Chapter 21(3)

The original owner went to live with her next father when the three months were up, and later stopped watching ghost movies with him when she lived with her billionaire tyrant father again. The billionaire tyrant father knew that his baby daughter’s character was changeable and did not take it to heart.

However the original owner knew that he was afraid of ghost and watching ghost movies. And now hearing what her billionaire tyrant father said, while she wanted to laugh she couldn’t help but feel a little sad—through the original owner’s memory, she knew that she got along well with her four father when she was a child.

But her youthful rebellious period came, the four fathers spoiled her rotten and always got what she wanted. Under the subtle influence the original owner’s character, she was raised to become more and more arrogant and unruly.

Lost in the thought for a moment, Jiang Mian looked at the lying motionless water ghost. Smiling she said.

“Dad I remember, the ghost movie I am watching this time is quite good. I’ll wait for you to come back and let’s watch together again.”

Han Xu: “…”

The face that just showed on his screen flashed in Han Xu’s mind again. He quickly stabilize his expression and didn’t let his baby daughter see any thoughts displaying in his face. He nodded very naturally.

“Ok, when dad comes back, dad will watch it with you.”

“Then you continue to watch, dad will not disturb you. And soaking in the water for too long will wrinkle your skin, it won’t be beautiful oh.”

After repeatedly admonishing, Han Xu reluctantly hung up the video call.

As soon as he hung up, the billionaire tyrant father slapped his chest then called the Filipino maid and instructed to find a few horror movies out, preferably in 3D!

He has to prep in advance so as not let his baby daughter notice his weakness when he returns home and could watched a ghost movie with his baby girl confidently.

Jiang Mian put down the phone and flashed the flashlight on the water ghost face while the other side avoided. Jiang Mian let go of her foot, when she turned around she saw the water ghost running back to the water, its action was much panicked. Obviously it was afraid of Jiang Mian.

“You grabbed my phone, you scared my dad and you just want to walk away?”

Jiang Mian spoke slowly, while the water ghost ran faster as soon as he heard her speak.

As long as it could hide in the water and not reveal its head, then this bad woman would not be able to take him down.

As a water ghost, there was still a strong desire to survive!

A minute later, the water ghost was once again pressed to the ground and rubbed by Jiang Mian. It finally squeak out, its voice was hoarse. Inaudible to disguise if it was a male or female, but with exasperation it said.

“What the hell do you want?”

“Not up to much, just looking for you.”

Jiang Mian said as she smiled.

Water ghost: “???”


Tang Anan sat at the door like a lookout, waiting for Jiang Mian to come back while looking at the time, Jiang has been out for forty minutes.

Tang Anan doesn’t believe on what Jiang Mian said about going out for a rendezvous. She had been taking care of Jiang Mian closely, and there was no one in the crew that had ambiguous relationship with her so where would she go for a rendezvous.

Xie Siyuan who lives in the same house as them has been busy in the kitchen, getting Jiang Mian a notorious, low-calorie midnight snack with the available ingredients—he was sent over by Qing Jingrun with the instruction that he couldn’t let Jiang Mian lose weight and had to fatten her up a bit.

This fatten up has a range—not too fat, not too thin. It was in between.

As a senior nutritionist, Xie Siyuan has to make every effort to find ways to make Jiang Mian fat just right every day.

“Where is Mian Mian?”

After making a low calories fruit waterlogged, Xie Siyuan came over to find Jiang Mian when he saw Tang Anan’s sad expression and Jiang Mian was not in the room.

Tang Anan gave him a sly look and said.

“She said she went out for a walk and hasn’t come back yet.”

“You didn’t follow her?”

Xie Siyuan was incredulous.

Tang Anan: “She won’t let me follow!”

Just then as they were talking, Jiang Mian with a flashlight came in from the door. Tang Anan was surprised seeing Jiang Mian.

“Mian Mian, why are you soaked all over! What happened? Are you hurt?”

“I just went for a swim, this is for you. I picked it up when I was swimming.”

Jiang Mian casually stuffed something into Tang Anan’s hand, took the fruit waterlogged in Xie Siyuan’s hand and went back to the room with a brisk gait.

Tang Anan stared at the objet in her hand and asked Xie Siyuan blankly.

“…..What is this?”

Xie Siyuan picked it up and looked at it.

“It’s gold, it’s such a big piece at that. When you go to the city, you can take this out to melt or sell. It should be worth of tens of thousands.”

Tang Ann opened her lips, feeling her throat a little dry.

“A few tens of thousands of yuan and she just gave it to me?”

Even if she had just picked it, she doesn’t need to be generous. The female artist she used to work with had never given her anything.

No, the important thing was not this. The point was why Jiang Mian at night went swimming but also picked up a gold lumped back?

When she returned to the room, Tang Anan had the intention to ask two questions but looking at the tightly closed bed curtain she had to swallow her words back.

–Although Jiang Mian and Tang Anan live in the same room, Jiang Mian had Tang Anan make a sealed bed curtain around her bed so that she could easily meditate on the bed, lest she be seen by Tang Anan with a surprised face.

Jiang Mian absorbed the newly acquired spiritual energy though her body and finally sank into her dantian. When she opened her eyes again, it was already dawn, her body was relaxed and her spirit was better than ever—she had finally reached the first level of Qi refinement!

It took nearly two months to finally break through the first Qi refinement, this progress compared to her previous life was the speed of cheetahs and turtles.

But in this world where there was a lack of spiritual energy and the original owner’s talent was poor, it’s already not bad to reach the first level of Qi refinement in just two months.

After the breakthrough, her body once again forced out some impurities. Jiang Mian rushed to the bathroom to rinse.

Tang Anan came in with breakfast, and when she saw Jiang Mian her whole body was frozen.

Jiang Mian: “?”

Tang Anan froze and said.

“Mian Mian I think you’ve become beautiful again.”

Facing Jiang Mian, she suddenly had a feeling that she was not a woman.

Jiang Mian smiled and did not speak, Tang Anan put down her breakfast and was a little excited.

“Today your scene with Guan Xi is the selection of village flower, you stand with her for them to see who is the real village flower at a glance, clearly!”

In the play, Song Yunan organizes a main cultural performance for students on New Year’s Day, Li Wanjing and Li Wanrong both submitted programs. And someone suggested to choose the most beautiful girl between them.

Li Wanjing and Li Wanrong had the same number of votes, so the last vote fell to Song Yunan. Whoever he voted for would win.

At this time Song Yunan has secretly fallen in love with Li Wanjing, in order to avoid suspicion he voted for Li Wanrong.

It was this action that led Li Wanrong mistakenly think that Song Yunan like her. For later Li Wanrong intercepted the letter to lay the ambush.

After packing up and arriving at the set, they found the atmosphere on the set was not quite right and soon Jiang Mian knew about it.

Shen Shiqing actually came.

He came with an extremely extravagant appearance and with bodyguards, everyone know that Shen Shiqing was the chief investor. Unexpectedly they did not think he would actually come this ravine.

And as soon as he came up, he directly stated that he was visiting a friend and as to who that friend was. After knowing that, the staff looked at Guan Xin’s differently.

Because she was the second the female, people could see that she and Jiang Mian had something going on them. The staff were at the helm and their attitude towards her was naturally not much better.

They never thought that behind Guan Xin was actually Shen Shiqing!

Facing all kinds of complicated envious eyes that everyone looks towards her, Guan Xin couldn’t help but hook her lips.

Shen Shiqing’s arrival invariably gave her support and made her raised her eyebrows a bit.

Seeing this, Jiang Mian tsked. She thought of something then slowly walked towards Shen Shiqing.



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