Chapter 52

Early in the morning, Jiang Liangchan rant to watch Jiang Yunting’s first sparring match.

Chen Fang was very faithful to his promise, and showed up in time.

Jiang Yunting has been waiting for a long time, when he saw that everyone was there he put on a round of cruel words without saying a word why first.

He heard that there was this hidden rule before the martial arts competition begins.

To first overwhelm the opponent in terms of momentum.

Jiang Yunting deliberately asked Master Zhang to train privately for an extra hour yesterday and obtained a lot of exclusive sparring secrets, so today he came with full confidence.

Even if he doesn’t win at least he won’t lose ugly today and won’t be unable to last a single round like he did yesterday.

Be a man and hold on for a round!

Immediately, Jiang Yunting found that his opening remarks was really effective.

Unbeknownst to him Chen Fang doesn’t understand the know this at all. After he put out the cruel words, Chen Fang did not curse back according to the process to upgrade this round of curse war.

He just stood across him, motionless as if he was bored.

Jiang Yunting also wanted to learn a lesson from his harsh words and waited for a while but nothing happened, so he looked at Chen Fang with inquiring look.

Chen Fang only nodded, then expressionlessly continued to stand there, looking at him to make a move.

Jiang Yunting: “…”

He was really someone who couldn’t learn without being thought.

He’s a chicken.

After also cursing him inwardly Jiang Yunting then felt mentally that he had won.

Because the other side did not know this hidden rules, so after skipping the first round of mutual harsh words they went directly to the second round.

Contestant Jiang Yunting was the first to strike, his posture was very professional as he brought with him the thunderous momentum he had on the first round of cursing. He smashed straight into the opponent, contestant Chen Fang.

It could be expected that the opposing contestant would be in a very dangerous situation.

It was a good chance as the opposing contestant was struck.

One round later, Jiang Yunting was lying on the ground looking daze and completely still unresponsive.

He simply did not understand how he, a man with a body full of secret techniques had become a man who could not even go one round.

Chen Fang’s face was expressionless, reaching out to pull him up.

Jiang Yunting tensed his little face, and refused his helping hand. He stood up stubbornly and straightened his clothes and threw out the words that had been repeated seventy-eight times yesterday with a lot of gusto.

“Come again!”

The scene was once again a very ferocious one sided match.

Yesterday’s scene was reenactment, Jiang Yunting now know that yesterday Chen Fang was still being considerable merciful to him.

Today he was rubbed on the ground the entire time.

It was simply the scene of a dignified public execution.

It was unbearable to hear and see how a human body could experience tragedy.

Next to this pillar, Jiang Yunting’s name would be permanently written on it.

It would be called, Jiang Yunting’s pillar of shame.

Jiang Liangchan silently hugged the hand stove and left the play of Jiang Yunting’s shame without a sound.

It’s better to save a face of her brother.

Walking away from the martial arts training ground, Jiang Liangchan just turned the corner when she coincidentally ran into a government soldier.

Jiang Liangchan called out to him.

“The two teenagers that I have asked to find before, have you heard anything?”

The soldier saluted.

“Miss, my subordinates are incompetent and have been unable to find the two teenagers.”

Jiang Liangchan frowned.

For so long, she sent people to inquire about the whereabouts of the two teenagers every day after she reported it to the official.

The government also sent people to look for them, but nothing. The two people just disappeared into thin air.

The only traces left behind by those people were the model that she have now.

Maybe Chen Fang, in his mind traces of the teenagers also existed.

Jiang Liangchan waved her hand and feeling the headache she said,

“Send someone to look for it again.”

The soldier answered and retreated.

Jiang Liangchan returned to her room, feeling the chill in her body gradually dispersed, her brain began to think again.

She heard that in a few days, her father would be back. Everyone in the house has begun to sweep and prepare to welcome the prime minister back to the house.

What he looks like and what his character was, she doesn’t even know yet. But looking at this family, with the mother and brother’s character she thinks her father was also a person who was not difficult to get along with?

The hatred between Jiang Pingxuan and Chen Fang seems to be second only to the hatred between herself and Chen Fang.

She was the murderer who killed his white moonlight, while Jiang Pingxuan was on the way to achieve greatness and stumbled him a lot.

After all, Jiang Pingxuan was a die-hard Prince fraction, and would now allow anyone to move the Prince’s power. Once there was someone who interferes with it, he would never be soft.

The father and daughter team up, one was to break the person’s love while the other once was break the career path—all around to no end.

Jiang Liangchan was a little worried.

As for her brother, in fact although he and Chen Fang don’t have much confrontation and don’t have deep hatred. Jiang Yunting’s disrespect to Chen Fang were not taken seriously by Chen Fang to heart, at least he was not ruled by this crime.

Although the biggest possibility was that he don’t like him at all and don’t bother to care at all.

Jiang Yunting cause of death was mostly his own fault, because he was not good at learning and wasted his youth which destroyed the lives of the army at the great river and mountains in the frontier.

However at that time Jiang Yunting was just ordered to face the danger immaturely, there were many adult and experienced general available but since they all see that the court was struggling they don’t want to wade through the muddy waters.

Each claiming they have illness and let countless people in the border sink in the suffering of war.

Which made Jiang Yunting automatically asked for the war and which the court gladly approved to send him out because there was no other choice.

He died because his pride was so high but he had no skills.

Now that Jiang Yunting was already working on it, may be would have a chance to change his fate.

But what about Jiang Pingxuan?

Was it so easy to change those court hooks of his?

Most importantly with Jiang Liangchan’s power could it be reversed?

Jiang Liangchan was apprehensive.

She didn’t have any confidence at all.

Even reason had given her the answer.

Probably, there was no possibility.

Jiang Liangchan sighed.

These probably have to wait until she meet Jiang Pingxuan himself, to judge.

Today, she could only try to do what she could do.

She combed through the timeline, and in a little over two months Hua Shan would be dead.



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