Chapter 38

Some netizens cut a ghost video of Sheng Qiao complementing the contestants sumptuously and Li Yao’s lavishly disliking them with the contestant’s dumfounded look in the middle, making the people who watched almost had their heads off for laughing so hard.

Passerby who haven’t seen the show have asked what show it was, wanting to see more of it!

A netizen replied that the title of the show was “Cultivation of rainbow farts”.

–Hahahahahaha god damn rainbow farts have to be cultivated.

–The owner should not mislead the passerby, this program is clearly called “Between me and the rainbow farts, there is only one Li Yao.”

–Hahahahaha Li Yao disliking people is really funny, have they studied opposite majors respectively?

–Sheng Qiao really did not make a cheat sheet in advance? Once she open her mouth it’s too slippery.

–I was there and I can testify! Really no cheat sheet hahahahahah.


Because of this video, the ratings for the first phase of “Starlight Junior” skyrocketed all the way up leaving the variety shows of the same time slots far behind. Everyone laughed after watching it but they were still very sure and impressed with Sheng Qiao’s ability to play on the spot.

After all, those rainbow fart words and sentences were both enjoyed and were now popular. From this they could see that Sheng Qiao’s literary literacy was not low, not to mention they were were able to witness it before. She was able to tutor Lu Yihan’s math homework while taping in the cohabitation house, with just these they could say that she didn’t look like only a middle school graduate.

Qiao fans said that Qiao Qiao was smart! It’s just that she had a hard time in the past and couldn’t go to school even if she wanted to. If she could take the college entrance exams like an ordinary kid she would have gotten great grades!

In any case, this episode has improved Sheng Qiao’s popularity and further expanded the goodwill of passers-by. Some of Qiao fans has taken this opportunity to convert them into a fan and invited them to check out her official weibo

But of course there were some speculation regarding how true this was.

Some of the black fans commented that this ‘scheme’ was too familiar.

They suspected that Sheng Qiao wrote all thiese publicity documents herself.


Bei Mingfan also prepared many announcements before just in case Sheng Qiao attempts nothing and accomplish nothing on her first program after her short hiatus but unexpectedly her performance was so startling.

He really underestimated her, and realized that he seems to have signed a treasure.

He called Sheng Qiao.

“Have you seen this episode of the show? The online evaluation is good, just keep up on the next live.”

Sheng Qiao: “What show? Oh, oh, that one. Okay.”

Bei Mingfan wondered.

“You seem very busy? What are you doing?”

“I….am bust with my career.”

“…..right, by the way I already found an acting teacher for you. He would visit you in your home this afternoon. Did you read the books you took before?”

“Read it, but I can’t understand a lot of it.”

“Okay, the teacher will explain it you later so learn well from him. I’m helping you talk about a drama on my side so sharpen your acting skills before that.”

“Uh-huh, okay!”

After hanging up the phone, Sheng Qiao looked at the increase of votes on the computer screen.

“Ahhhhhh was overtaken again! Shen Junyi, this lao zi will fight you!”

Concerning the important voting, Shen Junyi and Huo Xi would always fight on the front line.

It was not easy to open the website as it would sometime lag due to many users voting so she needs to cherish and must immediately vote for her idol!

After lunch Sheng Qiao finally turned off the computer and changed her clothes. She also cleaned up her room and prepared her notebook and professional acting books as she dutifully waited for the arrival of her acting teacher.

In the afternoon, there was a knocked on the door.

Three soft and unhurriedly knock resounded.

Sheng Qiao trotted to open the door, before opening the door she had put on a polite and clever smile showing her standard eight white teeth. The door was pushed open from inside to outside and Sheng Qiao enthusiastically greeted.

“Hello teacher.”

Seeing the person at the door, the smile on her face froze.

Meng…..Meng Xingshen???!!!

The acting teacher that Bei Mingfan found for her was Meng Xingshen?


No no no Qiao Qiao you have to calm down! You must be calm! You’re a grown up Qiao Qiao!

The moon that was named under his number in her phone represents secret love, and judging from the her past which has no connection with the original owner she don’t know if Sheng Qiao really has a secret love for him! anyway it’s not her who loves him secretly, but still what should she do!

Grown up Qiao Qiao must do mature things!


Sheng Qiao quickly recovered her expression.

“Senior Meng, I didn’t expect it to be you please come in.”

Meng Xingshen was thirty four years old this year, but there was no trace of old age on his body only the charm and warmth of maturity after years of experience.

His eyes were very beautiful, it was the standard peach blossom eyes. They were rated as the best acting eyes by the audience, that they even describe as a “peach blossom like eyes that smiles like the moon drunk in the hazy night.”

But for her this kind of people were rewarded by god with food to eat and envy with others.

Meng Xingshen smiled.

“Xiao Qiao, long time no see.”


Calm down, be calm.

After closing the door, Sheng Qiao asked.

“Teacher Meng would you like to tea or coffee?”


Sheng Qiao nodded, she took out the tea making tools and seriously started making tea. The tea leave were mengding nectar which she bought a long time ago, and the color was mellow.

Meng Xingshen who sat on the sofa saw the vibrant flower and plants on the open-air balcony. The sunlight refracted in making the room permeable and bright.

He smiled and said.

“This is a nice house, did Fan find it for you?”

Sheng Qiao nodded,

“En, brother Bei looked for a total of four house and I chose this one.”

She took the filter and dusted it off, she looked up and smiled.

“This is the best place for light and has a large balcony where you can raise flowers.”

The early spring sunlight fell through the glass on her eyebrow and eyes like a budding rose after a new life.

She handed the cup of tea to Meng Xingshen, he picked it up and smelled it.

“It’s very fragrant, this tea is a good choice.”

Sheng Qiao pursed her lips and smiled, she sat down opposite to him. After thinking about it, she said with a slight apology.

“I was really sorry that I invited you to a variety show last time but wasn’t able to entertain you well because I went abroad for a temporary job.”

Meng Xingshen took a sip of the tea, he then scrutinize the celadon tea and said with a smile.

“Later when I read the news, I found out that you really have a job, rather than deliberately avoiding me.”

Sheng Qiao: “…..”

She smiled.

“Hahahah, how could I deliberately hid from my senior? You’re really joking.”

Meng Xingshen also smiled faintly and finally did not continue this topic. He reached out to pick up the performance book resting on the coffee table, he flipped through it and saw that Sheng Qiao had made a lot of marks on the content with red pen.

He put the book down,

“We still need to find skills in practice, these books will be more useful when you have certain foundation for performance.”

Sheng Qiao immediately entered the state of being a student, she spread out her small notebook, unscrewed the pen cap and seriously prepared to listen to the lecture to take notes.

When Meng Xingshen looked up and saw her sitting obediently, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Don’t be so nervous, acting is very fun thing. If you treat it as a task and a job you will lose you naturalness and aura.”

His tone was relaxed and his smile was gentle making Sheng Qiao unknowingly relaxed. He didn’t start off by telling her about acting techniques and basics, this whole afternoon Meng Xingshen was talking to her about the interesting things that happened in his dorm room and in the classroom when he was in college.

Every year many people were admitted to the performance department but only a small part could finally enter the audience’s sight. As some of them rely on talent, some rely on hard work and some people rely on good opportunity.

But no matter what kind of life path they take in the future, bursting to the top or turning to obscurity they would still always remember their university campus years with their young dreams.

It was almost evening when the two ended their first “lecture”. Sheng Qiao said without changing her expression.

“Senior Meng, thank you for your guidance today, there is nothing at home so I will not invite to stay for dinner. Is your assistant here yet? I will send you.”

Meng Xingshen looked at his phone.

“He’s already outside the door.”

“Okay! You take care.”

Meng Xingshen took a look at her. Her eyes were shrouded in lights and as he expected they were as beautiful as the rumors. Sheng Qiao pretended not to notice his gaze, she went to open the door and smiled at the assistant outside the door.

“It’s been a hard day for Senior Meng and you.”

Meng Xingshen picked up his jacket and walked over to her, first telling his assistant.

“Go wait for me in the garage.”

When the assistant left, he looked back at her.

“Fan asked me to come and give you lessons at least three times a week.”

Sheng Qiao: “…”

He smiled.

“Are you going to sleep in tomorrow?”

Sheng Qiao: “……not sleeping in, I’ll get up early.”

“Then tomorrow buy some stuff so you can invite me for dinner in the evening.”

“…..I can’t cook.”

Meng Xingshen: “Hmm? Is that so? That’s not what you said when you invited me to the variety show before.”

“…..I’m not a good cook, senior Meng may not be used to my cooking.”

Meng Xingshen did not talk further and just put on his jacket and stepped out.

“See you tomorrow.”

Sheng Qiao: “…..”


As soon as Meng Xingshen left, Sheng Qiao couldn’t wait to call Bei Mingfan.

The person on the other end actually thought she was calling to say thank you.

“How was it? You’re surprised to have Xingshen as your teacher?”

What a surprise!

Sheng Qiao resisted to collapse.

“What is senior Meng’s status, how can he condescend to teach me? Look, why don’t you just give me a new teacher!”

Bei Mingfan said.

“For what? The best artist under me and has the best acting skills is Xingshen, I’m not worried about him teaching you.”

Sheng Qiao: “???”

What? Bei Mingfan is Meng Xingshen’s agent?

Crap, I was careless.

Bei Mingfan sincerely instruct.

“You have to learn well with Xingshen ah, how many people cannot even beg for this. Seize the opportunity, the next film empress is you!”

Sheng Qiao hung up the phone without second thought!

She couldn’t even eat dinner, looking at the handwriting on the small notebook she recalled the meaningful smile in Meng Xingshen’s eyes every time he looked at her.

Does the original owner really don’t have anything going on with the film emperor?!

If they really were together or perhaps been together, how could the film emperor watch the original owner suffer so much oppression and bullying. And after she became Sheng Qiao not once did she receive a private phone message from the film emperor.

But if nothing really had happened, then why does the film emperor looked at her with that look!

Sheng Qiao’s head was really going bald.

Wrapped in the blanket on the bed, she grunted. After a while her phone rang, it was Zhong Shen.

He yelled out loud.

“Rainbow Qiao! I’m back home! I’m coming to see your new house tomorrow and I’ve brought you a present!”

“Wait what does rainbow Qiao mean?”

“Rainbow farts made by Sheng Qiao or Rainbow Qiao for short.”

Sheng Qiao: “???”

I’m afraid your skin is itching again.

Sheng Qiao was too lazy to argue with him and had no energy.

“I can’t tomorrow, my acting teacher is coming for a class.”

“Acting teacher? Who is it? You hired an acting teacher and didn’t even ask me? Have you forgotten how I taught you acting first hand!”

“….Meng Xingshen.”


Zhong Shen knows himself very well.

“Oh, that’s not comparable, then you learn well from him and strive to be a film empress.”

“…. I don’t want to learn from him.”


Shen Qiao was silent for a long time before she expressionlessly said.

“Because it always feels like cheating behind Huo Xi’s back.”



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