Chapter 162

Fu Zhen tapped his fingers on the desktop and waited until after Chen Meng’s performance was over he glance at Chen Meng’s details. She was only 16 years old and asked Chen Meng.

“Are you still in school?”

Chen Meng nodded.

“Sophomore in high school.”

“Then you would have to take the college entrance exam next summer.”

Fu Zhen was quite satisfied with the little girl, although her performance just now was a little green. It would give people a great surprise as long as it was carved a little.

Moreover, she has a baby face which was very in line with the image in the script. Fu Zhen turned over the list of the remaining actresses.

He raised his head and asked Chen Meng.

“Did your parents know that you came to see for the audition? Do they support you coming out to participate in this?”

Chen Meng replied.

“My grades are very good and I have enough self-control to ensure that I can complete my study tasks during this time of filming. My parents are aware of this and are very supportive of me.”


Fu Zhen nodded and drew a circle after her name.

“Thank you, you go back first we will give you notice within two days.”

After Chen Meng left, Fu Zhen rubbed his chin and asked Luo Pingping who was beside him.

“How is the little girl?”

Luo Pingping said.

“You are the director, you decide.”

Fu Zhen turned the pen in his hand, if what Chen Meng just said was true then it was indeed possible to use her.

The next actor to audition was Gao Tian, Gao Tian was now one of the most popular actress in the entertainment industry. To be honest her accepting Fu Zhen’s invitation was quite a surprise to Fu Zhen.

After all, her previous TV series or movies were either a collection of celebrities and popular one at that or gave a very high pay, contrary on Fu Zhen’s situation.

Fu Zhen doesn’t provide high pay this time, what’s more the role given to her was female number two.

So after Gao Tian came in and introduced herself, the first sentence she said to Fu Zhen was.

“Director I want to audition for the heroine.”

Fu Zhen pressed his head as he looked Gao Tian, somewhat helpless and said to her.

“The second female is perfect for you.”

Gao Tian frowned, a woman with her class was willing to come and compete with these little actors which has given them a lot of face and now in spite all of that they were not willing to let have what she wanted.

Fu Zhen put down the pen in his hand and said to Gao Tian.

“I can guarantee to make you look very beautiful on the screen.”

Gao Tian raised her chin.

“That… that I am already pretty good looking.”

“The female lead is really no good, and only the female number two is really suitable for you.”

Fu Zhen joked to Gao Tain.

“If you are afraid that it would have an impact in your future resources, when the film is released we will write that you are a friendly guest star.”

“For the sake of being a fan of Shazou Chronicle,”

Gao Tian took over the second female lead, and asked Fu Zhen.

“Do I have to perform now?”

Fu Zhen finally knows why Gao Tian was willing to come here today, it turned out that she was a fan of Shazou Chronicle.

Gao Tian acting skills was already known to Fu Zhen. If she really performs in front of him now, he estimates that he would have to regret on the spot. Since she doesn’t really like the female number two, moreover she was the only one who auditioned in second female lead today.

Fu Zhen said to her.

“No, you go home first. I will inform you when the filming will start.”

After Gao Tian left, Luo Pingping touched Fu Zhen’s shoulder.

“You really want to choose her?”

No wonder Luo Pingping would asked Fu Zhen that. Gao Tian’s acting skill were really too poor. She only looks good and belongs to the top of the entertainment industry due to her beauty.

During the most beautiful period of Tang Wanwan, except for some black fan no one would dare to say that Tang Wanwan was more beautiful than Gao Tian, at most they would just sat that their style was different.

However her acting skills was a fatal injury. Gao Tian has appeared in many TV dramas and films since her debut but she had made no progress.

She could only stare and pout from beginning to end, some time ago some netizens picked up her TV dramas where she used a double.

Saying that she had used a double when she fell into the water while boating and even question how weak her hands could be.

Fu Zhen didn’t care, he smiled and asked Luo Pingping.

“Don’t you think she’s a good fit for the second female?”

“The looks are quite suitable but her acting skills….”

Luo Pingping was worried.

Fu Zhen said.

“I watched director Jin Zheng’s Red Dust some time ago and learned something from sister Hong’s body, to make the characters in the play stand out. Sometimes it doesn’t necessarily require the actors to have too much acting skills.”

The sister mentioned by Fu Zhen was a famous actress in the last century, she was similar to Gao Tian now—she only had her good looks but poor acting skills.

Luo Pingping then remembered her as one of the actress in the Red Dust that surprise a lot of people.



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