ECM 37


Chapter 37

Xu Zhaixing hurriedly denied with three consecutive.

“I did not! I didn’t think of anything! Don’t worry!”

What kind of person her idol was? Doesn’t she already know!? Those x-ray that couldn’t even detect stain but with her eyes it was very visible! So Xu Zhaixing raised the brim of her hat with both hands as she leaned over and whispered in an angry voice.

“Brother, if you were kidnapped you blink.”

Cen Feng: “….”

The girl next to him who brought him the wipe couldn’t help but ask.

“Cen Feng who is this little sister?”

Xu Zhaixing also looked like she came from a wealthy background, her pair of shoes were limited edition in the world. One couldn’t get them without any contact inside, so of course they recognized them at a glance.

Before they all felt that Cen Feng didn’t like them very much, these rich people were not foolish enough as to not read Cen Feng’s body language towards them— this little handsome boy has self-reliance, indifferent and does not care nor feel anything.

But seeing him now—he was gentle and delicate with this little sister who was obviously in the same world as them.

The person who was always indifferent suddenly became gentle, he may look like the same in the surface but the piercing coldness in his eyes was gone and was replace with gentle and soft smile.

Ahhhhhhh so jealous!

Cen Feng glanced at Xu Zhaixing, he paused before saying in a light voice.

“It’s my little sister.”

Xu Zhaixing: “?”

Who wants to be your sister? Baby you wake up!!! Although I call you brother but I’m still a career biased mother fan an! You’re just a kid in my heart(?) you’re just a brat in my heart (?) Ah!

Xu Zhaixing looked young, she usually doesn’t put on makeup and dresses like a student so the rich girl didn’t think much about it and believe what he said.

“Your sister is so cute, just like you!”

Xu Zhaixing: “?”

I feel offended.

Cen Feng faintly interrupted them, he lowered his eyes and looked at Xu Zhaixing.

“Want a ride home?”

She hurriedly shook her head.

“No, no, I just saw the weather is good today so I’m out for a ride. Brother you go busy yourself and do not worry about me! I’ll ride a little longer and then go back!”

Cen Feng looked at her for a few seconds as if judging whether she was telling the truth and finally told her with sincere eyes.

“Be careful.”

Xu Zhaixing’s heart fluttered as she tried to hold back her excitement and nodded obediently.

“Goodbye brother.”

Cen Feng turned around and walked back, Xu Zhaixing thought of something and hurriedly called out to him.

“Brother, your hat!”

She was about to raise her hand to take off the hat when Cen Feng turned around and said.

“The sun is strong, wear it.”

Xu Zhaixing was so happy that she was about to turned around in circles.

She just received the third gift from her idol!!!

When Cen Feng came back, several of the girls also returned back inside the car. Looking out through the window, they looked at the little girl standing by the side of the road. She slightly tilted her head to prevent the brim of the hat from falling down and her eyes were shining brightly waving to them.

The girl who looked like the leader of the group, named Yun Shu sat on the passenger seat. She said to Cen Feng after buckling up.

“Your sister looks especially fond of you.”

Cen Feng did not speak. After starting the car he inclined his head to look out the window and then turned the car around.

Yun Shu asked.

“Not testing anymore?”

Cen Feng said indifferently.

“En, it’s done.”

The car soon drove back to the motorcycle store, the boss was surprised seeing them back too soon.

“Back already? Cen Feng you don’t want take Shushu around more? Occasionally you have to give them some sweets otherwise how will they patronize you?”

Several girls laughed and went to hit the boss.

Cen Feng parked the car, came out and asked the boss.

“Brother Yong, can I borrow that dead fly1 to ride?”

Brother Yong waved his head,

“Go ride it, but be careful ah. Have you ever ridden a dead fly before?”

Cen Feng nodded, he then immediately took the dead fly out and slightly checked to make sure it was still usable and rode off. Yun Shu leaned on the door of the sports car, her fingers clasped a cigarette and sighed sadly.

“So he send us back hurriedly so he could ride to find that little sister.”

The little sister in the back stretched out a foot from the sports car, she was wearing the same pair of sneaker as Xu Zhaixing, and said quietly.

“Different lives in the same shoes.”


The sky was covered with white and fluffy clouds.

And the afternoon sun was hidden behind these clouds, hiding its bright.

Xu Zhaixing was riding up a long slope followed by a downhill, so there was no need for her to pedal and just like a cars skipping down her speed was very fast good thing was there was no car around. She was so excited and squeal while enjoying the speed and as a result she was too complacent that her hat was blown off by the wind.

Her speed downhill was too fast that she didn’t dare to brake quickly, it was also not easy to stop safely. The bike has slipped a long way and the hat was left alone on a half slope distance.

Xu Zhaixing hurriedly pushed the bike to the side of the road and ran up back to the slope to pick up the hat.

Riding downhill was very cool but climbing upwards feels to terrible.

While riding down was a blast especially since there was no one on the wide road except the occasional speeding car. The sunlight stretched her shadow, swaying it’s reflection on a hot road. Xu Zhaixing was puffing and panting up the slope when a figure appeared in front of her.

Seeing the figure in front of her, the first that came to her mind was which idiot was running out to ride a bike in a hot day like herself.

But the next moment she clearly saw the figure, it was her idol.

Xu Zhaixing: “…….”

Sorry, I’ll slap myself.

Dead fly doesn’t have breaks, and it would be hard to stop in a downhill section but Cen Feng was knowledgeable in this area and was able to stop the dead fly effortless. He step the wheel at the back and swings the front wheel to the left, and stabilize his body making a beautiful brake. He put on the kickstand and walked over to pick up the hat.

Xu Zhaixing quickened her pace and ran up. When she ran to him, she was already panting heavily and was very tired. Her face was covered with oil and sweat but her eyes were still bright. She was excited and happy as she asked him.

“Brother why are you back?”

He patted the dust on the hat and put it back on her head, his action were clearly very warm but his tone remained indifferent.

“It’s too remote and is unsafe here.”

Xu Zhaixing squeezed her little fist and shook the watch on her wrist.

“Not afraid, I have this tracker watch bound to my brother’s phone. He can see it at any time!”

He glanced at it, but said nothing. He walked back and pushed the dead fly over.

Xu Zhaixing’s eyes bulged out.

“Brother, this bike is so beautiful! The body is so smooth, it looks much better than mine!”

Cen Feng walked to her and gave her a sideways glanced

“Want to ride with me on this?”

Xu Zhaixing pursed her lips excitedly and asked modestly.

“Is it okay?”

Cen Feng: “No.”

Xu Zhaixing: “?”

The corners of his lips hook up in a split of seconds and quickly returned to the usual indifference as he said in a light voice.

“This is not safe.”

Xu Zhaixing couldn’t help but talk back.

“Then why can you ride it?”

“I just can.”

He obviously still had a cold expression but Xu Zhaixing could hear cheerfulness in his emotionless face. She deliberately huffed and said.

“Humph sly child.”

Cen Feng lowered his eyes and smiled silently.

Seeing him smile, Xu Zhaixing simply made her heart melt. She silently prayed that her brother would be happy like this all the time.

After going down the slope, they stopped to the place where Xu Zhaixing parked her bike. She ran over and rode it, she then asked him excitedly.

“Brother, do you want to compete with me? Whoever loses must promised the other party a condition!”

Cen Feng hooked the pedal up with his toes and stepped on it.


Xu Zhaixing counted.

“One! Two! Three!”

She dashed out with vigor as her two small feet pedal fast but after pedaling hard for a while she found something wrong. Looking back Cen Feng was not in a hurry nor slow, he just followed her three or four meters away and when she goes fast and so was he but when she slows down he would also do. He never overtakes her.

How could he negotiate terms with a little girl? He’s letting her win without being so obvious.

He was always like this, he never said anything even if he was obviously suffering so much aggravation and hurt. He also did not once complain about the world.

Xu Zhaixing felt like she was tortured seeing him like this.

Knowing how he jumped from one fire pit to another and how he was hurt by the world again and again. She thought that if she was the one who experiences those things, she would not be able to stand what he has been through from childhood to adulthood.

He must have resented it so much that he wanted to die with the world.

But he has never hurt anyone from the beginning to the end.

No matter how much hate, no matter how painful, how unwilling he would always aimed the knife at himself.

Until finally he would kill himself.

Xu Zhaixing stopped at the intersection of the road ahead. She closed her eyes and looked back with a bright smile.

“Brother I won!”

He smiled very lightly.

“En, you win.”

She made a torn look and mused.

“I need to think about what conditions to make.”

Cen Feng slowly pedaled the bike as he listened to her muttering to herself.

This is not good, this is not good I finally won so the conditions should not be made casually but a big one!

The two rode down the road for a long, long time until the sun had begun to go down west.

Xu Zhaixing finally said with an excited face.

“I’ve got it.”

Cen Feng steadied the dead fly and stopped to look at her.


She looked at him with bright eyes and with a small expectation in her voice.

“I want my brother to do something that makes him happy every day then write it down in a notebook with year, month and sday listed so next time when we meet again you can give me the notebook!”

Cen Feng was stunned for a moment, his always indifferent expression finally loosened. He paused for a while and asked softly.


Xu Zhaixing looked vexed.

“It’s homework, the teacher asked us to collect the happy moments of our friends around us and write a weekly journal. But I was playing the whole week, so will brother help me with my homework?”

Cen Feng looked into her eyes, his thin lips tensed into a line and did not speak for a long time.

Just when Xu Zhaixing thought that her acting had been seen through, he finally heard him whisper.


She was so happy that the joy in her eyes could not be hidden. The wristwatch at her wrist at this time was ticking, then a message from Xu Yan came in saying he was ready to pick her up. Cen Feng glanced at her watch, he held the dead fly as he said quietly.

“I’m going back.”

Xu Zhaixing hurriedly nodded, and was about to speak when Cen Feng continued as if he knew what she would say.

“I will eat well and sleep well.”

She smiled happily making her eyes curved like a pretty crescent moons,


Cen Feng turned the dead fly and stepped on the pedal, revealing half of his ankle bone distinctly. Xu Zhaixing reluctantly stared at his back.

“Brother goodbye….”

He didn’t turn around and just waved his hands as he rode off out of her sight.

Ten minutes later, Xu Yan pulled up beside her in his SUV. Xu Zhaixing sat on the steps of the road with her face in daze, Xu Yan moved her bike to the trunk and asked her.

“Are you tired?”

She said despondently.

“Brother, I’m going back to S City soon will you miss me?”

Xu Yan: “No.”

“….you are too heartless.”

The pleasant summer vacation was over, Mother Xu called several days in advance to ask her if she had booked a flight and when she would return. Xu Zhaixing went to Chen Xing to say goodbye to everyone and boarded the plane home.


dead fly1Dead Fly (Fixed Gear), and is not a one-way freewheel bicycle wheel and pedals always in interlocking state. Therefore, even if the vehicle is coasting, the rider still needs to step on the pedal. Because of this feature, the dead fly can brake without the presence of a brake system. The way is very simple, the legs are reversed to force the wheels to stop turning.


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