TMBAM 15.2

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Chapter 15(2)

Though now he’s more….more feeling helpless facing her. But it doesn’t change the fact that she has changed herself, she has become wise, would take measure, her temperament was overpowering and she don’t make mistakes in her words and deeds.

She moves between charm, and would sometimes use silent intrusion but also come face to face with a head strong.

It gives birth to an unstoppable sense of absurdity.

Not long after, another person in charge of dealing with the media came to see Gu Xueyi.

“Madam Yan, this is the list of today’s media.”

Chen Yujin took a gentle breath, upholding the principle of sending the Buddha to the west, and took it with one hand,

“I’ll do it.”

The person in charge of checking guests followed suit.

“Madam Yan this is….”

Not waiting for the other party to finish his sentence.

Chen Yujin: “I’ll do it.”

Chen Yujin’s strong ability to handle a party was naturally more than enough.

Though Gu Xueyi was not afraid to take up occasion but it would be a good thing if there was a more suitable model in era to let her take a look and take the best of it as she learn.

Gu Xueyi settled on the couch and just sat there until 7:30.

She slowly stood up and walked towards the front hall.

While Chen Yujin had already taken care of everything, he immediately followed half a step behind Gu Xueyi.

Outside the hotel, Chen Yujin’s assistant was responsible for receiving and guiding the guests.

Only when a guests at the level of Jian Changming would Chen Yujin personally meet them.

The hotel gradually became crowded.

Outside the hotel, reporters were excited to capture every luxurious cars and everyone who got off the luxurious car, such group of people gathered together could really shake the power of European country.

Only a few giants could bring these people together.

“Mr. Jian is here!”

“Mr. Jian….”

Immediately a stream of people surged past trying to make an impression of Jian Changming.

Mr. Gu and his wife were caught in the middle and could not help but sigh even more.

If Gu Xueyi could capture the heart of Yan Chao and make the Yan family truly acknowledge their marriage how great would they be?

To the extent that the Yan family and the Jian family could not rely on more money.

Jian Changming was followed by Jian Rui and Cao Liaye.

Looking at the hospitality of the countless people in front of him and Cao Liaye couldn’t help sighing at this time. The most beautiful moment of marrying Jian’s daughter was here, his eyes flickered. He don’t know how much investment and project he could talk about today?

Jian Changming however did not even look at those people and turned to Chen Yujin’s assistant and asked.

“Where is Secretary Chen?”

Without waiting for a reply, there was a sudden burst of exclamation.

“That’s…..Jiang Er!”

“Why is Jiang Er here?”

Someone even couldn’t hold back and burst out a rude remark.

“Holy Shit!”

Jiang Yue took his young brother Jiang Jing, wearing a black suit they mixed in a group of businessmen and right away he most resemble a criminal underworld.

He strode forward without looking elsewhere.

The media raised their cameras frantically.


This is really a big news!

The Jian family and the Yan family were already close friends so it’s not unusual for Jian Changming to show up!

But Jiang Er appeared here, what does that mean?

….that represents so much behind the scenes!

This was more powerful and worth much more than the actress who followed a rich businessman to the party and almost showing half of her breast!

Jiang Meng also arrived at the entrance of the hotel at this time.

Yan Wenshu got out of the cat first and she followed closely behind.

Cao Jiaye finally hired one of the top stylist team in China for her, even better than what her agent originally contacted.

Jiang Meng hooked her lips, revealing a graceful and more charming smile.

Today, she’s still the only one who could impress others.

But after getting off the car, Jiang Meng found that in front of her was Jian Changming and Jiang Yue. Everyone turned around to the two big men and no one noticed her at all.

Of course, this was not important what was important was the time when she meet with Gu Xueyi.

Jiang Meng steadied her mind and followed the steps of Yan Wenshu.

Inside the hotel, Chen Yujin went to welcome Jian Changming but saw Gu Xueyi also moved.

Chen Yujin paused, still half a step behind.

He thought Gu Xueyi was going to pick up Jian Changming, who knew that only when he got close did he hear Gu Xueyi gently open her lips and smiled slightly.

“Mr. Jiang good evening.”

Her voice was extraordinarily nice and comfortable to listen to in the ears.

The people around instinctively parted to make way for Gu Xueyi behind them.

Gu Xueyi leisurely approached Jiang Yue.

She was wearing a floor-length dress, with beautifully arched eyebrows and crimson lips.

Chen Yujin’s eyelids suddenly twitched, before reacting to what he had done he instinctively bent down first and lifted the hem of Gu Xueyi’s dress.

In that moment.

Everyone gave birth to an illusion of freezing the time.

Jiang Yue also fixed his eyes on her.

……is this some romantic date?

Jian Changming frowned.

Chen Yujin and Gu Xueyi……..

And there’s Jiang Er….? was going on….


Gu Xueyi was not here to welcome him.

The media suddenly returned to their senses and pressed the shutter hard.

There really was a beauty in this world that everyone feel for her, bend and lift the hem but still it was a great honor to them.


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