Chapter 49

The cold winter wind was swirling in the courtyard and one or two dried leaves left on the tress were brought down by the wind and swirled to the ground.

Jiang Yunting couldn’t believe looking at Jiang Liangchan and then looked at the expressionless Chen Fang standing opposite, thinking he might have just heard wrong.

“Sister, do you mean to ask him to be my practice partner before the martial arts competition?”

Jiang Liangchan nodded vigorously.

In this bleak winter courtyard the only bright thing in the audience was her hopeful eyes.

How nice! I could always save my family with my wit.

Jiang Liangchan thought as she was greatly moved with her idea.

On contrary Jiang Yunting had rejection written all over his body.

He glanced at Chen Fang and retreated to where Jiang Liangchan was, whispering trying communicate with her.

“Sister I agree with your logic.

“You said I can have a partner and I agreed.”

“You said I should a spar with someone, I agreed.”

“But the other side should be good at kung fu, I’ll agree more otherwise how can they beat me.”

Jiang Liangchan: “….”

“And the other party must not be afraid of identity in order to spare no effort which is also right.”


Jiang Liangchan looked at him threateningly.

“But what?”

Jiang Yunting raised his chin as he confidently said.

“But if this person is Chen Fang, then no.”

Don’t ask him why because there was no reason after all he was Young Master Jiang this was his right.

Also he was upset from the first moment he saw Chen Fang for no reason.

Jiang Liangchan also did not ask him why.

She just looked at him with an indescribable gaze and said quietly.

“I have searched the whole house and this is the only one who says you are not good at kung fu.”

Jiang Yunting was upset even more, he knew Chen Fang was obnoxious and sure enough he dared to insult him openly before he started teaching.

It was this kind of man he couldn’t stand.

Jiang Yunting rolled up his sleeves in a very manly manner as the wind blew coldly.

“So the only one that was telling the truth is this one.”

Jiang Liangchan slyly added the latter half of the sentence.

“Yes, this is destined to be your only opponent.”

Jiang Yunting felt miserable.

But Jiang Liangchan was a hundred time more miserable than him.

Do you know what the real identity of this person is?

Do you know the relationship between our family and him?

Do you know that he is the male lead and our family is on opposite group with him?

Do you know how hard your sister tried to get the Jiang family away from him?

Chen Fang has been standing across him without talking, and hearing Jiang Liangchan’s words he suddenly clasped his arms and smiled a little.

He smiled gently.

“So Miss Jiang dragged me here for this.”

He smiled extra gentle today.

But in the eyes of Jiang Yunting, he was particularly ungrateful.

Because for him that kind of gentleness was just like the elders looking at the childish nonsense, as if they were full of condescending tolerance.

It’s a look at the inclusion of a little tolerance.

Sure enough Chen Fang’s next words came out in such gentle and accommodating manner.

“I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint the lady, I really don’t have the ability and have no time to accompany him.”

“I will leave first.”

Right after Chen Fang said this, like an urchin spikes Jiang Yunting spikes was forcibly pulled up.

Jiang Yunting exploded in an instant.

Just now he hated Chen Fang that he wanted him out of his sight right away but now he wanted to nail him in place so that he couldn’t run at all.

Jiang Yunting angrily stopped him.

“Stop right there, what do you mean? How dare you! Do you fucking despise me? Did you just sarcastically say that to me? Don’t think I can’t hear you ah!”

He picked up one of the sticks used for practice.

Tremble mortal!

And see my wrath, though it would be too late to shiver now.

Later you just kneel down and call me grandpa but even that would be of no use!

Chen Fang really stood still and just glanced at the aggressive Jiang Yunting. He then raised his hand and only gave a light tap on the stick that Jiang Yungting was firmly holding.

Jiang Yunting did not know what had just happened, his arm went numb and dropped the stick he was holding firmly to the ground with a clang.

Chen Fang smiled lightly.

“Young master, you are blocking my way.”

Then Jiang Yunting’s body was flicked as if he was involuntarily pushed to the side.

Chen Fang who walked passed him, did not forgot to turn back and said something.

“Young master, sticks are dangerous and should not be played with, it’s better to play something else.”

Master Zhang who was originally leaning against the tree shook his head and narrowed his eyes as he slowly straightened his body.

Jiang Yunting on the other hand stood frozen in place, not moving an inch.

The numbness in his arms was still there.

And the feeling of his body being pushed away was still there.

The stick that just pushed away like it was nothing to the ground was still rolling.

He don’t know if it was luck or just the gap of their strength.

If it was a luck, it seems to be that luck was always on his side just like last time.

After Chen Fang said those words, he had to intention of staying and has now walked out several steps.

Jiang Liangchan was a bit anxious, biting her lip she was ready to go after Chen Fang again.

But someone behind her opened his mouth first.


Jiang Yunting picked up the stick on the ground and pick up another one, he then walked slowly past Jiang Liangchan and walked behind Chen Fang.

“Please wait a minute.”

The arrogant young master Jiang broke the rules by adding the word please.

Chen Fang paused for a moment and stopped on his tracks.

Jiang Yunting reached out and handed one of the sticks forward.

“I want to have a formal match with you.”

Because of the words he used to invite him, Chen Fang did not refuse.

But the match was unusually short, lasting only one round before the stick in Jiang Yunting’s hand broke into two pieces.

Jiang Yunting silently glanced at the half-section of the broken stick in his hand, dropped it on the ground and with his bare hands he made into a fist, he repositioned himself.

“Come again.”

After a round.

Jiang Yunting pursed his lips and set up his starting position again.


After another round.





The light of the day gradually moved westward and the shadows on the ground were changed from westward to eastward.

Jiang Yunting gasped and propped himself up on his knees, trying to get his body straightened back.

Chen Fang was still standing calmly across him, and his breath was not messy at all.

Even he loses in the competition, he couldn’t lose the last bit of his spirit to win.

Chen Fang looked at him with downcast eyes and watched him panting like a cow, obviously he was trying to stand with all of his strength. But he had to hold up while panting and could only strengthened his spine a little.

He gave the first hind of approval of the day with a faint detectable look.



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