ruoruo were like plaster, almost every moment they were with Chen Cha’s side.

He used to have no problem with these two individuals but he disliked them when he learned that Chen Cha actually didn’t like them both but somehow still stayed friends with them, not to mention they always prevented him from getting close to Chen Cha.

“What’s wrong?”

Chacha asked.

“Wanna go play?”

Yao Yiyi had recently spent some time with Luo Junming and liked him because he was good in very way and didn’t neglect her because of Chen Cha presence, he was not only so handsome but was also very gentle and considerate person.

“Just in time, let’s go to the movies together.”

Lu Ruoruo also thinks like her, after all she also likes the person she likes.

Not only people, but clothes, jewelry, movies, etc. They always fall in love with the same things.

Yao Yiyi skimmed at her, then came up to Luo Junming and pushed Chacha aside, who did not resist and said.

“Chen Cha has been studying hard recently, so I guess she’s not available so let’s not make things difficult for her. Just the three of us go together.”

Luo Junming was a bit annoyed, but still held back. Smiling he looked Chen Cha while Yao Yiyi asked again.

“How about it? Do you want to go to the movies together tomorrow?”

Luo Junming nodded and didn’t press the inivitation to avoid making Chen Cha think he was an annoyance.

He would have liked Yao Yiyi and Luo Ruoruo to ask but these two were exceptionally quiet today.

Usually they talk a lot but this time they looked like they’re teeth were not brushed as they tightly closed their mouth and just smiling while nodding and look very happy.

Luo Junming: “…”


The four were separated in the school building as they were not in the same class.

Chacha went to the classroom, intending to take advantage of this free time to post today’s picture but found a lot of unread messages.

Dozens of latest comments, more information with bright red rows all the way down.

In this life, you were my only one: how about this figure? Ajian actually forward and complimented this, tsk, blogger how much money you spent ah?

No one loves you more than me: the skin is so white that she look like a corpse. Blogger you are coated with several layers of foundation? With your whole body painted you must be too rich ah.

Strange road can slowly return: young people today are really materialistic, they spend money on recommendations before sending a few blogs, tsk and it doesn’t look good.



All of the above comments were talking how good the pictures were but right now it was full unpleasant things.

Chacha was innocent, she does intend to spend money to buy recommendations and just wanted some followers.

She looked at the comments one by one and found a blogger named Ajian. He forwarded the weibo of Chacha yesterday, it was the sundress. It was not particularly expensive but the price was still tens of thousands.

He complimented Chacha’s beautiful legs.

Chacha looked at his weibo, basically looking at some pictures of beautiful women as well as his own street photos, and other pictues. The number of fans was almost one million and almost has a super big V (T/N: verified accounts).

After looking, Chacha was surprise. Her legs were really beautiful and her clothes were also beautiful. Her shooting skills were not great but the tone proportion was good. How did it get bad comments?

Were these people blind?


TL: I don’t know but I think I will drop this! the sequence was all over the place! it’s giving me headache, but if anyone of you know a site where I could read the raw please comment bellow. tnx!!


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