Chapter 51

Xu Yanwen paused for a moment and said without changing his expression.

“Jiayue and I are in the city.”

“Not in the city, where are you?”

Elder Xu was not happy, there were more important things than going back to the old mansion to see him who was already old?

Xu Yanwen continued to tell lies with a calm face.

“Well, that is, I came out to play with Jiayue in the next city. We’ll be back in two days.”

The old man on the other end of the phone obviously paused for a moment before a hint of joy and happiness could be heard in his voice.

“You and Jiayue went out together?”

“Yes grandpa.”

“Is it fun?”

Elder Xu asked after him.

“It’s okay.”

Xu Yanwen said.

“Then you guys play for few more days before coming back, go to a few fun places and have fun outside.”

Elder Xu was so happy that the relationship between the two children could finally improve and he could be at ease.

Xu Yanwen gave a “Hmm.”

Elder Xu added.

“When you go out, you have to take care of Jiayue, do you hear me?”

Xu Yanwen knew what Elder Xu was thinking but his handsome face remained unchanged, he only wanted to relieve Elder Xu so that he could be happier and following his words he said.

“I know grandpa, don’t worry.”

“Good, good, then that’s it. I won’t bother you guys anymore.”

Elder Xu hung up the phone after he finished speaking, he was so happy that he couldn’t wait for the relationship between Xu Yanwen and Xue Jiayue to grow by leaps and bounds.

When sister Zhen, saw that elder Xu looked happy while hanging up the phone and could sense that he was in a good mood. She smiled and asked.

“Elder Xu has received a good news?”

“Of course there is a happy news.”

Elder Xu said happily.

“The relationship between Yanwen and Yueyue has become better. Last time Yueyue found a job, Yanwen specially celebrated it for her, this weekend they didn’t visit me it turned out that they went to the next city to play. Since that last time, the relationship between the two is so stiff although they both act natural in front me they still can’t deceive people, I could obviously see through them at a glance.”

“But now, they get along well to even go out and play. Doesn’t that mean that Yanwen is slowly accepting Yueyue? Maybe it won’t be long before I can have put my heart at ease.”

Sister Zhen has been taking care of Elder Xu for many years and Elder Xu often talks to her about anything he has his mind on.

This time when she hears that his heart would soon be at ease Sister Zhen was also very happy. Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwn were the children she watched grow up and she also hopes they would be well.

“It seems that it won’t be long before Elder Xu will be able to hold his great-grandson, which is really a great news.”

Elder Xu smiled at her words, with the walking stick in his hand he walked towards the sunny courtyard outside.

“So I can also have an explanation with old Xue.”

In the apartment, Xue Jiayue came out of the bathroom after taking a shower. She swept a glanced over and saw Xu Yanwen holding her phone in his hand, as if he had just finished a phone call as the screen of the phone was still lit.

“You answered my call?”

Xue Jiayue walked over, upset was written all over her face. He didn’t even said anything to her before answering her call, it was too much!

“Who’s calling?”

Xu Yanwen raised his eyelids and looked at her with an indifferent expression on his face. He didn’t even think he had done anything wrong.

He calmly said.

“It’s grandfather, he wants to call us back to the old mansion. The lump on your forehead was not fully healed yet, if you go back and saw that he will surely notice and inevitably will ask what happened.”

“Do you want to tell him about you being kidnapped by Zhang Renyan and Su Ziqao? If he finds out, he will be worried again.”

The truth was just as Xu Yanwen said, Xue Jiayue did not want to worry Elder Xu. She don’t want to tell elder Xu about her being kidnapped by Zhang Renyan and Su Ziqiao and she doesn’t intend to tell him either.

Perhaps it was because of her personality, since she grew up and went to high school and university to other place she forced herself to stand on her own.

She also gradually understood the hardships and difficulties of her elders and developed a character of just reporting good news but not the bad news to them.

Even if she crossed over in the book, and was no longer in her original world she still hoped that her parents would live a happy life and feels the same way about Elder Xu as she does about her grandfather.

“Then what did you tell grandpa?”

Xue Jiayue asked.

Xu Yanwen said with a frank face.

“I told him we went on a trip the next city, so we won’t be back to the old mansion this week.”

Xue Jiayue abruptly opened her eyes wide and looked around the apartment room, then pointed her finger at his nose and said,

“You actually lied to grandpa? We were clearly in the apartment yet you told grandpa that we went to the next city!”

I really can’t tell ah!

Xu Yanwen usually looks like a human model and was serious, he was also well behaved and indiscreet person in front of Elder Xu.

But it turns out when Elder Xu turns his back, he would lie and deceive people. Sure enough he was a businessman, as businessman were cunning and different from the surface.

“Thinking about me?”

Xu Yanwen glanced at Xue Jiayue sharply, although she covered up her face well he still guessed her mind with just a glance.


Xue Jiayue didn’t dare to tell him what she really wanted. He was the male lead and he seems to be unhappy, if he wants to deal with her the cannon fodder it would be easy so she quickly waved her hand and said,

“No, I think what you did is very good and very believable!”

Xu Yanwen’s gaze sank.

“Who am I doing this for?”

“For me.”

Xue Jiayue immediately agreed, this point she was still very self-aware.

Xu Yanwen hummed.

“It’s good that you know.”

Why did it sound like a warning to her? En, it was indeed a warning to her!

Xue Jiayue immediately behaved well and looked at Xu Yanwen with a smile and said.

“Then we will stay in the apartment like this? And won’t be going anywhere?”

Xu Yanwen glanced at her.

“If you have something to say, say it straight.”

“I mean ha.”

Xue Jiayue pursed her lips and felt nervous as if a big rabbit was hopping in her heart.

“If we go out these days and are seen by acquaintances and gets to grandpa’s ears it will be hard to explain. Therefore we’d better not go out these days, it’s better to stay at home honestly to avoid this kind of scenario. Don’t you think so?”

After saying that, Xue Jiayue also blinked waiting expectantly for Xu Yanwen to oppose her words.

As like as two peas in the pond, Xu Yanwen has been living with Xue Jaiyue for so many years and although she has changed a lot later her thinking was still the same.

She was just like this when they were a child, for example if she wants to go out and play she would deliberately say something opposite to what she really want for him to hear.

“I think you’re right. Let’s just stay honestly at home these days and don’t go anywere.”

Xu Yanwen said deliberately.


Xue Jiayue wanted to cry, this was not what she was thinking at all. It’s not the same!

She though Xu Yawen could understand her meaning but he really said they couldn’t go out instead! That was too hateful!

This was getting her angry!

Xue Jiayue deflated her mouth and turned around to walk away.

Watching Xue Jiayue turn around and walk away, the corner of Xu Yanwen’s mouth twitched. He wanted to chase after her when his phone on the table rang.



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