Chapter 44

Madam Fu and the young master have to bring bodyguard when they eat hot pot so of course it was also no exception if they want to go to Disney.

No matter how free Jian Ruixi looks recently and how conniving Fu Shiyuan was to her some things could not be avoided.

Especially since Jian Ruixi was now known to the netizens. Her name, from weibo to facebook were popular that even some little stars from the entertainment industry couldn’t compare to her.

At least those when those starlets eat outside, they were not popular enough to create a long line up every day and it hasn’t stopped for nearly a month on the restaurant the eaten from.

Yes, due Madam Fu getting to top hot search the netizens patronized the hot pot making it so popular that it was describe as the legendary “delicious food that noblewoman couldn’t get enough”.

So how could the people especially foodies not be excited?

In addition there was a chance to meet Madam Fu and the young master so endless stream of people came to “punch in” every day. It was said that the street business after seeing this scene, had to stretch their necks waiting.

There were many rich families everywhere in Hong Kong City, so they also hope that those rich young man or noblewoman would come and visit their stores, of course it would be best if Madam Fu came.

Jian Ruixi doesn’t know that so many businesses expect her to patronize their street again.

As her favorite hot pot restaurant has become a base for foodies and eaters, she has to wait in line for an hour to eat which was a bit exhausting and for this reason she has more than once “complained” in her circle of friends about not being able to eat her favorite food.

This was also a sweet burden she had to shoulder.

Having said so much, the general idea for this was just to bring bodyguards with them. But Jian Ruixi wanted to maintain her low key persona setting so she wanted to bring few bodyguards so they don’t look so eye-catching.

Ah Ming who was handsome and doesn’t talk much was a must, he was already madam Fu’s royal photographer especially when she goes with her child. She wanted the handsome Ah Min holding a camera and taking picture of them.

After arranging the entourage, Jian Ruixi took the young master and set off. As soon as she got into the car she grabbed the child’s little ears.

“Little bad egg, now that you’ve grown up you’ve learned to lie to mommy?”

When choosing her bodyguards she realized, it may be true that Jayce’s father and mother couldn’t accompany him but there were so many staff at home if he wants to go to the amusement park how could he still be afraid that no one would bring him?

As long as he wants to go 365 days there was no pressured to do so.

Jian Ruixi was not really stupid, she was just fooled by a six year old. She just didn’t expect that Jayce would pretend to be pitiful and to get back from his little son she pulled his ears as a reminder not to cheat on his mommy again.

Jayce’s ears has never been pulled before, he stared at his mommy with his big round eyes obviously stunned.

Then he tried to save his poor little ears, at the same time he was also aware of the time calling out.

“Mommy pain pain…”

Jian Ruixi deliberately raised her eyebrows.

“Mommy didn’t put too much pressure on in it’s painful.”

Anyway she wouldn’t let go.

Jayce: “….”

“Say it why did you lie to mommy.”

Jian Ruixi decided to give him a chance to explain.

If it were any other child, he would be hugging his mommy and saying sweetly.

“I just want mommy to be with me.”

But Jayce has recently become more active and has learned to act like a spoiled child but he doesn’t want to be too mushy and cheesy so he pretended to say calmly.

“I don’t want others to accompany me.”

It was little euphemistic but it also expressed the meaning of just wanting to be his mommy and daddy.

“Wow you’re so proud!”

Jian Ruixi suddenly looked at starred-eyed, from pulling his ears to rubbing his face. It was a bonus for children to look like themselves, no matter what expression the child make they would always be so cute in her eyes.

Once she knew the reason, Jian Ruixi took out her phone and threw her arms around her son regardless of past grievances.

“Let’s say hello to dad….”

During their conversation, the person on the other side of the screen has connected the video and the appearance of President Fu’s handsome face and a familiar office environment.

Jian Ruixi said hello and smiled.

“Wow, dad still works overtime in the office on Saturday, so pitiful.”


The pen fell on the table, Fu Shiyuan smiled.

“It’s not as rich and interesting as you. Where are you going to play today, amusement park?”

“You know?”

Remembering that she hadn’t told Fu Shiyuan, Jian Ruixi turned to Jayce and asked.

“Did you secretly give dad a message?”

The child also looked confused.

Her line of sight then returned to Fu Shiyuan, and the other side smiled as he looked at… the top of their heads.

“Well, I can see that.”

Jayce reacted faster than his mommy, he touched his head and then grabbed the mickey’s ears hat.

In order to match the atmosphere of Disney, Jayce not only wears Mickey hat even the clothes he was wearing, the small bag, and the water cup container were all cartoon shapes and full of child’s interest.

Of course as like as two peas in the pond they were all prepared by Jian Ruixi, and they were only prepared just for show but the whole set were exactly the same look.

A perfect example for parent-child outfit. Jian Ruixi said that mother and son should have the same look as to not get lost in the amusement park.



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