Chapter 51

The world inside the book was a flat sheet while the real world has countless incidents, countless clues, countless lives that would be written in the main biography, filling the blanks between the lines in the book.

These gaps were like the wings of an invisible butterfly unexpected when they were quiet but if they flap their wings they could throw some parts of the text out of order.

In the plot there was a specific time when he went to Hunchun brothel was the day he was destined to fall in love with Hua Shan.

But she turned off the road midway and took him to save Duan Rong.

Perhaps the red thread of love was move from person to another who appears in this period time .

And meet the wrong person at the right time.

Jiang Liangchan was a little afraid to think about her next hypothesis.

Was it because she tried to work hard to make the plot work but inadvertently changed the plot at the intersection of fate?

Was she the one who changed the plot with her own hands?

What happened after that?

Chen Fang was not interested in Hua Shan.

Chen Fang who was busy was willing to train Jiang Yunting for three hours a day for more than half month in exchange with the model made by Duan Rong.

And when Chen Fang got the model, he solemnly warned her not to pull the lovebirds matchmaking for him again.

What does this mean?


She couldn’t answer this question!!!

Jiang Liangchan covered her heart.

Brotherly love, this must be feudalistic brotherly love.

That’s right.

There can be no mistake!



Chen Fang took the model and went back to the room.

He carefully observed the model and explored every inch of it extremely and very cruelly, finally finding a small seal inside the model under the bottom of Jiang Liagchan’s feet.

After rigorously comparing the seal with the seal pattern of that family he had received in the past few days, he let out a long sigh of relief.

Sure enough it was exactly the same.

It was indeed the descendant of that family.

Inside the secret letter he received before, his mother had mentioned this seal.

And left him a thousand machine box.

In the letter, his mother mentioned the box was made by the ancestor of the Rong tribe and the mechanism was extremely sophisticated seemingly just an ordinary box but in fact, a total of 91 button embedded inside.

As long as there was a wrong step, the entire box together with the contents would immediately self-destruct.

Rong family thinks skilfully and was good at making mechanisms, but it was unique in the world, but none of these things were left by Rong family and were extinct hundred years ago.

His mother left him twenty clues and he had to follow them one by one to find the last one—the real clue to open the box.

If he make a mistake, he would be misled to the fork of the road where he don’t know where it lead and if he get the wrong information and open the box, the box would destroy itself immediately.

The point was no matter what step he stay on, could be right or the wrong step there was no reminder that there was a clue waiting for them.

Only when he opened the box of thousand machine would he know whether this clue was the real clue left by his mother.

His mother said that inside the thousand machine box was something she left for him.

It he passes all the test, he would be able to open the thousand machine box and get this thing, with this thing he could achieve great things like a tiger that has grown wings1.

If he didn’t pass….

His mother left another box with title deed of 1000mu of good land in it so that he could live life in peace and contentment.

But that’s about it.

He understood that this was his mother’s protection, if he was not smart enough, not decisive enough, or even lucky enough hen would be sent to his death if went down the dangerous path.

His mother would rather want him live an ordinary and safe life.

Hoping that he would take a different path.

This secret letter was written by his mother more than ten years ago.

After his mother wrote it, the holder of one the clues died.

The trail was simply broken.

He simply no longer has the chance the take the final step and get that thing.

And still, his mother chose to put the secret letter in the secret passage for him to find ten years later.

It still seems that he have two options.

But actually he already ran out of options.

As all things in this world cannot be counted.

Obviously the trail was broken and he was in a dire situation but who would have thought that he would have met the descendants of the Rong family who had long disappeared in the world.

When he saw this model brought by Jiang Liangchan, he had indescribable sense of strangeness in his heart, such delicacy and unique arrangement were too similar to the handwriting of Rong in the records.

Sure enough during this period of time, people went to investigate and found the obscure family emblem of Rong family. After comparison, they found that Rong was indeed the descendants of the Rong family.

However Duan Rong has completely disappeared.

He guessed that the Yung tribe might have kept the last one to be able to hide themselves in case they were found.

He sent someone to look for him, but not for anything else just because he saved the people after all. And Jiang Liangchan had been telling him about the safety of the two children, so he just found someone to protect the two children.

But even if he found someone he wasn’t going to bring the two kids back.

Since someone else was already looking for them, exposing their identity would be too unsafe for them.

The Rong family has its own unique way of arrangement which could be found in any instrument they have made but it was too exquisite so it has not been uncovered by Chen Fang.

In addition they have disappeared for hundred years, and there was no real object for people to study and ponder.

Luckily so long as he borrow this model he could a lot research on the mechanism , speculates and finds the unique arrangement of the Rong’s. He could also try to untie the thousand machine box by himself.

Inside the model, the girl with all the sunshine in one place was standing smiling as her skirt was flying.

He shifted his position and locked eyes with her.

Those big eye were soulful as if they would wink slyly at him in the next second.

He couldn’t help but laugh unconsciously.

As those eyes, evoked so many memories of him.

During that time, he felt that Jiang Liangchan had changed a lot.

It was said that the eyes were not deceiving, the depths of her eyes once only spiteful, brutal and want by any means necessary to the imperative.

Suddenly the layer of brutality dispersed, she tried to perform brutality but only showing her strength while weak inside.

Like a little chick that fist came into the world, the fur was still soft and fluffy but it has poke its head on the edge of trying to be mean.

Thought she was brave and invincible but in fact she was a little chirp who panicked every day.

Recently, that little chirping child learned to quarrel with him.

The corner of Chen Fang’s mouth involuntarily curled up and reached out to poke the small face that was smiling brightly and beautifully on the model.



like a tiger that has grown wings1‑  with redoubled power (idiom)

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