Chapter 32

[If you can’t improve again before 24 hours ‘Today’s Task 2. Boosting Mood is considered a failure and will be deducted from the Cub Raising Value of 1]


Ye Susu struggled to turn over.

Why are you feeling down?

If the cub takes a miserable bath like her, would his mood turn black directly?

Ye Susu shuddered.


She looked around but she saw no sign of the little cub in the room.

The tip of her nose twitched.

She was busy getting up, following the smell of the little cub. With the smell of the excellent smelling catnip she walked out of the room.

Sure enough, on the second floor corner of the living room sofa she saw the small shrunken ball.

His little face was sad and his eyes were dull as he looked at the floor.

What’s going on here?

Ye Susu looked at loss.

When Ye Xun heard a noise, he looked up and saw her. He found that her face was pale and her eyes were red, he then thought of his mistakes and become more depressed and remorseful.

Suddenly there was wetness in his eyes.

“Mommy…. is right, sorry.”

His voice was soft.

Ye Xun was obviously confused.

“I, I do not know. I heard from uncle just now… boys can’t look at girls while taking a bath….”

Ye Susu blinked.

This task failed too wrongly ah.

“Simpleton, what is this?”

“He has seen me, and I will see him next time. Okay?”

Ye Xun who was crying halfway, froze.

And Li Yun who was hiding in the study while peeking outside was also suddenly dumbfounded.

He talked his child into tears and was at his wits end so he tried calling a parenting specialist.

But now, he doesn’t seem to need it.

After a while, he loosened the grip of his phone and pressed his other hand firmly on his temples that was aching.

This woman’s way of educating the child was totally wrong!

But the woman who was educating the child wrongly was not less bothered and mind as she just smiled.

[Cub mood elevated, mission successful.]


And unbeknownst to all, the number of fans skyrocketed in the ‘long-forgotten’ live stream in little cub’s pocket.

Even an exclamation point floated by.

[Baby Mom: I’ve been seen all over, but it’s okay I’ll seen them next time and make money… (awesome my mom!)]

[Awesome! Followed!]

[Unexpectedly I came to see Mengbao but got down on my knees to this mother.]

[It’s over, I suddenly feel that the poor mother is a little handsome. This bandit logic is completely poked on my cute point!]

[Reward 500 golden melon seeds and pay attention to this link.]

[Honestly, this is a very bad way of educating someone. Please don’t be careless!]

[What if this kid really peeps at girls in the future? People who rewards, grow brain!]

[Against this misguided education!]

Criticism soon erupted in the pop-up section.

But soon another small wave of voices slowly emerged in rebuttal.

[After watching the six-hour-long live streaming (with all the silence and black screen time in between), I’d like to say that this kid obviously has low self-esteem, okay? didn’t you notice that he didn’t even say ten words a day?

Such a child needs to build self-confidence, not criticize or deny him.

My husband is an early childhood researcher, 3-5 years old for both sexes, in the stage of slowly understanding the differences between men and women, they do not have to feel this very shameful as long as they do not expose themselves in public and do not maliciously look at other people’s bodies.

With such low esteem-child, if she repeatedly overemphasizes his mistakes and tells him that he can’t look at girls, which is easy to cast a shadow on his future emotional life.]


[Stand on this word!]

And while everyone was arguing, Ye Susu tilted her head and thought about it.

After calculating that there were three hours before 24 hour was completed, she thought it was still not safe and added.

“Kid, well, you banged the door open without knowing and didn’t mean to so it’s really okay.”

“You and that strong uncle, both were innocent, this is probably…..fate.”

“Next time, we’ll be fine if we’re careful.”

Ye Susu said while stroking his head.

“If you’re really feel sorry, mommy will punish you for one thing, okay?”

Ye Xun bit his lips, and his black eyes flashed as he nodded in silence.

He knew it was wrong.

It was more reassuring to be punished.

“Okay, then you go take a bath.”

Said Ye Susu while holding her chest feeling the lingering fear.

“I punish you to stand under the waterfall and wash yourself white. However, you should remember to close your eyes when the water rushes your face otherwise your eyes will hurt and shed a lot of tears…”

Ye Xun blinked.

And the more Ye Susu said, the smarter she felt.

She could first send the cub to wash, in case he was in a bad mood again by the waterfall she could still remedy it.

“Come out and you will be rewarded with a bite of dried small fish~”

[666, those who said that she was educating the child wrong come out right away and be beaten!]

[A perfect sermon~ punishing a child with a bath not only achieves the purpose of telling the little one what is wrong but also does not leave psychological shadow on him.]

[The mother seems to be very good, so why does the baby still have low self-esteem? Curious.]

[Ah, this live is toxic, cannot stop watching…more and more want to know, the story of these two, mother and son…]

[He doesn’t seem to have a father, does he?}

[I haven’t seen the father the whole time, only a strange man who looks like a tenant, a single-parent family, right?]

[Reward 666 gold coins! Little baby, promise me that you will live stream every day!]

And as night fall, Ye Xun who promised to take a bath was taking a towel and walking to the bathroom.

After fiddling with it for a while, he finally came across the phone in the pants pocket.

His face froze.

Only then did he find that he had forgotten, he turned on the live stream again after he came home. Just now he walked around and stuffed his phone in his trouser pocket without stopping it.

He took out his phone in a panic.

The screen has been black all the time, are the uncle and aunt angry?

Did they have heard that he had just made a mistake?

Will he disgrace his mom like this?

He was so anxious that he was spinning around in the bathroom.

But when he saw the characters still floating on the screen.

He could not read the text, but saw many emoticons like smiley face, thumbs up and 666.


He was instantly relieved.

Uncle and Aunt don’t seem to be angry, just now they should not hear anything bad, right?

Ye Xun with red face was standing in front of the bathtub, put the phone on the ground and pointed the lens at his hands then waved his hands.

[Ow, what does this mean? Baby is saying hello to us?]

[It means goodbye right? He wanted to take a bath, it’s almost nine o’clock the little one should sleep ah.]

[Ah the baby is shy? Goodbye, waving silently with tender hands without talking? 5555~ what torture did he suffer before?]

[Hey, it’s the time for me to do my homework too, little one, 88.]

[88, good night, good dreams~]

[Have a nice dream, kiss~]

Bunch of words floated by.

Ye Xun puffed his check and watched for a long time. Depressed he took back his little hand and clenched his fist silently.



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