Chapter 34

“Child, let’s eat.”

Ye Susu called out, immediately made Ye Xun panic. He turned around while hiding his little hands behind him.


Ye Xun turned around and found that Ye Susu was not in the dining room yet and was shouting from the door, making him felt relieved.

He took out the phone that he was hiding and continued to put his little hands in front of the camera as he seriously put his five fingers together and waving at them.

At the same time, the screen has bunch of pop-ups flying over.

[Ah Wei is dead and can’t close his eyes! Child you just jumped halfway through your morning exercise.]

[No, I knocked this early in the morning and my old aunt had a nosebleed. Just now the little guy brushed his teeth and really stabbed me. Although I only saw the handle of the toothbrush and small hands, oooohh….]

[Child’s signature move of waving his hands appears again, 7878, eat to your heart’s content!]

[You’re going to kindergarten today, right? Go baby! 88~]

[Reward 666 gold coins, feed the little guy. Eat more for breakfast and grow taller! 88~]

[There’s a continuation in the morning. I couldn’t get up but when I saw the little one trying to get up early I was immediately awake!]

[Do morning exercise tomorrow also baby~]

Ye Xun didn’t dare to look carefully this time, he was deeply afraid of Ye Susu coming so he quickly withdrew from the live broadcast and carefully put the phone away.

But until he ate the porridge, he was still thinking.

The aunts and uncles that came to see me today were much less than last night.

He couldn’t read words but the numbers at the corner of the screen became fewer and the words flying out became much fewer also.

Was it because aunts and uncles find his live streaming uninteresting?

Ye Xun was a little depressed as he bit off most of the eggs Ye Susu gave him. His whole face was bulging as he was chewing.

He doesn’t know what he could live stream to make his aunts and uncles interested.

Just now, he took the morning exercise taught by the kindergarten teacher and did it according to his memory but did he do it a little ugly? Persuading the aunts and uncles to leave instead?

“When the number of people watching becomes smaller, you should reflect on yourself! So many people doing live, so why would they come and see you live specifically? What’s special about you? Apart from this face, what else can make the audience pay? Think clearly!”

He couldn’t help but remember what his Aunt Ye Wan’s words again to his mother before.

Ye Xun wrinkled his little brows.

He does not even let his aunt and uncle see his face…. So what else should he do?

“Why aren’t you eating?”

Ye Susu who was sitting next to him, saw that he wasn’t eating and wasn’t as well behaves as he was just now so after thinking about it, she reached out and touched his little belly.

The absent-minded Ye Xun has his soft and small belly touched by Ye Susu.

Feeling the touched, his little cheeks turned red in an instant.

“It’s bulging a little…. are you full?”

Ye Susu tentatively pressed the little guy’s belly a few times.

And the melancholy tangled in Ye Xun’s small head, instantly disappeared.

Both his hands and feet were like swirling in the warm water, only a small voice in his head were repeated rotating.

Mommy touched him.

Mommy touched him.


Mommy’s hands were soft, mommy is a little fragrant…

His little head was working at full capacity and in no time he even forgot about the little dried fish that he was pinching.

[Cub is in a good mood.]

A line of text suddenly popped up in front of Ye Susu’s eyes.

She sighed in relief but soon couldn’t help but roll her eyes again.

Today is not the mood task ah, such a big loss!

After breakfast, the mother and son followed the map and arrived at the kindergarten smoothly.

Waving goodbye to Ye Xun, Ye Susu looked at the [Task 1: … income 500 yuan] which was still not completed today at all. She immediately rushed to the place where he had agreed with the manager Zhang of Evergrande.

“I probably just ate too many koi in my previous life.”

The other party gave her the location of the store, surprisingly from Ye Xun’s kindergarten she only need to cross the road and it was five minute walk.

Ye Susu couldn’t help but feel her luck was really good.

Meow Meow Private Kitchen.

Before Ye Susu could take two steps, she saw an eye-catching store sign.

It was very obvious because of the proximity to the intersection.

“Miss Ye, I am Zheng Chen the representative of Evergrande’s catering department who communicated with you last night.”

A middle-aged man in a suit, slightly fat with a potbelly smiled showing the wrinkles on his face as he introduced himself.

Noticing her gaze, he then explained.

“This store sign is based on the initial dream proposal you send to me yesterday and I urgently found someone to make it.”

Ye Susu stood in the doorway and couldn’t help but show her appreciation.

The sign for Meow Meow Private Kicthen also had a big pin plum of a cat’s paw.

Not bad.

This was the important mark that distinguishes her from the humans.

She mentioned it to this manager Zhang by WeChat yesterday and didn’t expected it to be done so quickly.

“It’s nice.”

She looked at Manager Zhang admiringly.

Humans, in one way or another are still excellent.

Zhang Xhen noticed her expression and couldn’t help but smile even more.

“There is also the store interior decoration, go ahead and look at it, if you want to change anything you can always tell me. The renovation will take a little time and the items should be purchased soon.”

Yesterday, he was ready to take his child to a swimming lesson when he received an urgent call from Liu Zhen, the big boss who asked him to find someone to take charge of a dream fund program.

The time was urgent and it has to be done on Monday.

He was surprised at that time.

The Dream Fund program, which he had never heard of, was not in any of the plans he had seen.

This sudden order from the big boss of fulfilling someone’s dream, was kind of intriguing.

He added the other party on WeChat, after taking a look at the avatar it was a beautiful woman and with this picture alone he have some kind of subtle speculation in his mind.

Today seeing the real person, he was surer of his speculation. He was very glad that he didn’t le this subordinates do it casually last night.

“Because of the small size of the store, we have fewer seating arrangements, four double tables and two more singles tables in the aisle.”

Ye Susu followed behind, before walking into the store she already saw the large glass window. The sunlight unhindered through the tables and chairs inside, looking very warm.

She paused on her track and burst into a smile.

“Miss Ye?”

Zhang Chen turned back, after noticing that she was not following him and his heart thumped.

Is this unsatisfactory?

The small shop was really a little small and the decoration was streamlined because the boss was in a hurry about the location and could only found this one.

“If it feels small, we can figure out how to…”

Zhang Xhen wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“No, this is good.”

Ye Susu stepped into the store and strolled in the aisle between the tables and chairs.

The gap in the middle was just right for people to pass through.

The store where she and cub ate last time seemed to be this crowded.

Most importantly she used to love being crammed into a narrow cardboard box and was obsessed with the feeling of being surrounded by a tight cluster.

“Ahem, it’s okay. No need to change it here.”

“Okay, you take another look at the kitchen.”

Zhang Chen led the way.

And Ye Susu followed behind him, getting into the kitchen Ye Susu couldn’t help her eyes widened at all the equipment in the kitchen.

The stove was spacious and looks shining.

And the pots, pans and dishes were also stacked neatly that when she saw them she couldn’t help herself but want to push them.

Her eyes flashed.




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