Chapter 62

Zhou Ruo thought for a while before saying.

“You sing very well, don’t you want to consider a transition?”

Shen Yan’s voice was sure be popular if she sings, she could also wait for singing to be popular while acting.

“I like acting.”

“If you can play the first female in Xianlu I will fight with them to let you sing the theme song of Xianlu.”



“Let her quit in the cirle now, quit the circle now! tell her that if she doesn’t get of the circle our Li family won’t have this daughter and she won’t use any of our Li family’s relations in the circle in the future! Originally, Li Cuiyu promised Meng Yi’an to date her sister but now Li Cuiyu renege because of her!”

Mother Lie hung up the phone after giving Li He these words.

Li He flatters Li Xing for the support of the Li family but now that Mother Li has said this he couldn’t support Li Xin anymore but the words could not be said explicitly.

He repeated the words of Mother Li, he said.

“Why don’t you retire first and gave a chance to come back later. Now if you don’t have anyone to help you, how can you survive in the entertainment industry?”

“Then want to climb high. Besides, even if Meng Yi’an is willing to dater her and even marry her who doesn’t know that Meng Yi’an has an ex-girlfriend, and because of that ex-girlfriend Meng Yi’an hasn’t been in love until now!”

Li Xin said directly.

“I couldn’t get their so be it, I can be popular by myself if I audition slowly.”

“The ex-girlfriend who abandoned Meng Yi’an because of money, I don’t think Meng Yi’an still love that woman. I think it’s probably because he’s busy returning to Meng house, you see Meng Yi’an has a foothold in the Meng Group, doesn’t Li Cuiyu just want him to date and get married?”

Speaking of this, Li He felt that he had gone off topic and quickly tried to persuade Li Xin but the latter went straight out not wanting to listen anymore of her withdrawing from the circle.

Meng Yi’sn went straight to the Meng family’s mansion after his work in the evening after he still promised Li Cuiyu. Just when the dinner was about to start, Meng Yi’an’s sister Meng Yihuan was laughing happily with two tickets in her hands. She rushed over as soon as she saw Meng Yi’an was back.

“Brother you accompany me to listen to Lu Yunchen’s concert. It’s the first row seats.”

Meng Yihuan was relatively simple, and likes Meng Yi’an very much. Even prior to this every time she went to a concert she would invite Meng Yi’an but the latter would always refused but even so Meng Yihuan always still like to invite Meng Yi’an.

Lu Yunchen’s concert?

Li Cuiyu felt that Meng Yi’an would definitely not go but she still said.

“Go with your sister.”

Meng Yi’an: “Okay.”

Meng Yihuan: “???”

Her brother said what?

He brother agreed to listen to Lu Yunchen’s concert together?

It’s better to a male god, her brother promised her to go the male god’s concert together.

“It’s still better for a male god Yunchen so I can let my brother accompany me to the concert.”

Li Cuiyu who advised Meng Yi’an on the side also froze but didn’t say anything.

In the evening, the Meng family had dinner together. It was the same as before, but this time Li Cuiyu did not mention the blind date. She still wanted to see who was more suitable for Meng Yi’an.

The happiest was Meng Yihuan after all, her brother wants to accompany her to watch the concert so while eating she also talked to Meng Yi’an about Lu Yunchen.

“Yunchen the male is especially good.”

“Handsome and polite and gentle.”

“And I don’t know who will be able to marry Yunchen the male god in the future.”

After that, Meng Yiuan asked.

“Brother why aren’t you eating?”

Meng Yi’an said coldly.

“Your there to listen to the concert then just listen to the concert, don’t chase stars. They are all set up by the company for them.”

“Yunchen is a male god.”

After saying this, her brother only know how to work and just continue eating.

Her male god was so good that his brother would understand after listening to the concert.

After dinner, Meng Yihuan went back upstairs. Not those fans of Lu Yunchen the male god were supporting him to act with Shen Yan and she also wants to support him.

She thinks that Shen was an inspirational girl, she could talk and sing together with Lu Yunchen as an 18-tier star and maybe act together.

Meng Yihuan doesn’t know about Shen Yan and Meng Yi’an’s past, she only knows that Meng Yi’an has an ex-girlfriend who dumped him for money. She doesn’t know that that person was Shen Yan.

The quickly passed and Saturday arrived.

Shen Yan took Lu Yunchen’s ticket and looked at it for a while, this was a first row seat. If she goes she might be able to rub Lu Yunchen’s heat and they could be on the hot search together but Shen Yan didn’t want to so she planned to keep a low profile.

She simply found a dress, a mask and a hat then went out.

Shen Yan doesn’t know why Lu Yunchen was so persistent about whether she was a black fan or not.

Waiting outside the concert venue, Shen Yan then remembered about the female lead. She stood and looked around, wondering if the female lead would also attend Lu Yunchen’s concert.

After the female lead was a fan of Lu Yunchen, but after looking for a long time she hadn’t seen the female lead for a long time. Shen Yan breathed a sigh of relief, she did not want to have any interaction with the female lead.

Backstage of the concert.

Lu Yunchen sat on the chair and pulled the tie as he said.

“The concert is not about to start ah?”

Lu Yunchen’s agent: “????”

“You, don’t say you’re nervous hahaha.”

After thinking about it, Lu Yunchen gave an “en” and then stood up. He said.

“I’ll go out for a while and come back later.”

He then took his mask and hat while walking out.

“What are you doing, the concert is about to start.”

Lu Yunchen’s agent chased Lu Yunchen out but the latter just waved his hand.

“I’ll be back soon.”

Shen Yan was waiting for the ticket check when a person dressed more tightly than her walked next to Shen Yan. His eyes were bent, Shen Yan was about to open her mouth when he gestured a “Shhhh.”

They walked back to a corner with less people, when the two reached the corner Shen Yan lowered her voice and said.

“You are not preparing for the concert? Why are you out?”

Lu Yunchen smiled and said.

“I came out to see if I could find you.”

Looking at Lu Yunchen, Shen Yan smiled she said.

“You are very persistent, you go back. I will listen to your concert carefully.”

“Then I’ll go back and prepare for the concert. You go and check the ticket.”

When Lu Yunchen returned, the concert began to check in. Shen Yan was not in a hurry, anyway she could go in with the concert ticket.

When Meng Yi’an and Meng Yihuan arrived outside the concert venue, the latter was very anxious while Meng Yi’an was emotionless all the time was very quiet.

It was not easy for her brother to come to the concert with her, after thinking for a while she said.


Meng Yi’an: “No need to line up.”

Meng Yihuan has to queue to see her male god’s concert, and she was not the only fan who wanted to see their male god.

“Brother you, you are so nice to even think about this.”

After that, Meng Yi’an continued to follow Meng Yi’an. As they walked Meng Yi’an stopped.

Shen Yan walked slowly towards the queue, she also took out a pair of sunglasses but thinking about it, it would be strange if she wears one at the concert and she would be sitting on the front row so Shen Yan put the sunglasses back.

Meng Yihuan who followed Meng Yi’an also stopper her tracks.


Meng Yi’an: “Line up!”



TL: I don’t if the raws I have were missing with paragraph or sentence but the when I translate it, there seems to be something missing. Ugh I don’t know if it was just me who was translating it very wrongly or that, anyone if you happen to know legit site where I could check please comment below hehe ^^)

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