Chapter 22(2)

After a while, before walking to the supermarket Tang Tang remembered the gust of wind that blew her away before.

She turn around and ask Jiang Chi in a low voice.

“Have you ever used your wind ability in the bedroom building, a big one that can blow people away? Then the direction of the blow is towards the library?”

Jiang Chi was surprised.

“You know all of this?”

Tang Tang: “…”

Of course she knew, it was the gust of the wind that sent her flying.

So how could she not know?

But she would not let go of this opportunity to pretend, so she hurriedly nod as if all things were in under her control posture.

“Of course what I awakened is intelligent psychic ability after all.”

Looking at her mysterious face, Jiang Chi lowered his head and whispered.

“So is this ability can also know the past and predict the future?”

“En, to a certain extent it can.”


Tang Tang: “…”

This silly kid, how can he easily be deceived?

“But why are you using so much wind in the dormitory building? Do you want to send all the zombie flying?”

Tang Tang asked curiously.

“No, Zheng Xue made me do it.”

Tang Tang almost could not resist cursing out.

“What does he want?”

She hold back her anger, it was time to collect information so she must hold back.

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask.”

Jiang Chi said indifferently.

Tang Tang: “….”

Silly boy, why didn’t you ask such an important question?

Isn’t he arrogant? How come he does whatever people tell him to do?

Tang Tang wanted to inquire a little more but at that moment, they arrived at the supermarket .

The girl walking in front stopped, turned and said.

“There are people in the supermarket, about ten and there are a lot of zombies, they were fighting.”

It’s noon now, and the rain that were going on several days has gradually eased down and the wind was much lighter but the fog hasn’t dispersed. Tang Tang couldn’t actually see the scene at the supermarket but standing here she could vaguely hear some sounds. And probably just like what the girl said there was fighting in the supermarket.

So were they going inside?

Tang Tang wanted to step back.

Originally it was not her initiative to come her, although the perfume on her body has just been replenish it was inevitable that she would be accidentally injured in a fight. What if she was accidentally killed by the zombie?

That’s too risky.

The result was unexpected, they have not made a decision to enter yet or not when the people inside rushed out.

Following these people there were countless zombies rushed out and the seven of them who were standing at the edge of the supermarket entrance and were almost instantly affected by the calamity.

“Run quickly!”

Tang Tang was about to run when Zheng Xue suddenly shouted, she was shocked that the man even knew to inform others but when she step her foot to ran away she found that she couldn’t move her feet.

She subconsciously glanced in Zheng Xue’s direction and saw that the other party suddenly smiled at her wryly.

Crap I was relax!

Earlier she heard from Jiang Zhu that Zheng Xue was very vindictive and vengeful. Tang Tang didn’t understand it before but now she understands it deeply.

It’s obvious that he came over to her first with a bout of shade and returned the favor by saying a few words back and it’s her own fault? Well, it’s her bad luck.

Tang Tang was depressed, but the situation now does not give her time to do so. She waved her knife and cut the thread on her leg.

The result was, she was not able to cut the thread!

Tang Tang does believe in evil, squatting down she took her knife and started grinding hard but the result—it could still not be cut.

However fortunately, because her scent was covered up she was only hit by the zombie at the beginning making her safe from their attacks. But even so, being tied up on the legs was not a good a thing.

Zheng Xue.

Tang Tang recited his name in her heart, feeling that she and he had reached the point of either his death or her death.

It took about ten minutes before the peace was gradually restored again.

Because of the fog, Tang Tang didn’t know what happened a meter away. She only knew that she didn’t hear any fighting except a few “Krkk—krkkk” of zombies.

All those people should have run away.

After all, just that moment of proximity, she had seen the fire and even the sound of thunder.

It was yet another new psychic ability she had seen, the Krkk … krkkk sound carried a more terrifying force than the fire psychic ability and when the man past her at this time, the sense of shock made her worry if the man would accidentally release his ability and electrocute her on the spot.

But luckily there were too busy running away to notice the poor and pathetic her.

After everything calmed down, those six people who ran away earlier, led by the girl walked back.

Jiang Chi notice that Tang Tang stayed where she was and didn’t run with them. He opened his mouth and asked.

“Why didn’t you run?”

Tang Tang’s expression glommed.

I’d like to.

And just as Jiang Chi opened his mouth, the thin thread that tied her legs that even a knife could not be cut, was retracted.

Tang Tang’s feet got free and stood up from the ground while thinking about the words she had to say.

“Look, I have the ability to protect myself completely. Why don’t we just walk separately?”

Jiang Chi: “It’s up to you.”

Can I really?

Tang Tang sighed and still looked at Zheng Xue.

“Zheng Xue what do you think?”

Zheng Xue said hypocritically.

“It’s safer to stay with us, Miss Tang might as well think again.”

Tang Tang wanted to refute, but keep it to herself.

I’m afraid if I stay here again, I don’t know how I’ll die.

Zheng Xue did not give her a chance to speak and continued.

“Since the people and the zombies in the supermarket have run away, let’s go in and take look?”

At the end he did not forget to call on Tang Tang.

“Miss Tang let’s go together, since this morning until now you haven’t eaten anything, are you not hungry?”

Alarm bells rang in Tang Tang’s mind, thinking that this person was seizing her up again so she pretentiously laughed.

“Of course I’m hungry but I want to go there by myself.”

Jiang Chi had no interest in listening to these two people talking. Under the leadership of the girl, he walked first to the supermarket. Soon there were only two of them outside.

Zhang Xue moved his fingers and approached Tang Tang’s side.

“Please, Miss Tang?”

Tang Tang looked simply too late to prevent him as she was tied on a thin thread again. She was angry and breathless.

“You’re talking it very personally? Why?”

She asked directly.

Zheng Xue looked sideways at the hazy mist on the other side and turned back to look at her. His tone was respectful but his expression was mocking her.

“You are also the girlfriend of the former young master Jiang, if he had not been kicked out I would have to respectfully call you madam. In spite of this, I am still thinking about “old feelings” and should take care of you.”

Tang Tang “…”

This sounded so much like how Jiang Zhu had offended him, and want to settle the account with her instead?

Wait, what girlfriend? We have broken up days ago, okay!

“I thinks news travel slow in your area. I broke up with Jiang Zhu several days ago.”

Tang Tang sighed and lamented.

“I think there is a bit misunderstanding between us, even if you hate Jiang Zhu you can’t take it out on his ex-girlfriend right? I felt wronged with you treate me like this.”



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