RB80’s: VMRHCD 6


Chapter 6- Appetite is too big

TL: sadaharu

Pie Yang has put the porcelain basin on the table and looked at Jiang Ran who was humming while walking out of the room with big stride.

Jiang Ran also does not care, the original owner was bad to Pei Yang as she would hit him so it would be strange if he gave him a good face after being tormented by her.

Jiang Rang walked over the square table and sat down on the bench chair.

A square table with four benches char could seat almost a family.

As soon as Jiang Ran sat down, she heard footsteps coming closer and closer. She turned around to look at the door and saw Pei Yang coming in with two more bowls.

Behind Pei Yang also followed by a 15 or 16 year old girl.

This was the male lead’s sister, Pei Shanshan.

Pei Shanshan also held a three year old boy who was the original owner’s son, Pei Jing.

Behind them, following was Pei Baoshan the male lead’s father and Wang Cuilan the male lead’s mother.

Matching these people with the ones in her memory, Jiang Ran then withdrew her gaze.

Although Jiang Ran has the memories of the original owner, but her personality and the original owner were worlds apart.

In order to avoid mistakes and being discovered by the Pei family, Pei Ran decided to say less and do less.

For Jiang Ran’s reaction the Pei family have long been accustomed to it.

Jiang Rang does not talk to them, which what the Pei family want.

After all, as soon as Jiang Ran opened her mouth it was either a petty criticism or demanding them if not cursing them.

Pei family has been busy all morning, at this time they just want to have a good meal and have a rest. No one wants to make trouble. If Jiang Rang doesn’t speak to them then should be for the best, as they also unlikely to take the initiative to speak with Jiang Ran.

Seeing that everyone in the Pei family had picked up their chopsticks and started to eat the noddle in the bowl, Jiang Ran also picked up her own chopsticks.

The noodles in the basin were not made from white flour, sweet potato flour and corn flour should be added. The color and of the noodle was a little complex and the taste was not particularly good.

The marinade poured on top was made from diced potatoes and radish boiled.

There was no meat nor any pepper and star anise or any other spices, that was only the Pei family’s home made sauce.

Truth be told it was not bad but it was not good either.

There’s not much used for it other than to fill their stomach.

Jiang Ran has also won the first place in national cooking competition, from childhood her most favorite thing to do was to study culinary arts, how to cook, eat and any other things that has something to do with food.

For Jiang Ran, in addition to filling her stomach eating was more important for her taste buds and spiritual satisfaction.

So this pot of noodles, Jiang Ran was not really interested so one by one she ate them slowly.

But soon, Jiang Ran hit herself in the face.

Jiang Ran doesn’t really think it’s delicious and she really did eat only a little.

But she underestimated the instinct of this body.

The reason why this body could eat itself and become this big was not from one or two meal but the accumulation of months and years.

This body was used to eating so much that even if Jiang Ran deliberately ate slowly she would still unconsciously finished most of the noodles in the pot.

Suddenly she found that half of the noodles in the basin were missing, Jiang Ran eyes stared round and stopped eating the noodles.

More importantly, Jiang Ran felt and found that she was still hungry.


Jiang Ran herself does not feel that she has any abnormalities but her performance fell in the eyes of the Pei family who thought she was being abnormal, at all.

In the past Jiang Ran eat noodles mouthful by mouthful while giggling and wanted to put the bowl of noodles into her mouth at one breath.

(End of Chapter)


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