Chapter 160

Fu Zhen was discharge from the hospital the day after giving birth to the child. The child was fed by Madam Jiang’s wet nurse that she hired in advance, and within a few days she grew fat and white and does not bother people—a very worry free child.

Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen were now fathers, at the beginning Fu Zhen couldn’t even hold the child and could only hold Jiang Fu’s arms. Especially when Jiang Fu opener her mouth and screamed, it scared Fu Zhen and was petrified on the spot.

The nanny on the side picked up the child and began to feed her, Xiao Jiang Fu immediately stopped howling and waved her small hands in the air.

After drinking her milk, she then have a satisfied hiccup. Seeing this, Fu Zhen felt that he might be sprouted to death by his little cutie.

Jiang Fu looks was getting better and better every day, she no longer looked like she was when she first came, a wrinkled little monkey-like appearance. Her hair was also thicker and her blue eyes were exactly the same as Jiang Hengshu.

She has enough energy to play every day as her big eyes always turns around and looked at everything around curiously.

Jiang Fu has a nickname which was given by Grandfather Jiang, it was Cocoa. Grandfather Jiang especially likes this granddaughter, he doesn’t go out to play chess, fishing and mahjong anymore with those old friends these days.

When he’s free he stays by Cocoa’s side and teases his little great granddaughter.

“How fast.”

Grandfather Jiang sighed with Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu one day.

“I thought that it would take another ten or eight years to see Hengshu’s child to be born. I didn’t expect to see her so soon.”

Indeed, according to Jiang Hengshu’s nature before it was possible for him to be a DINK or not get married at all so the child’s arrival this time was really amazing.

After knowing that Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen did not intend to stay at home for a long time, Grandfather Jiang was slightly disappointed and came to ask Fu Zhen specially.

“You still want to move out huh?”

Fu Zhen understands Grandfather Jiang’s reluctance, so he was in put difficult situation. It’s not impossible to stay in the Jiang Family but there were too many people in the Jiang family and it’s inconvenient for him and Jiang Hengshu to do anything.

Another problem was that the Jiang family lives in a villa in the middle of the mountain, the traffic was also a problem.

Grandfather Jiang saw the difficulty on Fu Zhen’s face so immediately said.

“Move out, move out the road here is not easy but remember to come back often to see grandpa when there is nothing to do.”

“I will.”

Fu Zhen promised.

Grandfather Jiang turned his head and continued to tease the child in the rocking bed as he smilingly said to little Jiang Fu.

“Cocoa, cocoa remember Grandpa.”

Jiang Fu reached out his little hand and grabbed his fingers, babbling as if she was really promising to her Grandfather Jiang.

Fu Zhen rested at home for more than twenty days, feeling almost recovered so he planned to start working.

Jiang Henshu also agreed for him to work, after all it was hard for a person to be alone in the house and do nothing.

However he made three rules with Fu Zhen. He couldn’t work more than 8 hours and must sleep before 11 o’clock in the evening.

And lastly when his health was better, they must go to the hospital for rehabilitation treatment of his left leg.

Before the official start of work, Fu Zhen asked Luo Pingping out to meet. The latter was nearly 40 years old but looked well maintained looking like he was only on his thirties.

After chatting with Luo Pingping about some script-related issues, Fu Zhen asked Luo Pingping.

“I’ve scheduled the audition for the movie next Monday, does teacher Luo want to come along?”

Luo Pingping nodded and accepted Fu Zhen’s invitation.

“Then I’ll see what kind of protagonist you plan to choose out for this book of mine?”

Fu Zhen assured Luo Pingping.

“I will make sure you are satisfied.”

His studio was under Hexi entertainment of Jiang family, he could also use their resources freely although the employees in the company doesn’t know Fu Zhen’s identity but since Jiang Hengshu personally arrange everything for him, the managers from Hexi Entertainment therefore did not dare to neglect Fu Zhen at all.

They would help him with the resources and convenience he wanted as much as possible.

What Fu Zhen lacks now was contact in this circle that Hexi entertainment has. Adhering to the concept of scattered nets everywhere and focusing on fishing, Fu Zhen has sent audition invitation to many artist in the circle.

Among them, there were popular vase actress1, a new generation powerful actors as well as “old people” who have hardly played any leading role in the entertainment industry after many years in the circle.

The news that Fu Zhen was going to shoot <<White Castle>> also spread after he sent the invitation for the auditions.

Since the broadcast and scandal  of Fu Zhen’s Chun Huashan, his popularity has reached peak that time and everyone has speculated about his next plan and when he would return to the Fu’s.

However as Fu Zhen has been in silence, he gradually never saw the news about him on the internet again and the netizens have forgotten this person called Fu Zhen. Only fans of Shazou Chronicle have been there for months and days as they sent messages to Fu Zhen.

Now that they know Fu Zhen was going back to his old job and continue making movies, the reaction of netizens was.

[What is White Castle? Is the title the same with the adaptation? I’ve never heard of it.]

Then someone mentioned that << Last Night’s West Wind Withered Green Trees>> seems to be the plagiarized copy of the <<White Castle>> and suspected that Fu Zhen wanted to rub that heat.

However considering that <<White Castle>> was the victim in this plagiarism case no one dared to say things easily and just waited for the future development before making their judgment.

Generally speaking, everyone on the internet knows that Fu Zhen wanted to shoot the <<White Castle>> but no one doesn’t pay much attention to it. If there was no big news behind, the film may have to be quiet before the movie releases.

Fu Zhen sent out hundreds of invitation audition that day, but only more than 30 people came to audition on Monday, and 90% came for the male and female lead. Luo Ping Ping then said that he was going to suffer this time.

On the hand Fu Zhen was full of confidence, he didn’t expect that those he invited would come in fact it was enough for him to consider that most of the people on the list now would come.

After browsing through the auditions’ information and organizing them roughly, Fu Zhen said to the staff at the door.

“Let’s begin.”



vase actress1- beautiful actress

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