Chapter 21(2)

“Not yet, we can’t trust this woman easily. This woman is too creepy.”

Jiang Chi lazily glanced at him.

“Miss Tang better tell us why the zombies are not attacking you first, or convince us to let down our guard against you.”

Zheng Xue was at it again.

Tang Tang: “…”

No, why should she explain why and why should she let their guard down?

She was not their teammate, she could do whatever she wants so what does it matter to this person!

How could he be so annoying than the dog system!!

Tang Tang froze and began to suspect that this Zheng Xue was having a brain problem.

“Oh yes, why don’t zombies attack you?”

Jiang Chi as if he just reacted also interestingly asked.

The situation at hand was clearly not in her favor and whether she says why or not, Zheng Xue would certainly not let her off easily.

And looking at the situation now, Zheng Xue seems to be giving Jiang Chi some face. Although she doesn’t know the exact reason but if she could start from here may be the chances of running away would be a little higher.

So Tang Tang felt she could be angry with Zheng Xue again.

She deliberately said.

“Well, since you are curious then I will tell you.”

She looked at Jiang Chi and said mysteriously.

“Actually it’s because I have awakened wisdom ability and I made those zombie not attack me though my wisdom.”

Tang Tang’s expression was too serious that she was able to let the six people across the street believe her bluff.

“Liar how can there be a wisdom ability?”

Zheng Xue was the first to voice his opinion.

Tang Tang looked at him.

“You asked me why, and you didn’t believe me when I told you? Then why are you asking me in the first place?”

Zheng Xue was choked by the words, Tang Tang then hurriedly continue to say.

“You all know what kind of person I was before the end times, if I hadn’t awakened my wisdom ability then how could I have lived until this time? And still living well?”

This comment, together with her equipment at this time she seems to be very convincing.

It was not clear whether other believe it or not but as long as Jiang Chi believe it first.

“Yes, you must have awakened wisdom ability otherwise you wouldn’t know where you’re dead now.”

Jiang Chi spoke from his heart.

Tang Tang: “….”

Tang Tang took a deep breath and told herself it was okay.

Children speak without scruples.

She suddenly thought of the previous incident and asked.

“But how did you know that the zombie did not attack me just now? It was so dark just now but you could see it?”

Is it also an ability?

“Well, she can see with her ability.”

Jiang Chi pointed to the girl from before.

The girl stepped forward, nodded her head and stepped back.

Unexpectedly Tang Tang guessed it right.

“In that case let’s disperse and hurry up to find a place to sleep.”

Jiang Chi impatiently said as he turn to leave.

Zheng Xue refused.

“No, we have to take Miss Tang.”

Hearing him say this, Tang Tang wanted to beat him.


Jiang Chi stopped his tracks and asked.

“Now is the end of the world, it would be too dangerous for Miss Tang especially since she is a girl. I’m not too comfortable, anyway there are only six people on our team so it’s okay to add one more.”

Zheng Xue sneered in his heart, of course he should take her with him otherwise how could he find a chance to retaliate back.

As soon as Tang Tang took a look at his expression she knew he was having a bad idea so how could she be happy and willing to take up a big knife and leave.


Jiang Chi said as he lifted his foot and walked away.

Tang Tang at the same time pull out her legs and start to run but then suddenly a rope tied her waist.

Then she heard Zheng Xue’s annoying voice in her ears.

“Miss Tang, shall we?”

Tang Tang shivered fiercely at the words as she looked down on her waist and saw a thin rope flashing with a red light. She don’t know when it was actually tied to her body!

Is this also his ability?

Crap, I can’t believe I underestimated him!

On the other hand, the three people who had slept for several day, Jiang Zhu gradually woke up.

They were just about to sit up when they realized something was wrong, they were all tied up?

Jiang Zhu moved his fingers and saw that the rope originally tied to him abruptly broke.

He sat up from the bed and scanned the room, but he only sat Yan Zhen who looked the same at that time—at the side of the table but Tang Tang was missing.

His eyes were instantly cold.

Yan Zhen notice the movement and said with his last shred of consciousness.

“Save, go save Tang Tang she…. Flew…. Go, save her.”

Then lost consciousness.


Qin Zhang and Qi Mu glance at each other then looked towards Jiang Zhu.

“I’ll go find her.”

Jiang Zhu said and was about to go out.

“We’ll go too.”



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