Chapter 50

In front of the apartment building sister Zhen was looking at Xue Jiayue with a thermos in her hand and was looking at Xue Jiayue with burning gaze.

“Zhen, sister Zhen.”

Xue Jiayue swallowed nervously and looked around cautiously to see if Elder Xu was also there as she asked apprehensively.

“Did grandpa come?”

“The Elder Xu didn’t come.”

Sister Shen came forward and her eyes fell on the lump on her forehead, and with a concern voice she asked.

“How did you hurt your forehead?”

When Xue Jiayue heard that the grandpa Xu didn’t come she relaxed half the tension on her and facing Sister Zhen’s inquiry she felt embarrassed with her forehead, she said.

“Just accidentally hit the wall when I was walking.”

Anyway when she had the accident that day she really accidentally rolled down the stairs. If she ran more steadily and less flustered, maybe Su Ziqiao couldn’t catch up with her at all and could have run away smoothly!

Sister Zhen looked at the bandage on her forehead and asked.

“Does it hurt? It must hurt so much.”

Xue Jiayue nodded and shook her head.

“It hurt a little in the beginning but now it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Why are you so careless? Don’t get hurt in the future.”

Sister Zhen really loves her and looks at her with love.

When she was young, she married once and gave birth to a lovely daughter however her husband and daughter died in a car accident.

Sister Zhen was very sad and always missed her husband and daughter, she didn’t remarry and stayed in the Xu family as a servant.

Later, when Xue Jiayue was adopted by the Xu family sister Zhen thought that Xue Jiayue was cute and was very similar to her daughter when she was a child.

She regarded Xue Jiayue as her own daughter and took care of her carefully all the time, she was even willing to let herself suffer any injury for her.

“I got it, don’t worry about it sister Zhen.”

Xue Jiayue coaxed her obediently with the look of an obedient good doll.

Sister Zhen looked at her with pain in her eyes and reluctance, she remembered that the Elder Xu called Xue Jiayue and asked her why she didn’t go back to the old mansion.

She thought Xue Jiayue must be hurt and couldn’t go back for Elder Xu to see, so she deliberately hid and didn’t go back.

“You didn’t go back to see Elder Xu this week because you bruised you forehead and were afraid that Elder Xu would see it and worry?”

“Sure enough I can’t hide anything from sister Zhen.”

Xue Jiayue smiled flatteringly and said,

“I’m afraid that grandpa will worry when he sees this, he’s not in good health and yet he has to worry about me. I’ll be upset.”

“So sister Zhen when you go back don’t tell grandpa. I’m worried he’ll worry!”

Siste Zhen glanced at her and didn’t say anything, obviously a little hesitant.

Xue Jiayue hurriedly took her arm and shook it, begging.

“Good sister Zhen, the best sister Zhen, just promise me that you won’t tell grandpa about this!”

Xu Yanwen also came over at this time, and seeing the hesitant Sister Zhen he opened his mouth and said.

“Grandfather’s health is not good, this matter really should not be told to grandfather so that he will not worry. Trouble sister Zhen.”

With Xu Yanwen opening his mouth, Sister Zhen had to agree.

“Okay, I won’t tell to Elder Xu.”

Xue Jiayue was relieved, she took sister Zhen’s hand and went to see the thermos she was carrying and asked with a smile.

“Sister Zhen, what kind of soup did you bring? Is it specially sent for me to eat?”

Sister Zhen said.

“It’s ginseng and chicken soup, the old master ordered me to send it here especially for you to eat.”

In the old mansion, Sister Zhen often cooked delicious food for Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen. Later after Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen got married and moved to an apartment in the urban area.

Sister Zhen was worried that Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen didn’t eat well and no one would take care of them so she specially came to the apartment to cook for Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen every day.

Until the last time when the original Xue Jiayue said she wanted to learn how to cook on her own, and to be a good and capable wife.

And repeatedly reiterate that they were not allowed to come over to help, Sister Zhen did not come over again.

This week, while Xue Jiayue was healing her injury and didn’t go back to the old mansion. Elder Xu called to ask what was going on in which Xue Jiayue replied with she was busy and would visit Elder Xu when she has free time.

Elder Xu believed her and didn’t think much about what was going on. Just today when he bought an old hen at home, Elder Xu asked sister Zhen to stew soup and send it to Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen for tonic in their body.

As soon as Sister Zhen mentioned chicken soup Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen’s expression change. The last time they were in the old mansion they drank the chicken soup that Elder Xu made, an accident almost happened.

Both of them had experience a psychological shadow.

“So it’s chicken soup!”

Xue Jiayue felt scared inside when she thought about it.

Xu Yanwen was a bit more calm than she was, and held out his hand to sister Zhen as he asked her to give him the chicken soup.

“Give it to me.”

Sister Zhen didn’t think too much about it so she handed the chicken soup to Xu Yanwen.

“Thank you sister Zhen for coming over specifically to bring us the chicken soup.”

Xu Yanwen said with a calm face.

“When you go back, tell grandpa that we’re a little busy these days and will go back to see him in a few days.”

Sister Zhen didn’t doubt it and agreed with a smile.


“If Sister Zhen has nothing to do, go back and take good care of grandpa.”

Xu Yanwen added.

Sister Zhen then nodded and said.

“I’ll go back now and come back to see you some other time.”

Xu Yanwen gave a light “hmm.”

“Goodbye sister Zhen.”

Xue Jiayue waved her hand at sister Zhen.

Sister Zhen smiled faintly and waved back at Xue Jiayue then turned around and walked away.

And sister Zhen didn’t even realized the fact that she had been set up by Xu Yanwen until she returned to the Xu family’s old mansion as she dutifully followed the agreement with Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen very well and not telling Elder Xu about Xue Jiayue’s injury.

On the other hand, at the apartment Xue Jiayue looked at the chicken soup Xu Yanwen was carrying and hesitated for a moment.

“What about this chicken soup?”

It feels a bit of a pity to pour it out like this, it was at least boiled for a long time by Sister Zhen.

Xu Yanwen raised his eyes to look at her and asked indifferently.

“Do you want to eat?”

Xue Jiayue quickly shook her head, she did not want to eat, do not want to eat it at all. When she heard it was a chicken soup it immediately casted psychological shadow in her heart.

“I’ll take it to others if you don’t eat it.”

Xu Yanwen said.

Xue Jiayue nodded,

“Good, you take it to someone else.”

Later, Xu Yanwen took the chicken soup to a homeless man who was begging on the roadside.

Fortunately there was nothing strange put in the chicken soup this time and the homeless man who ate it was fine and was even very happy that he met a good person.

After a few days have passed, Xue Jiayue at home was recuperating well and the lump on her forehead was almost healed and was not very obvious anymore.

It was weekend, Xu Yanwen was resting and instead of going to the company he sat in the living room reading documents while Xue Jiayue was practicing yoga for an hour now.

After her practice she was sweating all over, she took her clothes and went to take a bath.

At this time, the phone rang. Xu Yanwen glanced at Xue Jiayue’s phone on the table as his deep eyes flashed slightly.

The phone call was from Elder Xu.

Xu Yanwen glanced in the direction of the bathroom, Xue Jiayue did not seem to be coming out soon so he picked up the phone to answer the call.


When he heart it was Xu Yanwen’s voice Elder Xu asked.

“Where is Yueyue?”

Xu Yanwen said indifferently.

“She went to take a bath.”

Elder Xu asked again.

“Why aren’t you visiting the old mansion again this week?”



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