Chapter 161

The first round of auditions was for the male lead, the male lead in <<White Castle>> appeared as a thirty-year-old, somewhat with indifferent personality of an ordinary police officer.

The actors who auditioned for the male lead came in very large number almost half of the total number, except that most of them were newcomers and did not match the image of the main character in the script.

And their acting skills were not good enough to perfectly compensate for this.

The first page of the list of actors has been with filled crossed marks and the morning has already passed.

Luo Pingping and several other deputy directors sigh one after another, thinking that they may not find a suitable actor today.

However Fu Zhen was very confident in this, he assured Luo Pingping and said.

“Do not worry Teacher Luo the remaining two people will certainly make you satisfied.”

Luo Pingping couldn’t help but be curious about the remaining two had to offer. She turned her head to the list of actors in her hand and turned it to another page, then her eyes stopped at one of the names above.

“He Ming…..”

Luo Pingping softly read this name.

More than ten years ago, He Ming dominated various film and television dramas. At least three of the ten channels on TV were broadcasting TV dramas or films starring him.

The images he created such as Gongzi Fusu, Erlang Go Yan Jian and Republic of China scholar Ge Yidou were deeply rooted in the heats of the people at that time.

Unfortunately because of the divorce, his ex-wife threw a basin of dirt water, his acting career was hit hard and has not done a starring role since then.

And in recent years, although he was cleared of the dirty water but his current image was not accepted by the audience, he began to get fat in his middle age and had a little beer belly so the once popular actor could now only play some insignificant supporting role.

There were only two names on the list of actors on this page, and another one was a name Luo Pingping has never heard of.

Fu Zhen hopes is not on He Ming?

Luo Pingping recalled how she had seen He Ming on the film set this spring and shook her head thinking that Fu Zhen would not be so foolish.

But beyond Luo Pingping’s expectations, today He Ming who appeared in front of them looked as he had changed as a person. He has lost a lot, and the whole person was more energetic and looked younger.

His beer belly became flat, she could also see the muscle under the T-shirt as if he could feel the potential power there.

In a trance, Luo Pingping felt that Gao Jian, the god of war had returned.

Fu Zhen nodded with satisfaction, he had contacted Mr. He Ming at the beginning when he was preparing for <<White Castle>>.

When Fu Zhen told He Ming on the phone that if he could lose weight successfully he had a male lead role quite suitable for him, so he could come audition and try it.

When Fu Zhen saw He Ming’s name on the list of auditions that staff had put together this morning, he knew that He Ming was ready.

He Ming now really did not let him down.

“Let’s begin.”

Fu Zhen said with a smile.

The scene He Ming auditioned for was when he learned that the person who has been following him was the genius criminal spider they have been tracking. While acting at this time he has unusual affection for the role in his heart.

But even if so, since he has been a strong actor for many years, even if he was tangled with more intense emotions he could still act with ease.

Fu Zhen and Luo Pingping looked at each other and smiled then they knew that the role had already been decided but the procedure still had to be said after He Ming finished his performance Fu Zhen said.

“Well, thank you Mr. He. You go back first, you will be notified in two days.”

He Ming bowed.

“Many thanks to the directors and writers.”

The morning audition ended here, Fu Zhen went out for a meal with Luo Pingping and several assistant directors took a lunch break and then started the afternoon’s work.

The afternoon was mainly auditions for the female lead, and just like in the morning mostly of the auditions were mainly newcomers. Fu Zhen reflected on the reasons for the current situation, probably because their own pay was a little low.

The actors came in one by one and went out one by one, Fu Zhen never found a candidate who made him particularly satisfied.

“Hello teacher, I’m Chen Meng.”

A small girl wearing a school uniform with ponytail said as she pushed the door in and bowed.

Fu Zhen narrowed his eyes because he really did not remember that he had sent an invitation to this little girl to audition but since she was here he was still willing to let this little girl try.

Fu Zhen said.

“Let’s start.”

The smile on Chen Meng’s face was put away in an instant as she looked into the distance and said softly.

“The manor in front of you was built in 1973. It is a birthday gift from Professor John Chen to Madam Xiya, there is a bell tower on the west side of the manor facing a lake. If you walk across the bridge on the lake you will see a white castle hidden in the wood. There are seven rooms on the third floor of the castle and the evidence of the crime you want to get is in one of them.”

“What about the other six rooms?”

A male voice on the side confronted her.

“That is something I don’t know.”

Chen Meng’s voice was very light, she took a step forward with blurred eyes and temptation.

“It’s also something that will kill you…”

“You’re still going?”

She asked.


Chen Meng titled his head to look at the sky.

“The first time I saw you, it was in winter the wooden barn and your small nice hand pointed at the temple…..”

Her voice got lower and lower, narrowing her eyes to a thin slit.

“Farewell forever, my knight.”



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