Chapter 50

Jiang Yunting stood completely straight and was able to look level with him and took a deep breath before saying.


For the first time in his life, Young Master Jiang opened his mouth to admit defeat.

“I have competed with you seventy-eight times today and lost to you seventy-eight times. You win, I admit defeat.”

His rich friends stress that winning was winning and losing was subtly wining, there was no such thing as losing in your own family.

But Jiang Yunting felt that a win was a win, a loss was a loss, and there was no excuse.

However he may have lose now he could win it back.

Chen Fang nodded and didn’t say anything.

Jiang Yunting pursed his lips and continued.

“Therefore, I would like to ask you to be my companion during this period of time and fight against me. You can mention any conditions you want, as long as I can get them, you can mention anything.”

Jiang Yunting was a little nervous and a little confident as he waited for Chen Fang’s reaction.

After all, Chen Fang must have something he desired and wanted to ask in the name of the Jiang family.

Land deeds, store, silver, jewelry even if it’s a lion’s mouth, it doesn’t matter he could give it to him.

If he wanted to get rid of his low status, that’s the best also.

If the request was related to his sister….

Dream on!

Chen Fang calmly refused him in his nervous stare.

“Sorry I don’t have time, young master should hire another person.”


Why don’t you have free time!

I can see you every day and you are always free!

You don’t even bother to find an excuse, do you?

Sister I told you this guys is really annoying!

Seeing that Chen Fang was about to leave, Jiang Yunting and Jiang Liangchan shouted in unison.

“Young warrior stay!”

Jiang Liangchan took a step forward and said seriously.

“Other than you, we really don’t have a better candidate. Please help us, if you have any requirements I can promise you whatever I can do.”

For example let her thread the needle between him and Hua Shan.

Or, making sure her family would not show its face to him in the future.

She could do it all, just ask!

Chen Fang turned his head when he heard her speech, his eyes narrowed and the corner of his lips made an upward arc.

Jiang Yunting instinctively began to be alert.

Especially when he saw this action of Chen Fang, he felt something bad would happen.

Sure enough, Chen Fang smiled in satisfaction.

“Since Miss said so, I do have a request for Miss’s help. I want Miss’s….”

Jiang Yunting’s vigilance was put on maximum.

What do you want from a miss?

Want the lady’s heart?

Want to ask the lady for a marriage?

Want the lady’s beauty?

He knew it!

This douchebag!

He must have been impressed by his sister’s intelligence and beauty!

He don’t know when he started to have bad intentions.

Just this beauty if it weren’t for a man it might not be safe.

This wolf-hearted thing.

As soon as Jiang Yunting pulled Jiang Liangchan behind him and blocked her, he said loudly.

“You’re dead! I can win without you. Don’t think about my sister.”

“….the model she received some time ago.”

Chen Fang finally finished adding the second half of the sentence that he had interrupted.

There was hint of awkwardness in the air.

Chen Fang looked Jiang Yunting with amusement.

“Oh? Why is master Jiang telling me to die?”

Jiang Yunting: “….”

Jiang Liangchan never thought that what he wanted was this.

Other things were fine, but she was little hesitant to the thing he ask.

Jiang Liangchan said.

“Originally it is true that as long as I have something you want I’ll give it to you however this is a gift from Duan Rong to me and it would be a bit too much to give away someone else’s gift.”

Chen Fang was very negotiable.

“Then you can lend me to see, I will return it to you after a while.”

With that, she did not see any problem.

Jiang Liangchan happily agreed.

“Okay, I’ll go back now and get it for you.”

When Jiang Liangchan walked out holding the model she thought of something.

She always felt as if today, she and Chen Fang used each other’s hands.

Just now Chen Fang promised so quickly as if he already thought of this request and was just specifically waiting for her.

It seems like they asked Chen Fang’s help today but in fact they sent Chen Fang the opportunity to ask for the model.

But the question was, what does Chen Fang want this for?

She tries to remember the plot in the book carefully in her head.

No, there was no Young Master Duan Rong and servant duo.

Nor has anyone who could make a model ever show up in the plot.

The male lead have never has such needs.

Then what does Chen Fang want this for all of a sudden?

With this knot tied in her heart, Jiang Liangchan found Chen Fang already waiting for her at the entrance of his door. As soon as he saw her, he immediately took the heavy model from her.

Jiang Liangchan held back her curiosity and didn’t ask.

Supporting characters either die from knowing too much or talking too much.

Don’t ask what you shouldn’t or you’ll be silence.

Chen Fang who took the model suddenly thought of another thing before he left.

“By the way, I have another request.”

Jiang Liangchan took a deep breathed and asked nervously.

“What is it?”

Chen Fang gave her a meaningful glance and said.

“I don’t know if miss has a hobby of matchmaking but I hope that Miss will not give me any more messy orders in the future. Only these two, if you agree to both tomorrow morning I will come to accompany young master Jiang to practice.”

Jiang Liangchan: “…..”

She understands.

With a flash of light she understood it all.

She looked at Chen Fang dumbly, nodded dumbly and watched him go dumbly of course she also wave her hand dumbly.

The shock inside was unmistakable.

Therefore, there must be a demon when everything was abnormal, maybe he isolate one thing by one, he would feel abnormal and incomprehensible but once these scattered points were connected, a new truth map would appear.

According to the content of this script, Chen Fang should do two things now. One was to prepare for his great career and the other was to fall in love with Hua Shan and lose Hua Shan.

For so long, Chen Fang didn’t seem realize he love Hua Shan at all.

She thought carefully about it.

Ultimately he still has too few opportunities to spend time with Hua Shan.

Feelings were to grow over time, she has long known this so in order to let Hua Shan live and finish this relationship line Chen Fang as soon as possible under her own effort, she has been trying to pull them together.

For this reason she also with pressure let Chen Fang be her attendant, just to create conditions for him so that he could take the opportunity to follow her, go to Hunchen brothel more often to see Hua Shan.

However, the first time she took Chen Fang to Hunchun brothel it seems that an unexpected situation occurred.

It was she who halfway heard someone calling for help so she took Chen Fang to alley and rescued Duan Rong.

That day was supposed to be the day that Chen Fang was able to go see Hua Shan and bloom the love.

The wheel of history was always of accidents, even a small stone in the rut would leave deeper trace of stone size than usual in the long river of history.

As early as the beginning when she crossed over, Jiang Liangchan realizes this.



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