Chapter 43

Every Friday afternoon seemed to be Jayce’s regular time to learn piano, when Jian Ruixi arrived at the old mansion the butler told her that the young master was in the piano room as usual.

However unlike before the butler had let Jian Ruixi walked her way to the piano room herself like one of the people living in the mansion and not a guest.

Jian Ruixi still remembers that when she sent the child back on Monday, he took the initiative to plunge into Old Madam Fu’s arms without being reminded by the adults.

With this actions, she couldn’t help but fantasize about the child hugging her and giving her kisses.

But the reality proved otherwise, when she arrived outside the piano room the child saw her through the glass window for the first time but he was still sitting upright and looking straight, if he hadn’t raised his mouth to her Jian Ruixi suspected that the little guy didn’t see her at all.

There was no harm without comparison, but she haven’t seen him for a week but his son’s response was so cold.

Jian Ruixi of course was not happy, when the lesson was over she immediately opened the door to go in and in front of the teacher she picked up the child and pinch out his chubby cheeks accompanied by a voice accusation.

“Heartless brat, didn’t you miss mommy at all?”

Jayce put importance on his face outside, but his mother right now in front of somebody else was tossing him for a while to the point that his clothes were disordered and his hairstyle was messy. This made the child unable to stay still and struggle.

But of course since he was suppressed by force, he had to beg for mercy softly.

“Mommy, teacher is still….”

“It’s okay oh, mommy and teacher have become good friends.”

But even if Jian Ruixi said this, she always eats soft rather than hard1 so she released her hand. Jayce on the other hand was stunned in her arms, he tilted his head and curiously asked.

“Mommy and teacher?”

The little guy has a good memory, he still remembers that last week was the first time they introduced each other in front of him.

It was obviously that they just met of the first time, and yet today they have become good friends?

Adult friendship comes inexplicably.

Jian Ruixi smiled but did not said anything. She and Teacher Even were friends with each other but they didn’t get familiar with each other either, even on weibo.

It was said that weibo now was the era of fans that could help any artist or celebrity for fame, even to him as a famous young pianist. Of course she was also one of this but how many people were in Hong Kong?

The mainland was the main battlefield. He was lucky enough to put up a weibo in his early years and his fans accumulated to nearly tens of millions, therefore Even became the leader of contemporary pianist in the eyes of the public and has stepped on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala twice.

While Jian Ruixi just put up her weibo only a few days, and her fans have already broken through the seven figures quickly.

But of course it was also because her rich husband has helped her and made great contributions.

So even with the same credit, as a parent of his student they didn’t talk much it could be said that they only talk an incense long. So Jian Ruixi doesn’t really have any impression on this promising pianist other than that.

She was also wondering if why he would rather teach her son piano rather than hold performances—was it really because her son was gifted?

Compared with the insight of and artist, if Jian Ruixi herself was the talented pianist she would prefers to become a guest of the Fu family and make this as a stepping stone rather than holding performance everytime.

And there was nothing wrong of taking a young master as a student. Who now was not teaching a second generation rich kid? It would not damage his image as an artist at all, it would rather do the opposite.

Jian Ruixi also felt that Even’s smooth but not too sophisticated, this character was more rare.

The other party clearly made friends with her last week but the communication was light, until she became popular online. He took the initiative to follow her on Weibo and sent her to another hot search.

So she took advantage of it and chatted Even and since she also studies piano they both found their common language.

It would be exaggerating to say that they become close friend though he was really pleasant to talk to.

Even didn’t refute what Jian Ruixi said but smiled and patted Jayce’s head.

“It’s time for your teacher to go home.”

“Won’t you stay for dinner?”

Jian Ruixi issued her usual invitation and after receiving a polite refusal she took her little friend and sent him away.

While going downstairs Even told his student that he would have a performance and needed to rehearse, so their class would be put on hold.

However the teacher would conduct a remote inspection, and reminded that he could keep in touch with his mother and not relax.

This was probably the aftermath of making good friends with his son’s teacher, Jian Ruixi was coldly apportioned the task but she was happy to do so after all there was another reason to be with her son.

After giving the instructions to his student, Even asked Jian Ruixi.

“Annie, are you free at the end of the month? I have a recital at the Cultural Center…”

Jian Ruixi nodded.

“Must be there to support the show.”

“Then I’ll have the tickets sent over some other time.”

“Send it to my house.”

Jian Ruixi touched Jayce.

“Let’s go cheer for your teacher together!”

Jayce nodded expectantly.


Although her son’s attitude was not warm enough, Jian Ruixi took him home regardless of her past grievances and spent another full and wonderful weekend with him.

Though in Jian Ruixi’s mind still have sense of crisis and admit defeat. As Jian Ruixi’s mother said Jayce was still young and needed family’s affection, in two years time he would learn to bear grudges when he grows up so he won’t be easy to manipulate.

With this thinking Jian Ruixi has to find a way to get him completely.

Jian Ruixi discussed with Lisa privately.

“Jayce’s birthday is coming isn’t it?”

Lisa awkwardly stated.

“It’s still a few month away, you’re thinking a little early aren’t you madam?”

“It’s not early.”

Jian Ruixi said with a serious face.

“He will be six this year, he should celebrate it properly.”

The person who pays her salary was always right, and Lisa takes it seriously.

“It’s time to prepare a birthday present, what does the madam have in mind?”

Jian Ruixi wanted to gift him with something big and luxurious but Jayce was not a child who has never seen the world. He was a young master born with golden spoon.

What rare and luxury has he not seen? Just throwing money couldn’t solve the problem, she had to have something. Jian Ruixi touched her chin and said.

“I have a little idea but the timing is not yet appropriate, wait until we finished watching Even’s recital.”

Lisa looked confused.

What does the young master’s birthday present have to do with Even’s performance?

Jian Ruixi did not have the patience to explain to her. Next weekend she made an appointment with Jayce to accompany him to Disney, the goal was to play with all the rides which could be a little scary.

But Jian Ruixi decided to keep up with his energy a few days in advance, otherwise she’s afraid she won’t keep up with his physical strength.

In fact Jian Ruixi was not this patience but she heard from the child that he only went to Disney once with his father.

Since his father was busy with work and his grandparents were old and didn’t have energy to accompany him, and he couldn’t find anyone to accompany him so Jian Ruixi was embarrassed to refuse his request again.

Thinking about her childhood conditions, they were average but her parents still took time to accompany her to play over the province’s amusement parks, zoo, and various gardens.

Contrary on Jayce who seemed to have everything but couldn’t even go to Disney.

So Jian Ruixi once again made an exception and decided to give up her life to accompany this little ‘gentleman.’



who always eats soft rather than hard1– who were easily coaxed rather than the had way

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