Chapter 159

Fu Jianchen leaned against the wall of the corridor outside looking down at his feet not knowing what he was thinking, while Fu Ting stood beside him with melancholy eyes.

Madam Jiang came out from the inside and approached Fu Jianchen whose age should be younger than Father Jiang but now when the two of them were standing together, the others would think that Fu Jianchen was the older one, there was too much gray hair on his head.

She opened her mouth and asked Fu Jianchen.

“Aren’t you going to see him?”

“No need.”

Fu Jianchen shook his head and smiled bitterly as he lowered his eyes.

“Xiao Zhen, he should not want to see me here…. How is he now?”

Madam Jiang said.

“He’s fine, just a little tired. His sleeping now.”

“Then it’s good.”

Fu Jianhcen asked with still a bitter smile on his face as he lifted his head.

“By the way, does the child have a name?”

Madam Jiang shook her head.

“I haven’t asked Hengshu yet.”

After a long silence, Fu Jianchen said to Madam Jiang.

“Thanks for today, we’ll leave now.”

He then left the hospital with Fu Ting.

Madam Jiang watched the backs of Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting for a long time until the two of them disappeared completely from her sight.

Father Jiang came over and asked her.

“What are you looking at?”

Madam Jiang shook her head and said to Father Jiang.

“I can’t somewhat understand Mr. Fu and them.”

From their actions today, Fu Jianchen and must have loved Fu Zhen to the extreme but the past two years why did Fu Jianchen drive Fu Zhen out of the Fu family for Tang Wanwan?

“If you can’t understand it then don’t need to understand it.”

Father Jiang gave Madam Jiang a big hug and said in her ear.

“I have to go back to the office first.”

“Go ahead.”

After Father Jiang left, Madam Jiang pushed open the room of the door and slowly walked in.

In the room Fu Zhen was already asleep and the tiny child was lying by his side while Jiang Hengshu was guarding them at the bedside.

Madam Jiang came over and gave Jiang Hengshu two pats on the shoulder. She called out Jiang Hengshu out the door and asked him after he went out.

“Will you still live over in Jinsha District in the future?”

Jiang Hengshu replied.

“After Xiao Zhen is discharge from the hospital we will move to that house over in Yanghe District.”

Jiang Hengshu’s house in Yanghe District, Madam Jiang know this place. It was a small two-story villa with good privacy and convenient transportation.

“That’s good.”

Madam Jiang paused before making a suggestion.

“Why don’t you guys go home for a while so there could be someone at home to take care of Fu Zhen while I find a good nanny for you.”

Jiang Hengshu looked back at the room and said to Madam Jiang.

“When he wakes up, I’ll go and ask him.”

“So have you thought of the name for the child?”

Madam Jiang asked, at this time Grandfather Jiang who was on the side also came over.

Jiang Hengshu nodded.

“The name is Jiang Fu.”

“Jiang Fu, Jiang Fu….”

Grandfather Jiang repeated the name a few times and said with a smile.

“The river blows the tide into the day and the long wave of Huai sea connects the sky. What a good name.”

Jiang Hengshu smiled and did not explain to Grandfather Jiang that Jiang Fu was only taken from his and Fu Zhen’s surname together.

The reason why it was not called Fu Jiang was because Fu Zhen felt that the name does not sound good and for the sake of the child’s future they chose the name Jiang Fu.

Madam Jiang nodded and said to Jiang Hengshu.

“You go in and take the baby out, the nurse is waiting downstairs. We have to hurry and give the baby some breast milk.”

Jiang Hengshu gave an “en,” before he turned his head and gently pushed open the door of the room and walked in.

Fu Zhen was still asleep, and the little baby next to him seemed not to know hunger at all. She only cried after coming out of her father’s womb, and right now she gently wriggled her body while tilting her head as she stretched out her short root like arms and hugged Fu Zhen’s face then opened her mouth as if she was kissing her father.

Jiang Hengshu laughed silently and walked over to pick the child up, nudging his finger on her little nose.

“Don’t wake your daddy up.”



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  2. It still so sad to see father Fu like that.
    No one understand that he wasn’t willing to neglect and tortured his own baby boy.
    In all honesty, if you see the past event, tho FZ had it hard, the father didn’t harm him as long as TWW not interfering. He didn’t really actively bother FZ without any profocation from TWW. Ofc he can’t really be sober since the system’s affecting him.
    It’s all that dang black system’s doing. Can’t blame a system, if the user was willing, so yeah.. ay.. so sad..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. so true..(▰˘︹˘▰)


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