Chapter 37

The preliminary competition of Starlight Junior was pre-recorded and after entering the elimination round, it done would be LIVE. Pre-recording would be once a week and each week the contestants have to prepare a new performance, the competition system was cruel and the selection was not easy.

Tickets for the show were not officially on sale, in case the entire audience would be full of fans of the mentors which would make it awkward for the contestants, so the show’s team divided the tickets into several batches.

The official support of each mentor would be given to some fans, the official show would give it to the fans in the form of voting, or give it away with the contribution of the backing hit list. Scalpers give each males some profit and all fans would rush to buy. The major media give some big V to increase the heat and exposure.

There were also some contestants who were not newcomers, they have already debuted or had their works and have a certain fan base. Fans of these contestants also have tickets.

Sheng Qiao also got a part of the tickets and gave full authority to Chacha to handle it.

This was the first variety show she signed with her new company and the first variety show of the new year, the support aspect could not be weak. Chacha immediately in the official blog appeal to fans who want to go out the scene to order light signs in advance and . The management of the support group also contributed money to raise funds to order light banner, when it was time to distribute the banners and light signs, Sheng Qiao’s fans agreed to distribute it on first come first served.

Sheng Qiao raised 2000 yuan for herself

It was soon the day for the pre-recording of the first episode of the program.

Both mentors and the contestants had to arrive early, rehearsing in the morning and recording in the afternoon. When Sheng Qiao arrived the contestants were already rehearsing, the mentor lounge had a big screen connected to the screen on the stage. Singer-songwriter Wei Hedong and singer Ye Tong had arrived, they were sitting on the sofa watching the contestants’ rehearsal performance and talking and commenting from time to time.

After Sheng Qiao came in, she greeted them one by one. They were all seniors in the circle and it was a good etiquette for a junior to greet a senior. Ye Tong was from a girl group, she looked charming and her aura was very strong. Smiling she said.

“Xiao Qiao, you quickly come see these contestants, leave a first impression in advance to figure out how to comment later when we record.”

Sheng Qiao answered and sat next to Ye Tong, the contestant on the screen was singing a lyrical song. Wei Hedong said.

“Her breathing is not too steady, but the vocal is not bad.”

He said this while he buried his head on the list in his hand and wrote on it.

The program team also handed Sheng Qiao a list of contestant, 100 contestants. Their respective information were listed clearly, some contestants’ names were also marked with asterisk.

Sheng Qiao asked Ye Tong.

“What do these asterisked ones mean?”

Ye Tong looked at her and seemingly surprised that she didn’t even know this, but she patiently explained.

“These are the contestants who have been signed to Le Yi and their strength is good.”

She didn’t say it explicitly but Sheng Qiao did understand it.

These contestants were sure to be promoted, and they must be praised at the show.

Contestants rehearsed one after another, the preliminary round would eliminate half of the people. The rehearsal was a walk in the park or mainly to see the effect of the LIVE sound stage.

Soon the audience also began to enter. Each family took their own and majestic sign lights making the atmosphere very hot.

Nearing the opening, the first line of traffic Li Yao has not arrived yet.

The director’s team was anxious that they kept calling. Li Yao finally arrived at the last minute, as soon as he entered the door he was covered in the smell of gasoline which could be smell from a distance.

The assistant explained.

“On the way a delivery hit our car.”

Li Yao’s face darkened as he sat down and sits beside her without talking. Everyone in the circle knows that he has a bad temper and was easy to get angry, some people call him temperamental while others call him ill bred.

Ye Tong knew him, they were artists of the same type. They had attended many occasions together and advised him.

“We’ll start recording soon, do not sulk you’ll ruin your handsome face.”

Li Yao glanced at her and the anger on his face gradually dissipated but it was still cold. He got up and greeted Sheng Qiao and Wei Hedong. After the host warmed up the stage, the three mentors and star mover entered.

For a moment, cheer overturned the roof. Whoever’s named was called as they all shout their name in excitement, after all the tickets were distributed separately. There was red on the other side, green light on this side, purple on that side and a silver light on the other side.

To say with the most color, it was Li Yao’s purple lights.

After the fans shouted excitedly, Li Yao’s name gradually overshadowed several others. Just behind Sheng Qiao sat two of her fans, two short girls while holding a board with “Qiao” written on it, taking advantage of the host warming up in front of them they secretly shouted at Sheng Qiao.

“Qiao Qiao, we like you so much, jiayou!”

Sheng Qiao did not turn around but put her hand behind her back and gave them a heart hand sign.

The two little girls squealed with excitement, drawing unsatisfied look from Li Yao who was nearby.

The contestant soon began to take the stage and the recording officially began.

Although Sheng Qiao could neither sing nor dance but even if she hadn’t seen a pig run she has still eaten a pork. Huo Xi, from his debut to the peak of his career and then jumping to another field—singing, dancing and acting he has progress every year. And every year he made people happy as he shine brightly and she as a fan who had been chasing him again and again, made her ears and eyes long been bred to see perfection and flaws.

The first few contestants were simply chosen by the show to be the cannon fodder.

Li Yao who was already on a bad mood, itching to comments his dislike on the performance without any care that there were live audience.

“Were you dancing? I thought you were doing radio gymnastic.”

“You broke your voice at the end? What you’re saying that’s your technique? That groundhog scream is also technique now.”

“This is a song you composed yourself? You wrote a song with just one chord?”

“There is light in front of the bed and you in my heart, this is the lyrics? Li Bai1 will pretend to be a corpse, I’ll tell you.”


Sheng Qiao stifled in laughter, it was hard for her to hold it back.

It was only at the ninth number that a white and clean looking teenager finally appeared. The fans at the scene were itching to see something ‘spectacular’ and now finally a person nourishing their eyes appeared, they immediately cheered.

Sheng Qiao looked down and saw that it was indeed the player marked with an asterisk.

After the performance, the three mentors took turn to comment. Li Yao this time was restrained, after all he need to give the program a face. He commented a few lines like his dance was good to give the promotion.

Ye Tong and Wei Hedong also complimented from their professional reviews respectively, giving him the promotion.

Finally it was Sheng Qiao’s turn, and everyone was thinking,

‘She doesn’t know anything, what can she say?’

Then they heard Sheng Qiao say.

“When the stage chasing light fell on you I was wondering why such a teenager would appear here ah, until I saw your dance and heard your song then I realizes that the angel came down to baptize the earth.”

The three instructors: “????”

Audience: “????”

Player: “…thanks… thanks to Ms. Xiao Qiao….”

The first qualified player was born. Today, there were only 50 places for promotion half of which should be brushed off. The program places the cannon fodder contestants among the contracted contestants thus setting off the excellence of the contracted contestants.

Li Yao spares no effort to dislike the other contestants, and Sheng Qiao spares no effort to praise the advancing contestants.

–Li Yao: Come on, eyes over here, who are you jumping at? The director’s team? Will the director’s teams let you advance?

–Sheng Qiao: Has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful eyes? Like a reflection of the stars in the sky.

–Li Yai: Rapping is not reciting, why don’t you just perform a poem recitation for us and have a better chance of advancing.

–Sheng Qiao: If I hadn’t seen the sunlight, I could have endured the darkness. If I hadn’t seen your performance, I could have no ripples in my heart.

–Li Yao: Is this your performance costume? You made it yourself? Then why didn’t you just go to a designer competition?

–Sheng Qiao: We like the wind because it is refreshing, we like sunshine because it give warmth. We like snow because it is purely beautiful, we like you because you are like the wind, like the light and like the snow.


Wei Hedong: “???”

Ye Tong: “???”

What’s wrong with you two?

When evening came, the crew had a half time break. At this time, the mentors and contestants could leave for dinner and rest but the audience couldn’t. The audience has to sit until the end of the whole recording.

And before they came in, their mobile phones and video equipment were checked in. At this time sitting on their seats would be tiring and boring.

When Sheng Qiao and the three mentors were eating the meal prepared by the program team backstage, Ye Tong asked her.

“Xiao Qiao, what did you major in? Why do you open your mouth with poetry and prose?”

This was a not a profession, this was a natural skill that comes from chasing after stars.

Sheng Qiao smiled “shyly”.

“I usually love to read essay collections.”

Everyone laughed hearing her say this. After a few hours of recording they became familiar with each other, they were no longer as unfamiliar as before. But Li Yao still didn’t talk mch, it seemed that he wanted to keep the high cool persona to the end.

After eating a few people sat down to rest and play with their phones, Sheng Qiap drank the coffee bought by Ding Jian. She then got up and went to the restroom, ready to enter the field later.

The toilet on this floor was not divided into artist and audiences, when Sheng Qiao went to the rest room two girls stood at the door talking. They wore silver bracelets on their wrist, flashing with light.

One of the girls looked up and saw the approaching Sheng Qiao, her pupils immediately dilated as she wanted to scream but was able to cover her mouth and hurriedly pulled the other girl.

The other girl was chubby and particularly cute, turned her head and saw Sheng Qiao. She also had the same reaction.

Three people looked at each other, no one said anything.

Finally it was Sheng Qiao who couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

“Are you Qiao Fans?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Qiao Qiaio! We are!”

“God what luck do I have to meet Qiao Qiao in the toilet….”

Sheng Qiao asked.

“Were you tired of sitting?”

“Not tired, not tired! Not tired at all!!!”

Sheng Qiao chatted with them for a few minutes, Fang Bai came over and urged to get ready to go on. She nodded and turned back to ask.

“I have to go now oh, you pay attention to safety when you leave the field later.”

They nodded together and said.

“Qiao Qiao can we take a picture with you?”

Then they looked sad again.

“The phone was confiscated by the program group.”

Sheng Qiao thought about it, she hugged the two little girls and said softly.

“Then use this instead of a group photo.”

Fang Bai called out to her again.

“Sister Qiao Qiao, come on.”

Sheng Qiao waved at them, turned around and walked away.

While the two fans froze in place and after a long, long time one of them said.

“She smells so good.”

“So soft and sweet…”

“Ooooooooh Qiao Qiao took the initiative and hugged me…”

“I’m going to cry, my legs are weak help me up.”


Sheng Qiao had already walked to the entrance when she suddenly felt as if she had forgotten one thing. It wasn’t until the recording continued and the contestants came on stage that she was finally reminded by her bladder and that she had forgotten to go to the bathroom.

The recording lasted until the latter part of the night before it finally ended. And the audience, artist, contestants and staff were exhausted. The remaining 50 contestants left behind needs to prepare for their new talents to show and participate in the elimination round half a month later.

Starting with the elimination round, the show would be broadcasted LIVE.

Today’s recording would be cut into the first issue and broadcasted it in Le Yi next Saturday.

Sheng Qiao was sent home by Fang Bai, after taking a shower she rolled into her bed. She had just signed a contract and Zhongxia didn’t seem to want to put pressure on her so for the next few weeks since Bei Mingfan didn’t arrange new jobs except bringing her a few professional books related to performance skills.

Sheng Qiao would read the books every day at home, she has also started raising flowers and catch up on drama, over all she had been relaxed these days.

By Saturday, the first episode of “Starlight Juniour” finally aired.

Le Yi has been warming up for so long, the whole network knows that there was such talent variety show. In addition to fans, passers-by also want to see if there was a new and beautiful little brother with refreshing attitude.

Then netizens discovered that Sheng Qiao who they thought was useless as a vase was fancying rainbow farts in it.

What starlight, moonlight, snow, sunshine, breeze, streams, jade, clouds and beads—only she could think of these.

[She actually used the “wine night glass” to describe the contestants. Damn she could even use these flowery words to describe people?]

[But on the second thought, it seems to be possible and quite rhyming….]

The netizens asked in unison.

May we ask if Sheng Qiao is made of rainbow farts!



Li Bai1– (701-762), famous Tang Dynasty poet

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