Chapter 61

Soon the staff finished counting all the votes, one of the staff took the microphone and said.

“Shen Yan has eight hundred and eleven votes, let us congratulate Shen Yan on winning!”

Li He: “???”

They were the staff she hired for them and yet here they were congratulating someone else.

As by everyone’s knowledge this competition challenge was initiated by Li Xin to Shen Yan so Li He hired some staff and that person who announce the result was of them.

But now that Shen Yan won, they were happy and even congratulate Shen Yan on winning. What were they thinking?

The staff also quickly reacted mainly because she was a fan of Lu Yunchen so she was excited but once she remembered who hired them she hurriedly said.

“Although Li Xin lost, but I hope she can continue to work hard.”

At this time, Li Xin walked on the stage and took the microphone.

“I lost so I’ll quit the competition.”

After saying this, she went straight down and got into her nanny car with Li He.

There were many reporters on the scene, they wanted to ask Li Xin but she was able to run from them. As for Lu Yunchen and Shen Yan, they ran even faster.

Zhou Ruo pulled Wang Peng and Zheng Rou together and run.

The nanny car door pulled open as Zhou Ruo said.

“Our Yanyan won, I invite you to dinner.”

After saying that she stood there looking at Lu Yunchen and couldn’t utter a word.

Wang Peng: “What are you standing there for, let’s go eat ah. I think Shen Yan can win from the very beginning, we also took the banner over to help cheer for Shen Yan.”

Zheng Rou: “We think Shen Yan can win.”

Zhou Ruo: “Lu, Lu Yunchen?”

Lu Yunchen gently smiled.

“I came here by taxi, there are people and reporters outside. Please let me ride then before getting off on the road with few people to get a taxi, sorry for the trouble.”

“No trouble, no trouble, let’s eat together.”

After inviting Lu Yunchen to eat together, Zhou Ruo remembered that she didn’t asked if Lu Yunchen was free so she smiled shyly.

“It’s okay if you’re not free, we’ll send you back first.”

Shen Yan put down her phone, while Lu Yunchen smiled and said.

“I’m free.”

Shen Yan: “….”

What eating with Lu Yunchen?

Wang Peng and Zheng Ruo who followed Zhou Rou were stunned, while the latter was excited as she quickly found a pen and a paper and asked for a sign. She thought she could only watched Lu Yunchen under the stage, unexpectedly she could have dinner with Lu Yunchen.

When they got in to the car, Zheng Rou directly handed the pen and paper to Lu Yunchen looking like a nervous little fan sister. Lu Yunchen was very used to this, he took the pen and paper and signed his name.

Zheng Rou was even more excited who sitting right next to Shen Yan, she then asked Lu Yunhen which role he particularly like which Lu Yunchen answered politely.

Shen Yan had read the book Xianlu several time, she thought about it and opened her weibo to look at the online evaluation of her companion with Li Xin.

Lu Yunchen X Shen Yan.

[Ahhhhhhh, I envy Shen Yan she actually let us Shen Yan help.]

[So right, their chorus songs sounds good, I like them very much.]

[Why does Shen Yan want to be an actress and why is she not a singer? She can start career again as singer by participating in a singer competition.]

[Yunchen dotes on his fans, he help Shen Yan because we wanted Shen Yan to act with him.]

[Shen Yan is an amazing girl, making us star chasing girls continue to fantasize.]

[Stop acting and sing.]

[Hahahahah Shen Yan won, I hope Shen Yan can win the audition draft of Xianlu so that Shen Yan can act with Lu Yunchen or act as female number one.]

[Li Xin took the initiative to withdraw from the race, good good very cool.]

[Waiting for Yunchen’s ad with Shen Yan.]

Seeing this comments, Shen Yan felt that she was somewhat tied to Lu Yunchen and magically the latter’s fans still liked her. Shen Yan put her phone aside as she glanced at Lu Yunchen but did not speak.

At the same time at Meng’s Group.

Meng Yi’an looked at the news on the internet, Assistant Wu didn’t care to speak. He called the senior management of Wei Chen Entertainment company and didn’t let him go up to help Li Xin compete, but who knows what Wei Chen still went up.

After thinking about it, Assistant Wu said.

“President Meng, I’ll contact Wei Chen’s entertainment company about this matter.”

Lu Yunchen even sang a love song with her!

This was the first news found by searching Shen Yan, there was a video of Shen Yan’s chorus with Lu Yunchen and there was video below of Lu Yunchen dragging Shen Yan and the two of them standing together singing.

Meng Yi’an said in a cold voice.

“No need to contact.”

After saying that, Meng Yi’an’s gaze in the video stopped at the car, he paused and said the license plate number after asking.

“This license plate number?”

Assistant Wu hurriedly said.

“Madam’s car but she usually don’t use it.”

As they were talking, Li Cuiyu came over she knocked on the door and entered Meng Yi’an’s office before saying.

“Son, I promised the Li family a few days ago a blind date, go and have a look if it’s not suitable it’s ok.”

As soon as he heard about the blind date, Meng Yi’an said directly.


After a paused he asked.

“Where did you go today?”

Li Cuiyu gave an “Ah” and then said,

“Shopping mall, I went to the mall. I want to buy something but wasn’t able to buy it.”

After that, she wanted to continue talking about the blind date with Meng Yi’an but was told by Meng Yi’an again.

“You don’t about the competition between Shen Yan and Lin Xin.”

Meng Yi’an said, as he looked at Li Cuiyu’s complexion changed.

She went to see Shen Yan lose to Li Xin, it had nothing with that. Why was Meng Yi’an asking her this? Did Meng Yi’an doubt her? No, but really it had nothing to do with her.

Li Cuiyu looked at Meng Yi’an and asked.

“Son, what do you mean!?”

Meng Yi’an said unhurriedly.

“Li Xin is also the daughter of the Li family.”

Aunt Qian said this time.

“Madam, I told you last time that the Li family was not suitable.”

And she had again let Aunt Qian prick her heart. Li Cuiyu pretended to be confused,

“What’s the matter, what’s wrong with Li Xin?”

Meng Yi’an: “Stupid.”

Li Cuiyu: “….”

Indeed quite stupid, it seems that Li Xi wants to compete with Shen Yan and took the initiatice to propose a competition but she lost.

Originally Li Cuiyu wanted to say that Li Xin was Li Xin, Li Xin’s sister was Li Xin’s sister and she was just dragged by her sister and she don’t want Meng Yi’an to date Li Xin’s sister.

But she hesitated and at this time, Assistatn Wu quickly said that Meng Yi’an the he has a meeting.

Li Cuiyu said.

“Well, go busy yourself. I’ll cook delicious food for you when you go home for dinner after the meeting.”

Meng Yi’an got up and went out with muffled sound.

Watching Meng Yi’an walk to the door, Li Cuiyu said.

“Wait, your age is the age to get married. Yi’an don’t think so much about the past besides it’s impossible for you and Shen Yan.”

Meng Yi’an paused his steps.


After waiting for a long time, she did not wait until Meng Yi’an said anything. She hurriedly said.

“I’ll go back first, we Meng family only have you think about it yourself.”


After everyone and Shen Yan had dinner together, Zhou Ruo sent them back one by one. The last one she sent back was Shen Yan. The nanny car stopped at the door of Shen Yan’s community, Zhou Ruo told Shen Yan about her schedule.

She was going to audition on Saturday and audition draft for Xianlu on Sunday.

“Sister Zhou give me a free time on Saturday.”

Zhou Ruo was puzzled for a moment, but then said.


Lu Yunchen’s concert was on Saturday.



TL: i don’t know if the raw i have is not the right one but as i translate i notice that there are some paragraphs that interchange and or missing scattered ideas, i dunno maybe grammar just sucks!! help!!

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