TMBAM 14.2

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Chapter 14(2)

The weibo was still in a melon frenzy.

[Am I the only one who went through the party list one by one? The big guys are gathering, or rather the big guys’ families are gathering?]

[The Yan family’s name is on 6. I now cannot help but suspect that Jiang Meng is deliberately attaching her name in the Yan family….]

[It’s impossible, the Yan family is real 6 and Jiang Meng dares to touch porcelain1? The Yan family is too miserable, the wife was obviously the original partner and a great beauty but she was ridiculed by Jiang Meng and made herself the center of attention!]

[##Jiang Meng rolls out to apologize ##Jiang Meng rolls out to apologize ##obviously she is a blood sucking vase, pretending to be a strong career woman! The biggest joke of the year.]

[In fact the wife was not too miserable ah… in low voice: if Yan Chao really can’t come back most of the family’s property must go to the wife? The Yan family has enough money to buy a small country…]

[Then the hand that eats melons suddenly stops.]

[The melon in my mouth doesn’t smell good either…]

[This is what the great beauty deserved, woo woo woo why can it I be a beauty like this?]

Most netizens were concerned about the life of rich families and celebrity gossip.

But there were more people pry into a different angle from the hot search.

In those days, Gu Xueyi made a scene to forcefully marry Yan Chao. The upper class circle almost knew it, and even the financial circle hear about it.

Gu Xueyi’s love for Yan Cho has been proved thoroughly with his subsequent events.

She could go shopping happily, of course not because she was about to inherit Yan Chao’s wealth. After all they didn’t see her go out happily a few days ago, from the disappearance of Yan Chao until today. Now that she was seen this happy there could a biggest possibility that she knew Yan Chao’s whereabouts.

For a while, there were happy investors, relieved financial practitioners and of course there were many who felt regret..

Jian Changming folded up the newspaper in his hand.

It was a stack of financial newspapers.

The secretary then knocked on the door and came in with another stack of statements.

Jian Changming didn’t open it immediately but looked at Jian Rui who was sitting on the sofa.

“You’ve been sitting with me for an hour now, come on what’s the matter?”

Jian Rui was a little embarrassed.

Even if she was already twenty nine years old and not young anymore, and even though she was tough and strict outside but in front of Jian Changming, she became a little girl.

“It’s Cao Jiaye….”

“Well, which actress did he have rumored to be with again?”

Jian Changming’s tone was flat as if he was not surprised by it.

“….it’s not that.”


“It’s just suspicion, I think I’m right but….”

Jian Rui simply got up and walked over to Jian Changming and hand him the phone.

In the narrow screen of the phone, what Jian Changming’s eyes saw was a capture photo.

Jian Rui said in the side.

“This actress is called Jiang Meng, little uncle since you don’t watch TV you don’t much but she is an actress who was a big hit years ago. She was working in Cao Jiaye’s company, I have heard a little bit from last year…. She looks very charming, very suitable for Cao Jiaye’s taste…”

Jian Rui intermittent voice seemed to be a background sound.

Jian Changming looked at the young woman in the photo, wearing a light almond-colored dress draped with a white shawl outside and carrying a small LV bag.

She was slender, tall, has a white-snow skin, her facial features were ink depiction, her black hair was casually scattered and her body exudes a solemn atmosphere. She slightly  turned her head sideways and was talking to the person beside her looking cold and indifferent but the lines of her side face were softened by the light and her eyebrows and eyes were shining like autumn water.

The sunlight sprinkled behind her as she walked as if the person in the picture came out slowly.

There was a kind of quiet but firmly pressing beauty.

Anyone in the same frame with her would be instantly compared.

Although Jian Changming had seen the changes in her that day at the Yan building it was still not as impactful as this snapshot.

The slim figure in the photo rushes into the eyes of everyone who sees it in a more powerful way.

“But now I’m confused, could it be that the news I received was wrong? Little uncle you see.. now the news all over the internet is that, she’s pregnant with Yan Chao’s child… Jiang Meng this woman has some means if she accidentally misses it, it may become a big trouble…”

Jiang Meng….

Only then did Jian Changming see that the original photo of the actress was in front of Gu Xueyi.

Jian Changming: “You mean that overwhelming news?”


Jian Rui nodded.

“That’s why I suspect that I made a mistake here….”

Without waiting for Jian Rui to finish her sentence Jian Changming suddenly talked about another matter.

“Do you know why Gu Xueyi held this dinner party?”

Jian Rui startled.

Jian Changming calmly recounted.

“It is to great and openly strategy to let more people know the recent situation of the Yan family, turning passivity into initiative and achieving some of her goals.”

Jian Rui took a few seconds to respond.

“Then the overwhelming news is also for more people to know about….”

“If you want to know the real situation, you might as well ask Gu Xueyi directly if Jiang Meng really has something to do with Yan Chao.”

Jian Rui was silent for a moment and nodded.

“I know.”

Jian Changming suddenly spoke up again and asked.

“That day when you stayed at the Yan’s house what kind of person did you think Gu Xueyi was?”

Jian Rui couldn’t figure out the topic and froze for another ten seconds or so before she weighed in an said.

“She’s a….”

“A woman who is nothing like the rumors.”

“It’s going to be the 17th soon.”

Jian Changming said.


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porcelain1– a scammer holding a porcelain and deliberately bump into someone then ask for compensation


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