Chapter 22 (1)

“I didn’t expect Guan Xin and Mr. Shen to be friends, what to do, the day before yesterday Guan asked me to find her a prop but I was busy and didn’t care, do you think she would make me wear tight shoes1?”

“I don’t think so, she seems to be quite talkative and speaks others in a fine manner outside of filming.”

“They said they were friends but how do we really know if that’s what really is? Hehehe.”

“But Mr. Shen is really handsome, with that face he can completely debut, to be honest I’m a little jealous of Guan Xin.”


Whispers broke in the crowd, but normal people could not hear them. However Jiang Mian who has broken through refining layer, she could hear these voices clearly.

Seems that Gu Qiwen’s head was getting greener ah.

“Mian Mian.”

Tang Anan whispered.

“Look at Guan Xin’s affection, she is obviously putting an act.”

How could men go crazy for her if she was not pretending? Even Gu Qiwen doesn’t mind wearing a green hat in the later stage of the plot. Even if Guan Xin’s explanation was like: It’s now my fault, I have no choice. He forced me, if I resist he will hurt not only me but also you. It doesn’t matter if he hurt me but I can’t let him hurt you.

“Thank you Mr. Shen.”

As she approached, she heard Guan Xin’s polite and grateful yet detached voice.

Shen Shiqing brought Guan Xin a luxurious folding massage chair.

Guan Xin does not want to show in front of other that she and Shen Shiqing have some kind of unclear relationship nor does she want others to think that she was relying on Shen Shiqing to get to the top, so she has to make this appearance that although she and Shen Shiqing know each other, they were just friends and nothing else.

However, she maintains this “noble and virtuous” aura while enjoying the invisible support given to her by Shen Shiqing. Tang Anan’s description, ‘affection’ was a better word. In terms of popular terms in the internet it really was right and stand.

But the author of the original books wants to set it like this in order to be cool. Almost all men like Guan Xin, and all women envy and hated her as well.

Jiang Mian came over, and subconsciously the people opened a way for her. Shen Shiqing’s eyes immediately turned from Guan Xin to Jiang Mian, his expression did not change but his eyes seemed to be darker.

Guan Xin thought of the last audition in the hotel. Her expression changed as she observed Shen Shiqing without making it so obvious.

After the last audition, Shen Shiqing has not contacted her which mad her uneasy while relaxing, it was until a while ago when Shen Shiqing approached her again and it was the time that he sent Zheng Xiaoyu to her.

“Mr. Shen, it’s been a long time.”

Jiang Mian smiled as if he was greeting an old acquaintance.

“I accidentally hurt you last time, are you okay now?”

The extent of the attack Jiang Mian had given him last time, Shen Shiqing was afraid it was difficult to walk for three to five days. However, as Shen Shiqing was a man he naturally refused to let others know that he was beaten. He had to pretend that he was not hurt, only him could taste the experience he had with Jiang Mian.

The crowd did not expect Jiang Mian to also knew Shen Shiqing, they were stunned. Moreover, from Jiang Mian’s tone—the circle have sensitive smell and what they were smelling right now was a smell of worthy eating melons, so they all had their ears perked up.

Director Zhang was also nearby, as the main investor of the film it was unreasonable for him not to welcome Shen Shiqing.

When they hear Jiang Mian’s words they thought that she had slap the other party, then indeed it was a pot that doesn’t boil2 so it would be impossible not to be curious!

If someone annoy Shen Shiqing in the set and something went wrong, it was his film that would be affected so of course he needs to speak up.

But Shen Shiqing didn’t give director Zhang a chance to get around, he was really worthy of being the biggest boss in the book. He has good self-perseverance on the surface as he said very gentlemanly and even smiled.

“Thanks to Miss Jiang’s concerns, I have been completely well.”

“That’s good, then I don’t need to worry.”

Jiang Mian looked relieved.

“I’ve been worried for a while, I’m afraid that Shen Shiqing will hold me accountable but fortunately you are too kind, now I can finally be worry free.”

Shen Shiqing: “….”

He looked Jiang Mian as the morning light fell on her and covered her with light warm color. She smiled with arched eyebrows and her delicate voice was as exquisite as rose that just bloomed but the kind that has thorns.

“Miss Jiang looks beautiful, acting in the drama I invested in and making money for me so how would I the boss bother my employees.”

Shen Shiqing turned his head and said something to his bodyguard, before he turned back and continued.

“This time, I came and bring gifts for everyone. Also I prepared something for Miss Jiang, I hope it will make Miss Jiang like it.”

Jiang Mian raised her eyebrows lightly. With Shen Shiqing’s character, she was afraid he would tear her apart so what good things could he give to her? But in front of everyone, if she don’t answer him people would have something to say to her.

Jiang Mian took it graciously, while Shen Shiqing said courteously.

“Don’t you want to open it and take a look?”

Shen Shiqing gave Guan Xin a massage chair, the latter immediately opened it and placed it next to her. Later, after she finished filming her scene and rest she could lie on the massage chair to massage and relax, which won a lot of envious eyes.

The box handed over by the bodyguard was not large, and did not look like anything expensive. It was also not comparable to that luxurious massage chair of Guan Xin.

Jiang Mian took the box and felt something move inside—it was a living thing.

If Shen Shiqing really give her something, the opposite was not normal. She looked at Shen Shiqing and then smiled at him.

In her smile, Shen Shiqing inexplicable perceived a sense of danger and he also suddenly felt pain in some parts of his body.

Jiang Mian slowly opened the lid. The next second, a snake’s head that was as big a baby’s fist jumped out!

The people around were curious what Shen Shiqing would give to female number one, but they never thought that it would be a hideous snake. Screams in all directions could be heard seeing the snake’s head jumped out.

Jiang Mian gave a small exclamation and knocked over the box in panic. Taking advantage of the opportunity she quickly put her fingers on the snake inside and let the snake coil its whole body as everyone backed out.

But the brightly colored snake stretched out its body in midair and jumped at Shen Shiqing, it wrapped around Shen Shiqing’s neck and tightened its body!

Everything happened in an instant and Shen Shiqing couldn’t react. The feeling of imprisonment and suffocation suddenly came, his face turned red immediately. The bodyguard behind him came forward and took nearly half a minute to take off the snake off Shen Shiqing’s neck.

The investor gave the female number one a gift, and it was a live snake. But then the investor’s neck was wrapped with that same snake and almost injured himself.

This this this, was a super question everyone has.

The surrounding were crow and peacock making no sound at all3, what they could hear was Shen Shiqing’s violent coughing and more importantly how embarrassed he would be.

“Mr. Shen are you all right?”

The one who broke the silence and asked the super question was of course Jiang Ming, her face paled while her eyes wide open and was filled with panic and fear.

“I, I didn’t know you sent a snake, I was afraid of snakes since I was a child.”

Shen Shiqing probably want to see Jiang Mian’s frightened appearance when she saw the snake or some other reason—after all girls should be afraid with terrifying things like snakes.

But he never thought he would lift a stone and smash his own feet.

Jiang Mian directly pushed the blame to Shen Shiqing: ‘This was sent by you, there was no one to blame but you for being hurt by the snake you sent.’

Conveniently she was also able to secretly satirize him for gifting her a live snake, and was able to show that not only was he classless but also vicious.

They gaze at each other, Shen Shiqing clearly saw the gloating that flashes in Jiang Mian’s eyes. He used seconds to press the anger in his heart, and realized that in the end he still underestimated this woman.

“It’s okay, it was my fault.”

Shen Shiqing took a deep breath to calm his mind again and made himself look like an elegant and gentlemanly president.

“I heard that Miss Jiang likes some small animals in that live in the wild, this snake was brought back by a friend from abroad. I thought it would be a good gift for Miss Jiang, I didn’t expect to scare Miss Jiang instead. I’m really sorry.”

Jiang Mian shook her head and said generously.

“It’s okay, as long as Mr. Shen is okay.”

“You don’t look too good, do you want to go to the side and take a rest?”

Jiang Mian looked genuinely worried.

“Ya, your neck is swollen, it’s better to let the doctor take a look for you.”

Shen Shiqing’s breathing stifled.

Finally the bodyguard escorted him and went to see a doctor with a crew leading them.

Jiang Mian met many eyes as she covered her heart and with Tang Anan’s help she went to the lounge assign for her. Before leaving, she said to Guan Xin.

“Miss Guan, President Shen specially came to visit you and his neck is swollen, don’t you want to go and check?”

The gaze that landed on Jiang Mian turned back to Guan Xin, whose complexion changed.

She understand Shen Shiqing, since the other part lost such big face if she comes forward it was very likely that he’ll be angry.

But when Jiang Mian said so, she had to go even if she didn’t want to.

Once in the lounge, Jiang Mian let go of Tang Anan who was dumbfounded.

“Mian Mian, you didn’t get scared.”

She saw Jiang Mian’s pale face as she covered her heart and really thought that Jiang Mian was really scared.

“A snake could scare me?”

Jiang Mian sat down on a chair and thought of Shen Shiqing’s ugly face and his angry eyes but couldn’t vent his anger, making her mood extraordinarily pleasant.

Jiang Mian was someone who would swim at night alone so it was really difficult for a snake to scare her but—

“Shen Shiqing is not a man!”



tight shoes1– make life difficult for sb

pot that doesn’t boil2– to touch a sour spot, to talk about one’s weak points

crow and peacock making no sound at all3– absolute silence, not a single voice can be heard.

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