Chapter 45

Jayce was holding the little hat looking at the top of his mommy’s head and it’s already obvious that it’s the cute Mickey who betrayed them.

Jain Ruixi was also very impressed, with other straight men they would probably think that what they were wearing has nothing to do to where they were going but President Fu has guessed that they were going to the amusement park just based on this.

It’s almost a divine logical ability, if she cheated she would be caught unguarded by him every time while having an intimate actions in bed.

But as long as Fu Shiyuan doesn’t have an affair, she won’t do it also so it was useless to think more.

Jian Ruixi put her hat back on her son’s head and said excitedly.

“Let dad have a good look, are we super cute today?”

She don’t know when but Jian Ruixi had followed her son calling President Fu daddy. Anyway, the golden master was also a father.

But in President Fu’s heart, he was looking at his increasingly lively wife and listening to her call him daddy would sometimes give him the illusion of having a daughter.

Just like now, on the screen one small and one big with similar faces, dressed the same and even their expression was also similar while looking at him with a look of expectation. Fu Shiyuan suddenly feel exhausted.

In the past, he always hoped that his wife would be a little close to a normal person and care and accompany Jayce more.

Now she was more than what he wanted her to their son, and he could help but wonder whether Jayce was growing healthily or strangely?

Fu Shiyuan felt helpless as he held his forehead and didn’t say anything and just commented on their looks.

“The look is very cute, and full of childlike fun which sets Jayce off more sunny and handsome. Mommy also looked seven or eight years younger…. Well others will know that you are mother and son.”

He completely praised Jayce as the child’s eyes looked at her father so brightly.

“When daddy comes home sometime we’ll wear the same clothes.”

Under the tireless effort of Jian Ruixi, Jayce not only doesn’t reject all kinds of play but even enjoys it. He wants adults to accompany him on cross dressing show now.

Fu Shiyuan hooked his lips, and said that he worked overtime these days to squeeze out a weekend to go back to them.

During this time, he watched the mother and son his phone talking where they want to play, what they would play and they would eat tomorrow which made him feel lonely. Although he was in his prime he always felt like an empty nest old man.

But before he could say it, Jian Ruixi took the lead. She protested.

“Can you not call me mommy?”

She would looked too old.

Fu Shiyuan chucked.

“You can call me daddy, but I can’t call you?”

She knew Fu Shiyuan did it on purposed so Jian Ruixi justified the double standard.

“I called you that to show respect, but you cannot call me that because it would make me old oh!”

She could pretend to be Jayce sister without any sense of conflict when she goes out but now that he called her mommy she now felt she was ten years older being called by President Fu.

“So it’s a respect to me?”

Fu Shiyuan laughed helplessly.

“Then do I have to thank you.”

Jian Ruixi waved her hand.

“Then you can say it, but remember not to shout it outside.”

During the conversation between Jian Ruixi and Fu Shiyuan, Jayce was very quiet. With wide eyes he stared at his mommy then looked at his father in the video.

His little face flashed with thought occasionally, it seemed that he didn’t mind that his parents threw him aside when they chatted.

When they arrived at Disney, it was already crowded especially since it was weekend. Jian Ruixi saw someone selling balloons, she suddenly came up with an inspiration and pulled her son to buy balloons.

In order to look harmonious and unified, she chose the Mickey pattern and tied it to the child’s hand then said.

“So you won’t get lost.”

The two bodyguards who followed behind them heard these words and silently covered their chests. In the eyes of their madam were they just for decoration?

Then Jayce also picked a balloon of the same type and with a serious face he said.

“So that mommy will not get lost.”

The handsome bodyguards: another blow….. spitting blood…

No matter how the bodyguards complaints, Jian Ruixi and Jayce walked hand in hand inside. And with the balloons both on their hands, the mother and son looked beautiful.

When they were inside, colorful balloons could also be seen floating in the whole amusement park, they were not special at all if they lost they would surely lose.

But later when they got home, Jian Ruixi found that it was not completely useless for her and Jayce to tie the balloons on each other.

At least in Ah Ming’s lens they look beautiful, so beautiful that they could keep it for years later. Especially when Jayce had his head down while helping her tying down the balloon.

The small hands and delicate face had a meticulous expressions which just formed a contrast, he was too cute that Jian Ruixi doesn’t care about appreciating her beauty. She was willing to become the background for the child.

She also selects this photo and send it to her circle of friends and place it in the middle so that basically everyone could see at a glance.



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