RB80’s: VMRHCD 5


Chapter 5- I want to eat with everyone

TL: sadaharu

Like today, she felt her flesh shaking every step of the way—it was really the first time she felt it.

Jiang Ran walked out of the room, and the warm sunshine shines on her.

It was lunch time and the sun was shining most brightly.

The sun was shining and the temperature was just right. It would be better if the yard could be a little cleaner.

At this time, the Pei family courtyard although it was not that messy but it was also not clean.

Jiang Ran was staring at the courtyard when across the room, Pei Yang came out with a large porcelain basin.

Seeing Jiang Ran, Pei Yang froze for a moment and then opened his mouth with a somewhat bad tone,

“Aren’t you not getting up? Where the hell are you going to eat?”

Have a meal?

Jiang Ran’s eyes switched down, from Pei Yang’s face fell on the porcelain basin in Pei Yang’s hand.

She right away wanted to explain how the porcelain basin feels familiar.

So this was the basin that the original owner used to eat.

Others eat with bowl, and those who have large meals used large bowls.

But the original owner was different from everyone else, she uses a basin!

Pei Yang took a few steps to the front of Jiang Ran who took a good look at what was in the basin.

A basin of noodles, covered with most of the sauce.

Because of the close proximity there was fragrance drilling into Jiang Ran’s nose.

When Jiang Ran had been thinking about things before and she didn’t feel hungry.

But now that she smell the aroma of the food, her stomach immediately growls.

And the sound was extra loud!

In this instant, Jiang Ran only felt her old face blush as she awkwardly averted her eyes and said to Pei Yang.

“I’ll eat with everyone!”

Although she have received the memory of the original owner, some people still have to see and touch it with their own eyes in order to match the number in the memory.

Pei Yang looked at Jiang Ran unhappily, feeling that Jiang Ran has a lot of things today and was more difficult to serve than before.

But because of Jiang Ran’s strength even though he was reluctant he still went to the main room with the porcelain basin.

Jiang Ran followed behind Pei Yang and walked together towards the hall.

The Pei family was a typical small farmhouse, sitting in the upper room facing south there were three rooms, from left to right it has a total of three rooms.

The front yard was not small, there was a big locust tree planted in the yard. There was also a lot of firewood sticks stacked in the corner and some messy miscellaneous items.

In addition, the Pei family has a backyard in which poultry were kept. Some vegetables were grown and there was a outhouse in the corner.

Jian Ran thought about the structure of the Pei family in her mind and her walking speeded up.

Although the flesh on her body trembled when she walked but she got used to it when she walked down around the house going to the dining room.

The Pei family’s house has many room but they were old and broken when look outside and even inside.

Three pictures hang on the wall directly opposite the door. On the left was a Antarctic fairy with longevity peach while on the right was the god of wealth and in the middle was a large landscape painting.

This is really.

Before crossing over, Jiang Ran was very young it seemed that she had seen similar pictures on the walls.

She didn’t expect to cross over and saw it again.

Below the three painting was a long bar on which some things were placed just to fall layer of dust.

In the middle of the room, there was a square table which was now set with a bowl of sauce, a plate of cleaned shallots and a bowl of garlic.

Every family in the village would make sauce and fermented soybean by themselves and when they do they make a lot of them.

In spring when there were nothing to eat it would be used for dinner.

(End of Chapter)


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