Chapter 33

He didn’t know many words, that’s why he couldn’t understand what his aunts and uncles were saying.

He sighed and finally after more ‘88s’ floated by, he tentatively poked the screen a few times and managed to exit the live stream.

The moment the signal was turned off, the number of fans stopped at 494 while the rewards accumulated was 204.3 yuan.

Ye Xun’s eyes dimmed a lot more.

Originally he thought it was a lot of money but tonight Ye Susu bought him children’s clothing, he peeked at the tag when he tried it on and found that one was more than 300.

And Ye Susu added seven to eight pieces to him in one breath today.

Ye Xun raised his small hands and broke ten finger, finally he couldn’t count it —clearly his hands were not enough.

But he knew that she was spending a lot more than what they earned.

He immediately shrugged his shoulders, put the phone on the side of the sink and changed his clothes before stepping listlessly into the bathtub with his short legs.

He open the shower, and the water came rushing down making his face changed into steamed stuffed bun face.

Live streaming was really difficult.

No wonder there were so few successful uncles and aunts.

He was not even close to them!


On a winter night, the north wind was blowing.

The detached Begonia Garden was extraordinarily quiet, without the sound of the wind howling in the house it others would think the place does not exist.

The high end air conditioning that constantly produces heat was like gentle air in spring that gives warm and comfortable feeling.

When the clock in the room went to 9:30, the mother and son finally lay down in bed, in unison.

Ye Susu scratched her belly and closed her eyes in seconds.

But she was still alert, and did not take long before she open her eyes again making sure that the cub was not missing again, seeing that he was still lying obediently beside her, she soon drifted off to sleep with relief.

Ye Xun after washing up and lying on the soft and comfortable big bed for the first time counted sheep anxiously.

After counting twenty little sheep taught in kindergarten, he counted for the second time in annoyance, fortunately he could smell the sweet scent of his mommy’s body.

Thinking about how he secretly did a live stream today his spirit was stretch taut but it did not last long as his consciousness began to blur.

His long and curly eyelashes twitched and finally dropped.

With only his consciousness he cautiously stick out his buttocks and sneaked into Ye Susu’s embraced, he gently rubbed into her as his small body curved up and slowly fall asleep.

One big and one small, their hands and feet were closed as their steady breathing resounded the whole room.

However opposite to them having sweet dream, the man next door had an insomnia.

Was the child next door still playing?

Or was he sleeping now?

Was he used to sleeping in the new bed?

Was he happy with his new home?

Was he still afraid of him?

With these questions bothering him, Li Yun sat in the study the whole night.

The more he thinks about it, the more energetic he was.

Early Monday morning, Ye Susu was woken up on time by the birds outside the widow. She tried to tiptoe around the cub as she get out of bed, but the next second she was surprise by the sudden vibration of her phone.

[Second Aunt: Susu you lived clean and honest before but after you get pregnant without getting married, we can say that it was because you are still young and your mother didn’t teach you well but what’s with your situation now?! do you have some problems with your brain!? You’re living with some rich man and you even bought with you the child to live together? Are you so capable now living like this? You are discrediting the Ye family! Your cousin is getting married this year, if her mother-in-law hears about this kind of thing she will think that all the girls in our family is shameless!]

[Third uncle: Come home. Your father is gone but you can’t be lawless! I’ll call your mother too, let’s have dinner together this Saturday.]

Ye Susu was baffled.

According to the memory of the original body, she brushed her existence in her circle of friend and saw countless strange friends but these called relatives were never concern.

[Third cousin: Poor people must be hateful, the first time can still be called you were cheated but if you did it the second time you are an idiot, you’re self-degrading yourself! If you have brain use it to think, where could there be free lunch in this world? Just because someone offered you a house, you’ll go and live. What do you think he wants from you? But since you haven’t studied college and you had a child early, so final outcome is you’re just stupid!]

[Little cousin: Tsk, it’s really good to be born as a woman you don’t even have to work yourself but you can live in a nice house. (Small beep: this article blocks parents and elders.)]

[Second cousin: forwarded: men pretending to be rich, cheating women physically and mentally not to mention money. Girls should have long snack bar1.]

Ye Susu was dazzled with all of these messages popping up on her phone.

The human’s concern has simply stunned on the cat who was used to living alone.

But the words, living together, rich, were all talking about her?

Ye Susu stared.

These humans, what are they up to!

She opened her small mouth and blew on the hair of her bangs.

She then stretch out her finger and with one swift move the screen was now turned black!


She finally smiled and squinted her eyes.

The world was finally clear.

Early in the morning, they were disturbing her cat’s dreams.

These stupid humans.

While next to her, Ye Xun was already rubbing his eyes with two bed hairs sticking out. He sat up from the bed in a daze.

He opened his eyes and seemed a little confused but soon realized he was in his new room and his grape-black eyes slowly regained their clarity.

“Child, I’ll cook the porridge with eggs, you wash up first.”

Ye Susu said, and stomped on the newly purchased furry slippers yesterday.

She was most accustomed to this touch, wishing her whole body was fluffy but thinking with her body now she regrettable wrapped herself in another big pink fringe scarf before grinning in a good mood.

And when she walked out of the room, Ye Xun straightened his bed hair before getting out of bed and walked barefoot to his schoolbag first and took out his phone.

After the first time, the second time he has become very skilled.

He opened the app, then turn the lens to the ground before he started live streaming again.

He looked at the screen, and his little cheeks suddenly pulled into a curve in a serious manner.

Today before going to kindergarten, he decided to brush his teeth and wash his face while streaming for his uncles and aunts.

Did they get up early as I did?

[Number of people online today: 1]

[Received reward: 200 silver coins.]

The phone screen lit up and the first gift announcement appeared in a flash.



long snack bar1- It’s time to grow up, don’t be naive, you should have your own ideas, don’t believe too much that others know what’s good and what’s bad

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