ECM 38.2


Chapter 38(2)

Needless to say, Xu Xiaojuan’s expression has betrayed her.

Father Xu was immediately furious and shot up.

“Is this what you mean by have no rice in the pot? Your family has no rice but there are plenty of houses!”

Xu Zhaixing feels that her father sometimes disliked people who were uncanny, ferocious and difficult to deal with.

Mother Xu inwardly sneered, in the Xu family except the deceased father and her husband she could not bare to watch any of them. She pulled Xu Zhaixing back and looked at Xu Xiaojuan with a sad face.

“Xiaojuan, you don’t know that your third brother’s company has been losing money every year for the past two years. The money are all out but he was not receiving anything back so my family relies on me alone to support us and now you’re asking what can you do with that little money? Fortunately for us, we were able to get some money this year, and he said what he wants to reorganize the company so threw all the money into it and didn’t give me anything. Not to mention Zhaixing was going to take college entrance exam soon, family’s food and clothing, where do you think that money came from? The 200,000 that I was going to give to you now was already the last squeezed money that I have saved. It’s good that you don’t need it now, that gives me a little relief. After all, things are changeable in case someone gets sick or something happens this money is already a great help for us.”

Pretending to be poor, who couldn’t do it too.

When Xu Xiaojuan heard this, she thought she heard it wrong, how come she didn’t need the 200,000 anymore?

She wants it! 200,00 was still a money!

She was about to retort by Xu Zhaixing beat her into it.

“Little Aunt, mother knows many people in the city, your two sets of houses are all in good locations and must be easy to sell. Let her contact you for a good price.”

Mother Xu: “Yes, yes, yes, come on Xiaojuan you put the address of your house, how big it is, the orientation, tell me, I promise in less than three days you will have a buyer!”

Xiao Juan: “…..”

Mother Xu just pulled Xu Xioajuan away from the living room and left Xu Zhiwen and the still angry Father Xu. Xu Zhaixing leaned against the cupboard and cupped her hands as she smile that was not a smile and stared at Xu Zhiwen, she leisurely said.

“Second uncle, what about you? Just now all I heard was about little aunt’s ‘problem’, what do you need? You came all the way to our doorsteps after all.”

Xu Zhiwen: “….”

Xu Xiaojuan was so brainless that she obviously exposes herself, if he speaks again he would make it clear that he was here to suck blood! There was also Xu Zhaixing, a girl who was very evil. He really doesn’t know what would come out on that mouth of hers if he if say something.

He gritted his teeth and smiled.

“No, no, I just accompanied my little sister although I’m broke but not to the point of no rice.”

Father Xu said in a deep voice.

“Yes! The men in Xu family each has a backbone, when they fall down they stand up again. Second brother you are with brains among us, I believe you will soon be able to get through this.”

Xu Zhiwen knew that his third brother was simple minded and was not being sarcastic and sincerely believe that he could do it and could stand up soon.

He had nothing more to say and could only nod with a dry smile.

Finally, Mother Xu invited them for dinner but both said they had something to do and left in a hurry after they said their goodbye. While eating father Xu asked.

“Did Xiaojuan agree to sell the house?”

Mother Xu said slowly.

“No, she said she suddenly remembered that there is still a financial fund in the bank that could tide over the current difficulties.”

Father Xu: “….”

After such a fuss, Father Xu was even colder to his brother and sister. Thinking of the help he give them over the years, he had a feeling of regret for the first time.

It’s like he was feeding a white eyed wolf who couldn’t be fed enough!

They even mocked his daughter for making a dress, what’s wrong with making a dress? Do they think that everyone could make a dress? He was so angry at them!

Although he drove them away, Xu Zhaixing was still a little worried that Xu Zhiwen would not give up and turn into a demon so she went to her father Xu’s study before going to bed at night, asking as if was the natural thing to do.

“Dad, how was the progress and plan for the company? Remember to tell me any time, after all it’s my idea and I also want to witness its rebirth.”

Father Xu said cheerfully.

“OK, OK, OK, I’ll definitely talk to you.”

Xu Zhaixing then was relieved and went to bed.

The next day was the start of school.

Every time school starts it was a disaster for others but Xu Zhaixing feels different, it was a youthful memory experience that she could once again enjoy school life.

As soon as Cheng You saw her, she said.

“Zhaixing, how come you darkened so much ah!”

Xu Zhaixing waved her hand in a confident manner.

“Not a big problem, when winter comes it will go back to it’s original color.”

This was the truth, in her last life she often goes out on a hot day doing makeup. When people took wedding photos, she had to watch next to them and mend their makeup at any time. No amount of sunscreen could stop her skin from turning a shade darker.

However every winter her skin would turn back to white at an alarming rate making a number of colleagues envious.

Sure enough, after a few months of school and as the weather gradually entered winter when she took of her T-shirt and replaced it by sweatshirt winter clothes, Xu Zhaixing’s skin tone was white.

Even whiter than before, putting Cheng You jealous to death.

After the winter, it was New Year ’s Day. Xu Zhaixing has been studying for so long and making her mind restless. She wanted to go to B city, of course she mainly wanted to see her idol. But since Xu Yan had to go to a business trip, no one would took care of her in B city so naturally Mother Xu didn’t allow her to go there.

Xu Zhaixing was so sullen that she didn’t even want to cross the New Year, when Zhao Jinjin called her not long afterward and said excitedly.

“Miss, I won the tourism endorsement ambassador of my hometown city, and I’m going back for charity dinner on New Year’s Day.”

In fact it was Xu Yan who knew that Xu Zhaixing was unhappy so he specially called Zhao Jinjin to take Xu Zhaixing for a couple of days.

After all her hometown was relatively close to S city, she could come and go on the same day unlike B city were needed hours in a plane.

Since the distance was close, Mother Xu was relieved. And since she also knew that Xu Yan had arrange an assistant to pick up and drop Xu Zhaixing, so when Xu Zhaixing asked her again she nodded in agreement.

Xu Zhaixing happily packed her luggage and took the high-speed train to Zhao Jinjin’s hometown in Z city.

She had never been to Z city, not even in her last life so she was looking forward to it. Halfway through the trip, she called Zhao Jinjin and asked her what specialties and fun things to do there.

As a result, Zhao Jinjin stammered.

“It’s nothing, it’s rather ordinary.”

“? Are you really from Z city? You didn’t make up the endorsement, did you?”

Zhao Jinjin was immediately unhappy.

“Then you should have ask me that first…have you heard about the story of Grandpa Deng bringing spring breeze?”

Xu Zhaixing: “…”

She said tentatively.

“In 1979, it was a spring. An Old man drew a circle on the South China Sea?”

“Yes! That’s here, right before the circle was drawn it was actually a small fishing village.”

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

“….sorry to disappoint you missy.”

“Is it me you’re sorry for?!”

Xu Zhaixing lament.

“What are you sorry for is Deng Xiao….grandpa Deng drew that circle!”



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