Chapter 2

The man on the wheelchair obviously knew that there were two people hiding on the other side of the flower wall, doing something. Tang Xinyu suddenly felt that she had lost all her face, although she had never met with the nominally scum fiancée of hers she couldn’t stop the ‘green hat’ on her head.

Tang Xinyu quickly calmed down and pretended not to hear those muffled noises.

She looked at the man in the wheelchair and guessed the man’s identity, her mother told her on the phone that Mo Shao would come as a guest. There was no way a servant would appear calmly in the Tang family garden also not far away there was a young man who look like an assistant with a briefcase and looking at them respectfully.

Tang Xinyu smiled faintly.

“Mo Shao, sorry I should have greeted you in the living room but I didn’t expect you to bother and find me in the garden.”

Mo Yifan looked at Tang Xinyu for a few seconds and said.

“The weather is good today, it’s also good to take a walk in the garden. The garden of the Tang family are planted well and pleasing to the eye.”

Tang Xinyu thought about the dog man and woman separated from them by a flower wall at the moment, they didn’t move afraid of their adultery being expose. With this she was in a good mood and stood in a more relaxed attitude, she was also more determined to stay in the garden with the cold spring morning to have a good chat with the young master of Mo.

Tang Xinyu enthusiastically said.

“Master Shao is too kind, if Master Shao needs it I can introduce the master in charge of the Tang family’s garden to you.”

Mo Yifan obediently responded with a “yes.”

Tang Xinyu pointed her finger at a cluster of phalaenopsis orchids growing next to the rockery.

“What do you think of this flower?”

Mo Yifan nodded slightly in agreement.

“To set off each other nicely.”

Tang Xinyu turned to the flower wall beside her, and gently plucked the parthenocissus on the flower wall. The leaves shook gently as her onion-white fingers touched them.

“This flower wall is not bad either, right?”

Mo Yifan’s interlocked fingers untangled and put his fingers on his chin as he looked at the emerald green flower wall with cluster of light purple vines hanging and the beauty with a long hair over her shoulder with bright eyes, white teeth who stood under the blooming purple wisteria flowers as she raised a sly smile like a little fox.

Somehow he feel that the temporary intention of coming to the garden for a walk has brought an unexpected joy for Mo Yifan who do things in a step-by-step manner all his life.

Mo Yifan asked with great interest.

“What is the structure of this flower wall? Is it a steel wire frame? Or is it a wooden frame?”

As soon as Mo Yifan asked, Tang Xinyu couldn’t help smiling more. She wanted to doze off but someone handed her a pillow and asked her to give some scare and if she give up the opportunity, she wouldn’t be called Tang Xinyu.

Tang Xinyu walked slowly back and forth before the flower wall as the sound of her steps aggravated the people on the side of wall, then her hands poke the dense parthenocissus leaves one after another as she slowly said.

“Hey, since this favor was from Mo Shao, I’ll see if the leave here can be pulled aside to have a look.”

Tang Xinyu’s voice was not low, it could actually be heard pass the gap between the green leaves of parthenocissus, scaring the dog man and woman on the other side of the wall making the cuddling couple scared stiff that their heart could jumped out of their throat.

Mo Lanqing’s upper body was unbuttoned except for the clothes on the lower abdomen, his clothes that was well worn were now disheveled. The belt was loose, and his trouser was open. Tian Wanwan sitting across Mo Lanqing’s body was no different, her coat was on her arms while her skirt was pulled up to her thigh and the thorn stockings were hung on one of her leg but not completely loose.

If not for the wrong time and place, this should be a very beautiful picture.

Both the dog man and woman held their breath as they listened attentively to the voice behind the wall, and hearing the conversation their heart beat was like thunder. They prayed piously that Tang Xinyu would not peel the leaves or else they would be seen.

Mo Lanqing’s mind was turning faster, it was true that he was deeply in love with Tian Wanwan and he was uninterested with Tang Xinyu. But the girl the elders set for him to marry was Tang Xinyu and he doesn’t give the call, it was also not the time to have a showdown with his elders at home.

Mo Yifan who has been considered by the outside world as the successor of the Mo family was involved in a car accident six months ago and was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Once this news came out, several young men form the Mo family branch were ready to move. If Mo Lanqing wanted to stand out from the wolf and tiger, the support from the in laws which would be the Tang family was indispensable.

At this time, if his feelings for Tian Wanwan was exposed it would be an absolute disaster to Mo Lanqing. If that happened he would not only able to protect his beloved woman he also may not be able to take a share of the huge wealth of the Mo family.

Mo Lanqing was so anxious that even with the cool morning breeze, sweat beads oozed out quickly on his forehead. The majestic, cool and strong attitude earlier was in an instant gone and was replace with fear.

Tang Xinyu bent down and slowly chose a place where she could plucked away the leaves of parthenocissus. As she was looking she saw something and was surprise.

“Hey, it’s hallowed inside, there a combination of wire frame and wooden frame.”

Hearing that Tang Xinyu had already gotten the answer, Mo Lianqing and Tang Tian Wanwan let out a soft sigh of relief.

Tang Xinyu straightened up and laughed.

“Mo Shao guess is really accurate.”

Then the conversation turned,

“I just don’t know if there is something holding up behind such a large wall of flowers—I’ll take another look.”

Before Mo Lanqing and Tian Wanwan could relax, they immediately saw a while and delicate hand passing through the wall pulling away the parthenocissus leaves on their side.

Tian Wanwan was so frightened that she almost fell back fortunately Mo Lanqing hugged her waist. Both of them were afraid to breathe, their upper bodies tilted back one to the left and other to the right while staring at Tang Xinyu’s hand fiddled through the leave of parthenocissus between their faces.

Seeing that Tang Xinyu recklessly put her hands into the flower wall, Mo Yifan was worried that there were many old steel wires and dead branches in it. He frowned and opened his lips.

“Take your hands back and be careful of scratching yourself.”

Tang Xinyu did not continue to poke the small hole nor did she look into it, after all she was afraid that the picture she would see would be hot in the eyes and now was not the time to expose the adulterous dog man and woman.

If this adulterous couple was revealed now, the elders of the Mo family and Tang family would be in each other’s throat. And they would only make small things to big things, they would surely cover their dirt and won’t others slander them.

At the thought of that cheap dog man and woman, Tang Xinyu was very unhappy. Tang Xinyu in the novel was the most innocent person but he fell into the most miserable end of despair after a series of blows from her cheating fiancée to her best friend, his mother’s early death and father keeping a mistress not to mention the outsiders trying to seize their opportunity to succession. All of these were part of her short life was only to add twists and turns to the novel’s male protagonist and female protagonist rousing love and to set off their loyalty.

What did Tang Xinyu in the novel do wrong again? Eating rice from the cheating couple’s house?!

Since she have already crossed over to this unfinished novel, and for the sake of this identical name, she would live beautifully for the original owner!

Tang Xinyu smilingly complied and took her hand back, she gently patted the dust on her hand and spread it in front of Mo Yifan’s eyes and turned over both sides.

“See, its fine.”

A small wave was seen in Mo Yifan’s eyes as his heart skip a beat but then returned to normal.

The two people behind the wall of flowers with exposed skin, paled. They don’t know if it was because of the cold wind or the fright they just experience.

Mo Yifan saw that Tang XInyu did not want to expose the adultery so he said,

“The day is cold it is not good to catch a cold.”

Tang Xinyu gathered her lapel, thinking of the person behind the flower wall were trembling, she was happy.

“I’m in good health.”

“I mean me.”

Mo Yifan spread his hand helplessly, gesturing for her to look at his thin blouse.

Tang Xinyu:”….”

If your cold just say it, why beat around the bush.

Tang Xinyu turned behind Mo Yifan’s wheelchair and went to help him push it.

“I’m the one who treated the guest poorly.”

Standing not far away, Lin Vincent the general assistant of Mo Yifan who specially tipped off his nephew’s cheating history, was a little surprised. According to his knowledge with Mo Shao, as long as he caught something—Master Mo would not let go.

He originally thought that Mo Shao would break the adultery between Mo Lanqin and Tian Wanwan with the help of Miss Tang’s hand and take the opportunity to strangle Mo Lanqing’s wolf ambition in the cradle. He didn’t expect to come back just like that without doing anything.

Lin Vincent who received Tang Xinyu’s questioning gaze said.

“Hello, Miss Tang! I’m Master Mo’s assistant, Lin Vincent. The wheelchair….”

He was just about to tell Tang Xinyu that the wheelchair could be operated by the Mo Shao with the control on his wheelchair but he immediately felt Mo Shao’s cold stare. Lin Vincent naturally understood him with his years of experience so instead he said.

“The wheelchair can be pushed easier if you pull a little bit.”

Tang Xinyu tried it, and sure enough she was able to push the wheelchair much easier.

As for why she didn’t let the assistant of Mo Shao to push the wheelchair was because Tang Xinyu felt that she need to make sure that Mo Shao would not let their little secret out of the bag so that he wouldn’t startle the snake and disrupt her next plan.

Just as they reached the living room, the sound of a car came from outside the door. A well-maintained woman with good temperament walked in.

“Xinxin why isn’t there any tea for Mo Shao?”

Tang Xinyu naturally and nicely called out.


Ye Tong asked Aunt Liu for refreshments after greeting Mo Shao.

“Mo Shao, sorry there was an important meeting in the company that I couldn’t leave for a while so I was late. Hey where is Lanqing?”

“Auntie, I’m here, just strolled in the garden.”

The neatly dressed Mo Lanqing and Tian Wanwan came in through the door, one after another with a natural look.

Tang Xinyu raised an eyebrow.

“What a coincidence, I just accompanied Mo Shao for a walk in the garden too. How come I didn’t see you guys?”

Tian Wanwan smiled.

“Xinxin, your garden is too big you know.”

Tang Xinyu looked Tian Wanwan’s bare legs and joked.

“Wanwan, its cold and you’re still not wearing socks, you must like the cold weather.”

Tian Wanwan’s heart trembled, her legs couldn’t help but step back slightly as she said in a delicate voice.

“This looks good.”

Ye Tong agrees with his daughter.

“You girls when you’re young if you don’t take good care of yourself you’ll suffer when you’re old.”

Tang Xinyu: “Why don’t I go get you a new one later and change your clothes?”

Tian Wanwan wanted to change the topic immediately so she answered affirmatively.

Tang Xinyu sat beside Ye Tong, smilimg.

“Mom, I’ve thought about it. I want to have the engagement party immediately, we should invite many guests and make it grand!”

Mo Yifan raised his eyes just in time to meet Tang Xinyu’s meaningful sight.

# # #


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