Chapter 22 (3)

Zheng Xue listened and smiled back at her and even sounded a little better.

“Why did Miss Tang break up with him? Didn’t you guys have a good relationship before?”

“Why else, he is no longer the young master of the Jiang family then of course I do not want to like him anymore, people are looking at benefits.”

Tang Tang showed him a greedy villain’s expression, this also contributed to a lifetime acting skills of hers. She only hoped that this person could fall into her performance so, and for the sake of acting so hard he would stop tying her with a thread and let her go.

“Miss Tang is right, people look for benefits. So people without support of their family are just waste, right?”

Zheng Xue asked.

Tang Tang: “…”

So this man really hated Jiang Zhu’s identity, feeling inferior because he was not from the Jiang family making him gradually deriving a strange character. Having to elevate his own status by belittling others or insulting on them in order to be happy?

Tang Tang’s mind said a countless sorry to Jiang Zhu, really sorry. She may have to say bad things about him again.

But she purposely avoided the words waste.

She said.

“If I hadn’t known he was a member of Jiang family I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to be with him in the first place.”

Tang tang thought about it and then continued.

“But now it’s the end times, I just don’t know how the Jiang family is doing?”

The Jiang family’s roots were deep, and the areas they have influence were many but that was all before the end of the world. Now was the end time of the world, the Jiang family even if their assets were many, she’s afraid it’s useless, right?

Zheng Xue sniffed, his face had a momentary cloudy look and quickly changed his expression but Tang Tang capture this changes as she was watching him closely.

He was dreading the question.

Tang Tang think so.

Why would he be afraid of it, she’s afraid he also feel that the Jiang family was now in a bad situation.

After all having ability depends on who was chosen. Some people could awaken their ability or even awaken very powerful ability but to some people no matter how much they pray they couldn’t have ability. This was something that a powerful family couldn’t control, it really depends on life.

Tang Tang then feel bad about their lives.

They could be miserable.

Zheng Xue and his family spent a lot of effort to drive Jiang Zhu away, it was not easy for them to sit in the position of the Jiang family. But suddenly encountered the end of the world, how could they not be unhappy, right?

If at this time he learned that Jiang Zhu did not only awaken a very powerful ability but also able to survive the end of the world and became the most powerful man in the future, she was afraid he would go crazy on the spot.

With this thought, Tang Tang even began to sympathize with this person a little.

He thought he had finally made it, but the truth always hit him again and again. There should no one more desperate situation than this, right?

But sympathy only last a moment, Tang Tang did not forget this how person treated her before. Either he dies or she dies wad definitely not just a talk.

“Why should Miss Tang worry about these things?”

Zheng Xue said, he paused and added.

“Why don’t we talk about Young Master Jiang Zhu again?”

Tang Tang really wanted to beg this person to let her go.

How many bad things does he want to hear her say about Jiang Zhu before he was satisfied?

“Why? I don’t want to talk about it.”

Tang Tang refused.

“Don’t say that Miss Tang. Young Master Jiang Zhu was so kind to you, if he could hear you he will be sad. But we haven’t seen him since the end of the world, I don’t know how he is, is he still alive?”

Alive and well!

Tang Tang took a deep breath.

“How do you think I would know? Besides, what’s the use of being good to me? What I want is to be well all the time, the short-term good will only last for a while and it will soon disappear. Don’t mention this in front of me again, it will annoy me.”

Of course, the male lead belongs to the female lead, what does it have to do with her—the cannon fodder!

So hurry up and let her go, let her go!

After hearing this, Zheng Xue once again reversed to his normal attitude and smiled at her.

“Miss Tang is worthy of awakening her wisdom ability, I believe that with your participation our six member team should be even stronger and all difficulties will be solved.”


Tang Tang suspected that her ears were not working well this time.

“I said I want to….”

Before the word “go” came out, Zheng Xue suddenly interrupted.

“Miss Tang, although I know you hate Young Master Jiang Zhu, I have to inform you that he is here, listening to us.”


Tang Tang was stunned.

Stupid, stupid, you’re lying!

Tang Tang hurriedly turned her head to look but it was still foggy from one meter away. She couldn’t see anything. He must be lying, this man mush have deliberately frightened her.

This is too annoying!!

But in the next second, a few people suddenly came out of the place where there was nothing more than meter away.

Walking in the forefront was the very person they were talking about—Jiang Zhu.

Jiang Zhu wore a black shirt, it looks as if it was still the same one he wore before the end of the world. The original flat fabric has become pleated and wrinkled—not all his former regular appearance.

His face doesn’t look very good, his expression was also cold and she don’t know if he was angry by what she just said or if he has already followed the footsteps of the plot and completed the transformation of his character.

She don’t know why but she just had a premonition in her heart that he was angry with her.

Tang Tang’s heart thumped and thumped again.

She was close to tears.

No, no, that wasn’t really her words just now, wah wah wah! (crying sound)

Tang tang’s heart was crying like a dog, but on the surface she still had a poker face.

She even calmly searched at Yan Zhen’s figure in the opposite crowd, but after searching for a long time she didn’t see him??

She frowned.

What happened, how did Yan Zhen disappeared? What happened after I was blown away? Did Yan Zhen didn’t hold it and was killed by zombie….


Tang Tang shook her head, no matter what Yan Zhen was part of Jiang Zhu’s group—the male lead. How could he disappear so soon? Where did he go? Why didn’t she saw him?

Tang Tang was thinking about Yan Zhen’s situation while on the other side, the five people who entered the supermarket early couldn’t wait for them and finally come out again.

First came Jiang Chi’s impatient voice.

“Zheng Xue, what are you doing? Why didn’t you go in?”

Then soon, those five people also came to this side.

Two groups of people, two teams, stood facing each other and there were seven people with Tang Tang on this side. There were six people on the other side, including Jiang Zhu.

Among six people, Jiang Zhu, Qin Zhang, Qi Mu Tang Tang recognized the other three boys. Tang Tang was a little impressed, it was three of group she met at the school gate excluding Yan Zhen.

Yan Zhen was not included.

Tang Tang was focus on this, it was difficult to focus on one point at this moment. Jiang Zhu stared at the woman standing opposite him, wearing equipment but looking a little distracted.

“Why are you guys here?”

Jiang Chi first break the silence, he looked across the group of people opposite Jiang Zhu and arrogantly raised his head.

“You’re still alive, I thought you were all dead long ago.”

Jiang Zhu simply ignored him, his eyes did not leave Tang Tang at all.

Jiang Chi was impatient and was about to speak again but Jiang Zhu moved.

He lifted his feet towards Tang Tang and stood in front of her. Tang Tang noticed that a shadow fell in front of her, she turned back and looked up slightly.

It was Jiang Zhu!


When did he get so close?

Wait, why should he be so close to her? He couldn’t have been triggered by the bad memories of what she had just said, and wanted to get his revenge and throw her in the zombie pile, right?

She really wanted to cry, she was wronged! She has worked so hard to guard him for so many days!



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