Chapter 23(1)


Jiang Mina put the wood into her pocket and exclaimed, the bodyguard outside the door heard the sound and quickly pushed the door open and rushes in.

Jiang Mian’s small face turned pale and was full of panic, her voice trembled and said with a crying voice.

“Shen, Mr. Shen he, he suddenly fainted.”

Jiang Mian’s hands were fast and accurate, Shen Shiqing was stunned silently while the bodyguard outside didn’t hear anything outside not until Jiang Mian screamed.

Shen Shiqing didn’t tell them that Jiang Mian beat him before so naturally the bodyguards didn’t know Jiang Mian’s strength. Coupled with Jiang Mian’s increasingly skilled acting skills the bodyguard did not doubt her.

The two bodyguards carried Shen Shiqing to bed, while the other one went to find a doctor and the other one politely asked the crying Jiang Mian to leave—their boss suddenly fainted and outsiders should not know too much about this private matters.

In this way, Jiang Mian who was once again invited over by the bodyguard, beat Shen Shiqing again and then once again was sent away by the bodyguard politely.

Fortunately Shen Shiqing fainted otherwise he would have spurt blood due to anger.

On her way back, Jiang Mian ran into Guan Xin and Zheng Xiaoyu who were walking towards her way. She has good ears and heard the voices coming from the duo even from afar.

Zheng Xiaoyu’s voice sounded particularly sour.

“Mr. Shen came over specifically for you this time, and was injured. You should at least be more enthusiastic about him, it’s really rare to find a good man like Mr. Shen in this world.”

Guan Xin: “As I said, Shen and I are not in a relationship like you think.”

“I know you have thin skin and it’s hard to admit it, so ok I won’t say it.”

Zheng Xiayo said.

“Anyway I still want to say that Mr. Shen is so kind to you, don’t be ignorant with your happiness. You see, in order to vent your anger he deliberately scares Jiang Mian….damn that Jiang Mian, if it weren’t for her how could Mr. Shen’s neck be hurt.”

Guan Xin: “Stop it, she’s across the street.”

Zheng Xiaoyu looked up and froze for a second when she saw Jiang Mian.

“How did she come from this direction, did she go see Mr. Shen?”

“How would I know.”

Guan Xin doesn’t like Zheng Xiaoyu very much, but they were now facing one enemy. She said.

“Jiang Mian is not a good person, don’t speak ill about her in front of her or you won’t know what she will do to you.”

Jiang Mian: “….”

After she crossed over she didn’t remember to have secretly done bad things to the female lead, even now they were only fighting with their own ability fair and square.

Zheng Xiaoyu feels that Guan Xin was pretentious and abusive, obviously relying on Shen Shinqing to get the role of the second female but still distance herself from Shen Shiqing.

Obviously in private she hated Jiang Mian but with Shen Shiqing’s backing there was no need to fear Jiang Mian but since she was now facing Jiang Mian she would show weakness and not understanding the person.

Guan Xin maybe afraid of Jiang Mian but she was not, and just now she spoke softly so how could Jiang Mian hear her?

“Teacher Jiang.”

Zheng Xiaoyu turned to greet Jiang Mian with a smile.

“Did you go see Mr. Shen?”

Zheng Xiaoyu came to look for Shen Shiqing before but was blown away by the bodyguard.

She knew she was not good enough for Shen Shiqing and the latter would not look at her.

No matter, as long as she could work for Shen Shiqing she would be satisfied.

So when Guan Xin came looking for Shen Shiqing she followed closely.

Shen Shiqing would not see her but would definitely see Guan Xin and she would have a chance to see Shen Shiqing if she follows Guan Xin.

So when she asked Jiang Mian, she wanted to know whether Shen Shiqing has seen Jiang Mian and to test Jiang Mian’s purpose to see Shen Shiqing.

Apologize? Curry favor?

Jiang Mian glanced at her, and remembered the original plot about Zheng Xiaoyu. Although Zheng Xiaoyu was only Guan Xin’s assistant now, she had blocked Guan Xin which caused a lot of traffic in the later stage of the plot.

Later in the book, it was described that in order to help Shen Shiqing capture Guan Xin she took the initiative to climb Gu Qiuwen’s bed—the original owner was already gone at that time.

But of course even if the female lead in the book could have the male lead wear green hat, the male lead could never give the female lead a green hat.

So Gu Qiuwen did not have a substantial relationship with Zheng Xiaoyu but with the latter’s scheme how could she let go of such good opportunity to randomly get a woman and pretend get pregnant, saying it was Gu Qiwen’s seed.

Because of the existence of Zheng Xiaoyu, Guan Xin and Gu Qiuwen entangled in hundreds of chapters. During which Guan Xin was swinging between Gu Qiuwen and Shen Shinqing.

Oh and the other supporting male lead.

While scanning the plot in her mind, Jiang Mian replied to Zheng Xiaoyu.

“Mr. Shen probably felt sorry after sending me the snake, seeing how scared I am so he invited me over and apologize to me.”

Saying that she sighed and somewhat embarrassed she said.

“Mr. Shen has already apologize to me once before and now he’s apologizing to me again, he’s really a gentleman. Miss Guan is really enviable to have a friend like Mr. Shen.”

Guan Xin: “….”

Jiang Mian: “I will not bother Miss Guan in visiting Mr. Shen. Oh by the way I had a scene with Guan Xin in the afternoon, when I saw Mr. Shen just now his neck was swollen but there is no big problem so I hope Guan Xin will not be too worried and affect our scene in the afternoon.”

The words feel, brushing past the two people as she leisurely walked forward.

Guan Xin gritted her teeth, Jiang Mian explicitly and implicitly had been sarcastic with her.

Zheng Xiaoyu thought.

“How could Mr. Shen apologize to her?! If it weren’t for her how could Mr. Shen injured his neck? Jiang Mian is really thick-skinned! I think she was just afraid so she took the initiative to apologize to Mr. Shen. I hope he would not bother with the likes of her…..”

“You shut up!”

Seeing that she was getting more and more outrageous, Guan Xin raised her voice to interrupt her and said coldly.

“If you keep talking like this, I’ll let Mr. Shen replace you.”

Zheng Xiaoyu’s voice came to an abrupt halt as she glanced at Guan Xin, then swirled and dropped the topic covering the flash of resentment in her eyes.

Does she really think she’s willing to come and serve her rival?

But for the sake of Shen Shiqing she was willing to do so, but this does not mean that she was willingly let her look down on her.

Guan Xin knows that Jiang Mian’s family has a lot of money. Last time Jiang Mian slapped Shen Shiqing in the hotel while on their audition, she thinks that with Shen Shiqing’s temper he would get his revenge for the slap.

But after that there was nothing, she became the second female and Jiang Mian took the first female. She did not even dare to ask Shen Shiqing what was going on.

Even if Shen Shiqing had to temporarily put with his anger, indicating that Jiang Mian’s family was richer and more powerful than she thought.

This was the most important reason why she hates Jiang Mian and wants to crush her hard in acting, but does not dare to do anything excessive to her.

Arriving at the village head’s house they were stopped outside by a bodyguard who wouldn’t let her in.

Zheng Xiaoyu glared.

“Why doesn’t Mr. Shen see us?”

It make sense not to see her, but why not even Guan Xin.

Did Shen Shiqing get bored with Guan Xin?

For a while this thought popped up in Zheng Xiaoyu’s head and then immediately denied it. If he really was bored, he wouldn’t trouble himself to visit Guan Xin only to send the massage chair.

Shen Shiqing suddenly visiting the site because of Zheng Xiaoyu got his order to report all things about Guan Xin to him while she took care of Guan Xin.

So she told about the unequal treatment Guan Xin had suffered within the crew.

For example, no matter what the staff do they would first make sure that Jiang Mian has everything she needs while they don’t pay attention to Guan Xin. Or when Guan Xin fell during filming the day before yesterday and hurt her back.

The bodyguard’s face was expressionless and said stiffly.

“This is what the boss wants.”

“Guan Guan.”

Zheng Xiaoyu hurriedly went to pull Guan Xin, she whispered.

“You speak ah, Mr. Shen likely did not know that you are here so you should either give him a call.”

Guan Xin bit her lip.

“Is Mr. She’s injury better?”

The bodyguard did not say anything, their boss was still in coma and naturally they could not say anything in public.

Guan Xin turned around and prepared to leave, when Zheng Xiaoyu called her again.

“Guan Guan!”

She was in a hurry and asked offhandedly to the bodyguard.

“Just now Jiang Mian came did Mr. Shen see her?”

Guan Xin stopped her tracks.

Shen Shiqing doesn’t even see her so he definitely won’t see Jiang Mian.



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