Chapter 49

In the past, Xue Jiayue and Zhang Renyan had a good relationship as the two often played together.

Xue Jiayue also had always took care of Zhang Renyan it could be said that even if she took good care of Zhang Renyan, but the latter was a white eyes wolf.

Xu Yanwen thought for a moment and said.

“I have to ask my wife about this before making a decision.”

Later after lawyer Yu left, Xu Yanwen went back to the ward and told Xue Jiayue about it.

“Zhang Renyan said she wants to see you.”

Xue Jiayue refused without even thinking.

“I used to be so good to her, and she ended up treating me like this. I don’t want to meet her, let her sit through the jail, no!”

In fact Xue Jiayue also feel that the original owner was unlucky to meet such black hearted and white eyed wolf as her best friend.

She could more or less guess the purpose of Zhang Renyan wanting to see her, probably she wanted to ask for forgiveness and then be exempted from the crime penalty.

In your dreams!

Xue Jiayue doesn’t think she’s some kinds of saintly mother who’s not in the mood to repay her grievances with virtue!

“It’s better not see her.”

Xu Yanwen also doesn’t want her to see Zhang Renyan, so as to not be sad about being betrayed by her best friend.

And like this, Xue Jiayue who did not go and see Zhang Renyan rested in the hospital and had more than a lawyer to deal with all the matters.

In the past days when Xue Jiayue was hospitalized in the hospital Xu Yanwen watched her in the hospital and asked Assistant Feng to take the documents to the hospital for processing.

That day, Assistant Feng went back to the company to get the information when he happened to meet Linda printing documents. The latter saw that he was busy these days, and didn’t see Xu Yanwen working in the company so she smiled and said.

“Assistant Feng, you seem very busy these days?”

Assistant Feng sighed.

“That can’t be helped, President Xu ordered the matter must be done.”

Linda pretended to unintentionally asked Assistant Feng about Xu Yanwen.

“I haven’t seen President Xu come to the company these days, does the company have any new projects to go on recently?”

“There are no new projects.”

Assistant Feng shook his head and said.

“It’s just Madam Xu is sick and President Xu has to take care of her in the hospital.”

“Madam Xu is ill? What’s the diseases? Is it serious?”

Linda asked with concern but in her mind.

Isn’t President Xu and Madam Xu not on good terms? The fact that Madam Xu is sick and he has to leave his job to go to the hospital to take care of her is too much for President Xu who has such troublesome wife, so pitiful.

“I’m not sure.”

Assistant Feng felt it was no good to discuss too much about his boss’s wife after all Madam Xu was injured because she was kidnapped and it was not appropriate to let outsiders know about such things so he simply vaguely answered.

Linda couldn’t get much information from him but thought that it was difficult for him to say it.

She then remembered the day she answered Madam Xu’s call for Xu Yanwen in the office that day, at that time Xu Yanwen’s face was very ugly later she heard Assistant Feng say that Madam Xu was coming to the company.

President Xu pushed Assistant Feng out to deal with Madam Xu but finally Madam Xu didn’t come.

Could it be that after President Xu returned from work the two people quarreled over the matter? Did they even get into a physical fight?

Maybe Madam Xu did too much and was hit by President Xu which was why Madam Xu was hospitalized?

Looking at Assistant Feng’s hesitation, it was obvious that the truth was hard to say which could explain the problem. Something must have happened between President Xu and Madam Xu!

Linda subconsciously thought.

Could it be that a divorce is imminent?

If President Xu was really going to divorced…she couldn’t help but get excited when she remembers Xu Yanwen’s handsome face, in a clean suit and with his excellent temperament.

It was like a stone falling into the lake and rippling in circles.



Xue Jiayue was hospitalized for five days, during this time Xu Yanwen was in the hospital to take care of her.

Until the morning of the fifth day, the doctor came over to give Xue Jiayue a checkup. Xue Jiayue then took the opportunity to ask to be discharged from the hospital.

“Doctor, I feel I am well enough. Can I be discharged from the hospital? It’s a waste of medical resources if I continue to stay in the hospital.”

Xue Jiayue rested for a few more days until she was not dizzy anymore and her ankle sprain was “Almost good” and could walked down and stay in the hospital.

She was getting moldy staying in the hospital and truthfully she really does not like hospitals, even if she was living in the high grade ward and could not smell sterile water—she just don’t like in the hospital.

These day she wants to go home very very much, if Xu Yanwen hadn’t forced her to be hospitalized these day she would have gone home already. After living in the hospital these days, she was bored and made up her mind that she would never come to the hospital again.

“You can be discharged and can process the discharge procedure later.”

The doctor finished with a smile and turned around to go out.

After the doctor left, Xue Jiayue urged Xu Yanwen to hurry up with the discharge procedures.

Xu Yanwen raised his eyes to look at her, and then lowered his eyes to continue reading his documents ad if he did not hear what Xue Jiayue said, sitting without the intention to move.

Xue Jiayue saw that he was not moving, and then remembered his attitude of taking care of her in the hospital these days. She rolled her eyes and stepped forward with light steps, she stretched out her hands and quickly took the documents away in front of him, she smile and said.

“It’s time to leave the hospital and doctor agreed.”

When the documents was taken away, Xu Yanwen sighed silently and looked up at her expressionless.

He looked a bit serious!

Was he angry when I robbed his documents?

Xue Jiayue already guessed his attitude, but finally decided not to challenge his patience and authority. She put her hands together and with a pleasing smile on her face added with her delicate and sweet voice she said.

“Brother Xu~”

Bright and innocent bog eyes, a flattering smile on her face and a soft voice as if feathers swept through his ears led to a burst of numbness and itchiness making his heart easily softened.

People couldn’t refuse her request at all.

Xu Yanwen didn’t show his emotions to Xue Jiayue and just glanced at her faintly. Standing up from his chair he said.

“If you want to go home, pick up your things quickly.”


Xue Jiayue was so happy to hear it that she was about to jump up and down, she busily went to pack her things and go home. She really didn’t want to stay in the hospital for one more second.

“Be careful!”

Xu Yanwen took a look at her excited look, and reprimanded her.

“You still have injuries on your feet, one more fall and you won’t have to leave the hospital.”

Xue Jiayue glanced at him,

“Crow’s mouth, can’t you say something good?”

Xu Yanwen then said.

“Pack up and go home.”

Xue Jiayue: “….”

Good, that’s what she loves to hear, she won’t bother him!

Before long, Xue Jiayue happily packed up her things and followed Xu Yanwen home.

Along the way, Xue Jiayue was excited to see the trees on the street, the people on the road, and the moving cars through the car window, all feeling a good mood.

Xu Yanwen put down the documents in his hands to look at her and watched her cheerful look. She had been locked up in the hospital for a long time, and she was happy to see anything like a happy bird.

Soon they arrived at their house, the car parked under the apartment building.

Xue Jiayue opened the door to get off, jumping forward.

Walking forward, Xue Jiayue glanced at the person in front of her and her expression slightly changed.



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