Chapter 22(1)

Tang Tang was tied by Zheng Xue, this unknown ability was restricting her movement.

But she was not willing to give up and tried to struggle again and wanted to scare him back away. Just as she waved the big knife, she heard Zheng Xue’s eerie voice again.

“It’s useless, Miss Tang you’d better give up. But since you’ve awakened wisdom ability why don’t you let me see how smart you really are?”

At the same time, Tang Tang felt her blade freeze.

Her heart tightened, she raised her eyes to see that the knife was also wrapped with a lot of very fine and thin threads that shone with pale red light in the dark night.

What kind of psychic ability is this?

When it came out there was no warning at all and it silently wrapped around her. Wasn’t it terrifying?

Tang Tang thought that this power was really matched with Zheng Xue. They were all bizarre and annoying type.

Her situation now was very bad, especially after seeing that the five people have gone out some distance—this place only has the two of them left.

It’s dark around, she had just offended this Zheng Xue and looking at the situation now she was afraid that not only would he not let her go but he might take the opportunity to strike at her now and take his revenge.

And the gap between the two of them were too big. This person’s strength was completely different from the people at the stationery store even if she has a large knife Zheng Xue could do exactly what she could do to make her not even swing it.

Tang Tang clenched her fist.

It’s too stifling.

But for now, it’s better to restrain herself or at least don’t say things that may offend him when it’s just the two of them.

Tang Tang figured out the crucial point and calmed down.

“Do I really have to come with you guys?”

“Of course, it is also for your safety Miss Tang.”

“Then they’re almost gone far away, let’s follow quickly?”

There were only two of them, it was not secure at all. It’s better to go to the place with many people, if Tang Tang’s guess was correct Zheng Xue may still hide his strengths in front of the five people.

“Miss Tang you are smart.”

The sight of Zheng Xue staring at her made people uncomfortable especially his boastful tone. Tang Tang didn’t want to listen to him for a minute, she just wanted to find a chance to run away.

The two gradually kept up with the group.

Zheng Xue really withdrew those thin lines in the middle of their conversation.

Tang Tang ignored the warning eyes from the other party and walked quickly towards Jiang Chi, since Zheng Xue intends to hide his strength she would follow the five people and never let him have the chance to use his ability against her.

Jiang Chi has no opinion on the extra person tagging along, at present he just wanted to find a place to sleep.

He has used a lot of his ability one after another in the past two days and was now very tired.

The seven people found an empty classroom in the school building and decided to take their rest for the night. Tang Tang has scruples about Zheng Xue and didn’t want to really sleep but these days she was so tired that she gradually closed her eyelids.

She has a shallow sleep, as soon as there was movement she would immediately wake up. But this time she did not wake up again like in the stationery store.

They slept until the next day at noon, before they slowly and naturally woke up.

Now, they need to think about where to go next.

Tang Tang as a new ‘joined’ member currently could not participate in the discussion and just quietly sits on the side listening to them talk while secretly sizing up the other four people.

The girl in the team said very little, basically she didn’t talk much. She nodded secondarily to accept what others had said, while the other three boys as usual were participating in the discussion but there were no obvious personalities, and Tang Tang has no memory about them.

Jiang Chi also didn’t talk, crossing his legs while sitting like a grandfather and it was Zheng Xue who ultimately decided what place to go.

Tang Tang observed and found that these people seemed to be led by Jiang Chi on the surface but in fact including Jiang Chi they were all listening to Zheng Xue’s arrangement. This was a warning and this situation was bad for her.

“In that case, let’s go to the supermarket next.”

Zheng Xue enjoys this feeling, even if his surname was not Jiang, so what the young master of the Jiang family still has to obediently listen to him.

“The supermarket won’t work.”

Tang Tang shook her head and said.

Everyone’s eyes looked at her at once, and when Zheng Xueo saw that it was her his expression changed again to a very unpleasant one. This woman was sincerely against him! he regretted that he brought her back last night, he should have taken care of her on the way.

Tang Tang ignored his gaze.

“Why not?”

Jiang Chi asked.

“This is already the fifth day of the apocalypse the supermarket side has long been patronized by other, will there be anything left? Don’t even mention the warehouse, the lock of the warehouse has been replaced with smart. It can’t be opened without electricity.”

Tang Tang began her analysis seriously.

But in reality she just didn’t want to take the risk.

These six people have psychic abilities and could be unafraid of other people or zombie but she on the other end was just an ordinary person and the hidden space thing couldn’t be exposed yet.

No matter what as long as someone escapes from the supermarket he would think of going to have a look and find some supplies. In this case, they would most likely meet other people worst with abilities too.

If she fight over food or something like that or attract a large number of zombie she would be in trouble.  These six people did not say a word about protecting her, so how could she happily introduce herself into danger first?

“Miss Tang is just too cautious, a smart lock is nothing to be afraid of. We certainly have a way to open it.”

Zheng Xue said.

Tang Tang’s liveliness was gone and was very angry.

As soon as she was angry, she don’t want him to be happy.

“I don’t know your name yet, my name is Tang Tang. What’s your name?”

As expected, Zheng Xue was gloomy again when this topic was brought up.

“Miss Tang, my name is Zheng Xue. I hope you remember it this time.”


Tang Tang said coldly.

“Well, well, it’s almost time to go we’re all starving!”

Jiang Chi spoke again.

Tang Tang was speechless, the boy was really what Jiang Zhu said—his was very simple!

Does he only care about eating and sleeping? Now was the end of the world, can he have a sense of urgency? Even if his abilities were powerful there were always weak time. Can he really sleep well with a dangerous person like Zheng Xue around?

But no matter how Tang Tang screams in her heart, it was useless.

The six people had already stood up and it was clear that they were just about to set off.

Tang Tang was still sitting in her seat, not moving a bit. She was now hoping that they all don’t notice her and then she could find a chance to run away.

But while she was still thinking about it, Zheng Xue was obviously not going to let her go. After walking out at some distance he found that she did not follow him, he stopped and turned around to ‘invite’ her.

“Why isn’t Miss Tang leaving with us?”

Tang Tang looked at the thin pale red thread wrapped around his hand, knowing that he was threatening her she could only stand up in resignation.

Along the way, Tang Tang really realized how powerful an ability was.

The fog outside was so thick even in daytime, one meter away was definitely not visible but those who have developed vision ability, it does not create trouble.

The girl in the group who speak rarely was now walking at the front to lead the way and the other were following behind, walking very smoothly and not even encountering zombies.

Tang Tang guessed that she was specially avoiding where the zombie were.

It’s awesome to have an ability to see things.

She admired her ability and couldn’t help but think of herself and wondered how long she could sustain this ‘wisdom ability.’

Jiang Chi was a little bored, he turned his head from left to right and then saw Tang Tang who was following next to him. He thought of the question last night and brought it up again.

“Hey, what did you used to keep those zombies from attacking you?”

Tang Tang heard a voice, she turned her head and saw Jiang Chi holding that arrogant face even when he was asking questions.

“The zombie can smell humans, just use something to cover up the body odor. Such a simple thing, don’t you all know?”

Tang Tang does not give up her persona, plus her current self who has ‘wisdom’ doesn’t affect if she continue to act a little arrogant, maybe she could act a little more. After all Zheng Xue, this person was not simple, in case she changes so much and he catches her it would be bad.

But if she did not size the right balance of her persona she may also attract enemies.

Tang Tang notice that the other four boys were looking towards her, looking displeased with her words, and couldn’t help but start reflecting on whether they had overacted.

Jiang Chi held little reaction to her words, and then asked.

“Covered with what?”

“Perfume, do you want it?”


This concludes their conversation.



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