TMBAM 15.1

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Chapter 15(1)

The attraction of rich life to ordinary people was too great, this mouthful of melon froze a few days so they has been eating this melon until the seventeenth before the netizens have digested it.

But just after digesting the last bite the next melon came right after.

On the 17th the Yan family’s dinner party would be held at 7:30 p.m on the most luxurious Celica Hotel in the Beijing.

It’s 2:00 pm now.

The maids busily bought out expensive dresses and little by little filled the room.

Gu Xueyi glance roughly but she was not satisfied, even after the maid talked endlessly about which one was made by master XX and which one was limited edition, in Gu Xueyi’s syes it was all cheap.

But she couldn’t attend in her hanfu.

The well dressed and well groomed secretary Chen who was wearing a dark blue suit was standing at the door looking at Gu Xueyi inside the room and could not help but asked.

“Madam doesn’t have a piece that looks good on you?”


Gu Xueyi turned around.

She has almost completely adopted to this world, she also grasps the knowledge more and more. Probably only some of the more remote things could be difficult for her.

She suddenly yanked something out of her memory.

“Just hire a styling team.”

Chen Yujin raised his eyebrow and said.

“That’s good, you’re finally not tossing your own hands.”

“Then I will comply with your wishes.”

After saying these, Chen Yuji went on his phone.


Yan Wenshu flew back to China overnight.

Jiang Meng’s agent wore a duck-tongue hat and went to pick up the person.

Yan Wenshu came out of the airport and stared at her coldly for five minutes, the agent that was being stared was sweating profusely. She was uncomfortable all over, she squeezed out a voice from her throat and said.

“Miss Yan, let’s go….get in the car first.”

Only then Yan Wenshu avert her gaze but instead of taking the nanny car prepared by her agent she took the car she called.

Half an hour later, Yan Wenshu met with Jiang Meng.

By this time it was 2:30 pm.

“You want to go the Yan family’s banquet?”

Yan Wenshu’s tone was sarcastic and unrelenting. It was clearly saying that Jiang Meng did not deserve to go to the Yan family’s dinner party.

Jiang Meng’s expression was stiff, and her facial muscles could hardly hold up a smile.

“Yes…. this matter always has to be solve doesn’t it? Isn’t that why you came back here for?”

Yan Wenshu said coldly.

“Then go ahead.”

Jiang Meng breathed a sigh of relief.

The agent has found a good stylist team for her privately, and just waited for the time to go to the dinner party and once again crushed Gu Xueyi, washing away the comments of those who abuse and despise her in the weibo.

The agent turned to make a phone call.

But not a moment later, she came back with a stiff face.

“Studio X….is not taking orders, they took Ji Mingming’s order as a priority.”

Jiang Meng’s face changed dramatically.

“Ji Mingming is also going to the Yan family’s dinner party? Is she worthy to go?”

The agent said to herself.

“You’ve been matched” haven’t you?

Jiang Meng bit her lip and looked at Yan Wenshu.

Yan Wenshu said impatiently,

“You don’t expect me to help you, do you?”

Yan Wenshu was one of the Yan family and the circle of celebrities at local and abroad was quite open so of course she could invite better team….or even the top team was impossible allowed to invite.

But Yan Wenshu’s attitude threw a pot of cold water on Jiang Meng.

Jiang Meng’s heart was anxious, she doesn’t want to lose to Gu Xueyi at such time. She could only call Cao Jiaye.

In a flash it was 6pm.

Gu Xueyi has just finished styling her hair, she opened her eyes slowly and had the maid bring her food first. Slowly and methodically she used up the snack and fruits and then drank a hot tea before getting up and preparing to head to the hotel.

The styling team froze as they watched from the side.

They have served top flow stars, movie stars of various film festivals and of course the major giants…

Among these people, there were those with exquisite and beautiful facial feature, those outstanding temperament and customs, and those with the spirit of being a madam but they have never seen a rich madam who could integrate all of these.


A young man suddenly took two steps and reached Gu Xueyi, he bend down and straightened her dress.

Gu Xueyi looked back.

The young man met her gaze and paused before finishing the rest of his words smoothly.

“You should be careful.”

Gu Xueyi smiled faintly at him.


Turning her head again, she caught a glimpse of Chen Yujin who was waiting for her.

The smile on Gu Xueyi’s face has not yet completely faded and Chen Yujin just caught the fleeting smile. Her eyebrows were slightly curved and there seemed to be light leaking out from her eyes, it was completely different beauty from her usual cold and indifferent aura.

Chen Yujin paused and turned sideways.

“Madam please.”

Who was Chen Yujin?

One of the powerful right hand men of Yan Chao.

As the spokesperson of the Yan Chao he often attends various occasions and his circle of friends has gathered numerous bigwigs. He made a phone call and hire the top styling team, of course it was for Gu Xueyi.

Gu Xueyi has not yet carefully looked at herself in the mirror and was oblivious to her current appearance.

At 6:30 their car arrived at Silica Hotel.

The banquet venue has been almost set up, waiters’ shuttled back and forth even reporters have ben squatting outside the hotel doors but Gu Xueyi and Chen Yujin took the side door and was not caught by the reporters.

As the two walked inside, Chen Yujin asked in a loud voice.

“Second and fourth master’s won’t be present?”


Gu Xueyi faintly answered, just like a big parent.

“Yan Wenjia went to the crew to film, Yan Wenbo wanted to study so why let the younger generation follow this boring party.”

Younger generation?

Only Gu Xueyi woul treat them like a children.

The person in charge of the hotel quickly greeted them and when he got close he was instantly stunned.

The young man was dressed in a suit and had a handsome face, while the young woman’s long dress trailed the ground looking stunningly beautiful. At a first glance he could tell they were a match.

If he did not happened to reach the hot search and seen the photos of Madam Yan, the person in charge would have mistaken her as Secretary Chen’s female companion.

“This is…. This is the list, please ask Madam Yan to look over it again.”

The person in charge carefully handed over the banquet list.

Madam Yan was too beautiful, it was clearly that today’s makeup was not overpowering on the contrary Madam Yan’s temperament today was also a bit on the quiet and soft side but the person in charge just feels an inexplicable pressure.

Chen Yujin sighed lightly.

“I’ll do it.”


Gu Xueyi turned her head to look at him.

Chen Yujin has never been this kind.

….but today’s banquet was the face of the Yan family.


Chen Yujin said lightly.

“Madam is dress up today, how can she bend down to do such a small thing?”

Gu Xueyi drew back her hand, neither humble not arrogant, not urgent nor slow and nodded slightly.

“Then I will leave the hard work to Secretary Chen.”

Chen Yujin took her appearance into his eyes and could not help but curse “fuck” in his heart.

Where was the previous Gu Xueyi?


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