Chapter 22(2)

After all, he was still the chief investor so Tang Anan lowered her voice as she make her complains.

“Even if he wants to promote Guan Xin, he can’t just send you a snake ah.”

“What did he say? You like small animals, if you really want them send cats and rabbit or othe cute animals.”

Tang Anan was disgusted by Shen Shiqing’s move.

“He is deliberately trying to scare you, right?”

Besides, when did Jiang Mian likes small animals?

“No need to be angry.”

Jiang Mian said.

“It’s not like I have something to lose anyway.”

Tang Anan thought of the Shen Shiqing’s expression when he was attacked by the snake he brought and couldn’t help but be happy. However she was still unhappy and couldn’t help being vicious.

“I heard that the brighter the color of the snake, the greater the poison. Why did it not bite him?”

“He is not stupid.”

Jiang Mian laughed.

“All the snake’s teeth have been pulled out, there’s no danger except to scare people.”

She Shiqing just wanted to scare her, but has no courage to openly harm people yet.

The first time Jiang Mian saw the snake she knew for sure that the snake was harmless and just looked scary.

Tang Anan wondered.

“But why did the snake wrap his neck?”

And it was even wrapped so tightly, if not for the timely action of the bodyguard Shen Shiqing’s suffering would be longer.

“Probably it like him too much.”

Tang Anan felt that what Jiang Mian said made sense.

After a while, Xie Siyuan walked in with a plate of washed fruit then took out his phone, tapped to play a short video and put it in front of Jiang Mian.

It was actually a video of Shen Shiqing in a mess when he was wrapped around the neck by the snake.

Jiang Mian looked Xie Siyuan up and down, usually this nutritionist except for getting her food and feeding her all kinds of food has a very low sense of existence.

So much that from time to time Jiang Mian would ignore him but now she only found out that he has the ability to follow her film emperor father.

“Send it to me.”

She smiled and decided to tell her father to give Xie Siyuan a pay rise!

After this incident, they went back to their regular shooting.

When shooting the younger version, director Zhang asked the actors and actresses to be pure so as to show the innocence and simplicity of that era.

Jiang Mian just needs to changed her clothes, tie her braids and wait for her scene however due to Shen Shiqing’s injury the set has been delayed for some time and was still preparing.

“Mian Mian what happened? I heard you were bitten by a snake?”

Chen Xueyi trotted over with a worried face.

“Is everything alright?”

Chen Xueyi was filming in group C and heard a little gossip from the staff that Jiang Mian was bitten by a snake so she took advantage of the break to run over for a visit.

“I’m okay.”

Seeing her sweating from running Jiang Mian used a fan to fan her.

“It’s not me”

Chen Xueyi’s eyes lit up and lowered her voice.

“Was it Guan Xin who was bitten?”

Jiang Mian: “…”

When she got the answer that it wasn’t Guan Xin, Chen Xueyi looked a little disappointed.

Jiang Mian find her funny whenever she had any thoughts she would talked about it implicitly, just like in the plot. Chen Xueyi was jealous of the actor on the same group and wanted to have poisonous snake bit them but as soon as it was revealed Chen Xueyi was not able to mix in the circle anymore.

This girl in the original plot was scolded, in the later part of the story the whole network became her black fan and couldn’t compete with Guan Xin, not because she was stupid but because she didn’t have a plan.

Everything was written on her face, so it would be strange that the entertainment industry has such “true” character and does not attract people’s scolding.

Knowing that Jiang Mian was fine, Chen Xueyi rushed back to the C group. The set was almost set up when Yu Ran arrived, he previously shot in the B group.

He naturally also heard some gossip but he got much more accurate information than Chen Xueyi and did not asked Jiang Mian anything. He only smiled at Jiang Mian with deep meaning.

Jiang Mian: “….”

After another ten minutes or so, Guan Xin returned along with director Zhang—the chief investor was injured by snake so he of course, the director should go and see.

Director Zhang just looked at Jiang Mian and said nothing, sitting behind the monitor he beat the drum for a while before announcing the start.

The scene for electing the village flower was a big scene, there were many actors needed but it was not difficult. However Guan Xin does not know if she was influenced by Shen Shiqing but she had a frequent NG.

As soon as she NG, not only the actors and mass actors have to come back but the staff also have to rearrange the scene—so the most disliked actor was someone with frequent NG.

Director Zhang scolded people at the scene, and was merciless. Even Jiang Mian and Yu Ran were scolded by him, however since Shen Shiqing came today he could only hold his anger so the staff did not dare to be angry either.

“Director Zheng can we postpone this scene first, and shot the next scene directly?”

Jiang Mian suddenly spoke out.

“Miss Guan is probably worried about Mr. Shen’s injury… going on like this, it’s not a good idea to keep dragging it out, right Miss Guan?

She then looked at Guan Xin.

Guan Xin’s chest pounded up and down as she stared with deadly stare for two seconds and after a moment she turned to director Zhand and said word for word.

“Director Zhang, please give me another chance I will pass this time.”

Eventually the scene finally passed.

Guan Xin went to the bathroom—usually two people would go together to house in the mountain.

Her assistant Zheng Xiaoyu made an excuse to leave and was going where she knew better so she was alone.

When she heard a murmur ahead.

“Does she think she was good at acting and want to surpass Jiang Miang every time, and the result? This scene is so simple but NG five times causing me to move the props five times, and that prop is dead heavy.”

“Exactly, unbearably pretentious and last time when director Zheng haven’t said anything yet but her eyes was already red, I really had an impression that she is made of water ah.”

“Keep your voice down, she is Shen’s people in case if it gets to her ears and blows a pillow talk, we’re small and insignificant and can’t afford provoke her….”

“Jiang Mian was so frightened by the snake but she was still able to get in her role in a blink of an eye and didn’t delay at all. How can she be better than Jiang Meng, forget it who let her have something to do with Mr. Shen. We all have just to pay attention in the future.”



Guan Xin bit her lips and turned to walk away, taking two steps before stopping.

She would never lose.

Jiang Mian who finished shooting her scene in the morning went back to her room. She looked at the short video sent to her by Xie Siyuan on the phone and shared it with her film emperor father.

She was a bit sad that her film emperor father didn’t reply back, she put her phone down and prepared to rest for a while when Tang Annan walked in.

“Mian Mian Mr. Shen’s bodyguard is looking for you.”

“I think he has bad intentions, refused him and don’t go.”

Shen Shenqing should not be able to use force.

“Go, why not.”

Jiang Mian smiled and pinched Tang Anan’s baby’s face with a smile, the latter covered her face and was surprised by Jiang Mian’s ‘doting smile’.

Shen Shiqing’s temporary resting area was the village head’s house, this time he was smart after Jiang Mian arrived he leaves four bodyguards at the door and this time also the door was not tightly shut down.

No one else was around and both of them do not need to act, Jiang Mian clasped her hands as her eyes fell on Shen Shiqing’s neck.

The room was filled with a strong smell of medicinal wine, she could determine that this was the medicine used since the swelling on Shen Shiqing’s neck had disappeared and replaced by a hideous greenish-purple color.

The brightly colored snake was place in a clear glass jar and when Jiang Mian entered the room he was still teasing the snake in the jar.

He didn’t say anything and neither did Jiang Mian.

“You have lot of guts.”

It was Shen Shiqing who finally spoke first.

“I have no guts, Mr. Shen knows best.”

Jiang Mian looked towards the door.

“But I know that Mr. Shen’s guts are no match for mine.”

Shen Shiqing: “….”

That’s right, he left four bodyguard at the door and falsely covered the door just to prevent Jiang Mian from making another move.

The last time he was beaten up, Shen Shiqing does not want to remember that. It was the biggest shame in his life and all this was thanks to the person in front of him.

Shen Shiqing suddenly stood up and approached Jiang Mian.

“Do you know what happened to the person who once threatened me and caused me to get hurt ended up?”

“I’m not interested in knowing that.”

Jiang Mian did not retreat and walked towards him instead.

“Then do you want to know what happened to those who were unkind to me?”

Shen Shiqing’s footsteps stalled and a memory automatically resurface, on the last time how he was beaten defenseless inside the clubhouse when Jiang Mian suddenly shriek.


Shen Shiqing’s complexion changed slightly, and his condition reflex was to turned around. Jiang Mian took out a piece of wood from his pocket and tap Shen Shiqing’s neck.

Looking at Shen Shiqing falling on the ground, she clasped her hands with satisfaction.




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