Chapter 36

It was already midnight when she returned to the capital, Sheng Qiao didn’t pack her luggage thinking that she need to look good for tomorrow, she just washed up first and went to bed.

The next day, she got up and put on her makeup. Near nine o’clock there was a knock at the door of her room.

She pulled open the door and was about to smile politely when she saw Fang Bai wearing a red padded jacket and smiling like a flower outside the door.


Sheng Qiao froze for a couple of seconds.

“You went to Zhongxia?”

“En! Yesterday brother Bei contacted me and said that you were going to sign a contract with Zhongxia and asked me if I was willing to continue working with you. Of course I am and caught a flight back overnight!”

Sheng Qiao was so moved for a moment that she didn’t know what to say.

With Fang Bei in the room, the nervousness she felt dissipated a lot. After getting into the car, the back seat had a breakfast she liked, prepared by Fang Bai for her.

The car was a high-end business car assigned to her by Zhongxia with luxurious decorations, Fang Bai was as excited as if it was his car.

“The car is a symbol of status! I’ve never driven such an expensive car before!”

Even the seat were leather.

Zhongxia was showing their sincerity.

After arriving at the company building, Bei Mingfan appeared at the elevator entrance of the garage in a suit and came to pick her up personally. After greeting her, he led Sheng Qiao to the office on the twelfth floor.

The contract was already set up in triplicate on the desk while Bei Mingfan made tea for her. Sheng Qiao carefully looked through it, the condition she mentioned had indeed been added to the subsidiary treaty confirming that it was correct, she took the pen to sign and press her handprint.

Bei Mingfan extended his hand towards her.

“Xiao Qiao, happy cooperation.”

He made a phone call and told them to confirm the signing and turned to her and said.

“The company’s official blog issued an official announcement of the signing, you can also post it on your own weibo and forward it.”

Sheng Qiao took out her phone and logged in, she then first forwarded it to a large number of people then changed her account status. She also edited a paragraph about how she was in a new world and a thank you for her fans on their unending support.

Bei Mingfan also looked at his phone, smiled and said.

“Your support group is quite decent, I’ll contact the president. First take back your official support association and let the professional take care of it, after all fans are not stable and it’s better for us to take a hold of the official fandom.”

Sheng Qiao said.

“No need, the president is me.”

Thinking he had misheard what she said, Bei Mingfan asked blankly.


Sheng Qiao: “Me.”

Bei Migfan: “???”

Sorry I underestimated you.

Sheng Qiao does not want everything to be taken over by the company, like the official support association that directly represents the position of the star. She still needs to hold it more firmly.

And also she don’t want to give up those little cute people in the group.

“There is Fang Bai he is also in, I also have a back-up management group which are all true fans and do things on the way, they’re more than enough.”


It was the first time that Bei Mingfan met a star who was the president of her own support association and listening to her her he don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The news of Sheng Qiao’s signing with Zhongxia soon spread on the internet. It’s not that people didn’t think she would sign with a new company but they couldn’t have guessed that the new owner would be Zhongxia.

How many people were digging into places where their mind enter?

The picky Zhongxia signed Sheng Qiao because they fancy her?

Of course, Sheng Qiao’s fans were certainly happy. The new company, the new team, new agent and new contract were all new beginnings! The word “Zhongxia” represents resources. In the future their fairy Sheng Qiao would take off!

Few good friends in her circle have also send messages to congratulate her, Sheng Qiao browed through the messages but did not see Huo Xi’s, so she was a little lost.

But he had already told her congratulations that day in the car!

So thinking about it, she was satisfied.

Bei Mingfan also called in the new makeup artist and assistant he had arranged for her to get to know each other.

The makeup artist was a tall boy with a clean cut but looked delicate. His name was Zhou Kan, the other assistant was a girl with short hair, she looked sharp and simple her name was Ding Jian.

Bei Mingdan said.

“Fang Bai has just graduated and has not been an assistant for long so let Xiao Jian bring him along first.”

Like the last time into the hospital, she was photographed and the news spread all over the network because he was nervous and don’t know what to do. They need to make sure that this kind of thing has never to happen to again.

After handing over all morning, they had lunch together and got familiar with the new team. After eating together, Bei Mingfan said.

“Let Fang Bai and Xiao Jian take you to see the house in the afternoon.”

Sheng Qiao: “What house?”

“Your side is almost due? Aren’t you going to change your house?”

This agent was really meticulous, Sheng Qiao smiled gratefully at him.

“Change! We’ll go see it in the afternoon.”

“After checking it, tell me if you like it and the company will report it to you first and rent it then deduct it from your remuneration.”

He told Ding Jian.

“Pay more attention to the reporter and don’t expose you address.”

Several people got into the car and set off.

Ding Jian looked at looked neat and refreshed, she was also cheerful. In the car, she introduced herself to Sheng Qiao about the artists she had been with before. When she heard the words “Meng Xingshen”, Sheng Qiao’s eyelids jumped fiercely.

What? Meng Xingshen is from Zhongxia?

She silently took out her phone and searched.

Oh, It’s true.

Not only was he an artist of Zongxia but also a shareholder of Zhongxia.

Sheng Qiao carefully probed.

“I heard that Film Emperor Meng is quite nice?”

Ding Jian: “Yes, super nice. He never plays the big star and is very gentle to everyone.”

She smiled and asked.

“Are you his fan?”

Sheng Qiao: “I’m not.”

Fang Bai said silently in his heart: She is her fan at home.

The car soon drove to the community and stopped at the first house, Ding Jian had already taken the key from the intermediary. Seng Qiao put on her hat and masked before she followed them out of the car.

Several houses were in the downtown area. The high-grade decoration of the community was exquisite, both greening and security facilities were well done. It was suitable for stars to live.

Compared the house she had before, it was a world away.

Of course the price was also high.

After looking whole afternoon, Sheng Qiao selected a four apartment room, two floor house was facing south and was located on the fifth floor, it was not high and it was easy to get in and out. It was also near supporting facilities.

She couldn’t afford to buy a house in a short time so for now this should do it, at least she could pick up her mother soon too. It was spacious and should be good for her to live here.

Ding Jian did a quick job and contacted the agent to sign the contract on the same day and paid one year’s rent in advance.

There was everything in the room, she would only move her bag. Fang Bai said excitedly.

“Sister Qiao we’ll move tomorrow!”

Sheng Qiao fished out her phone and clicked on the calendar.

“Don’t get too excited, let me see an auspicious day.”

Then found that tomorrow she was going to grave so she reschedule it

She wrote down some of the items she still needed and handed them to Fang Bai.

“I’ll add them tomorrow.”

She said to Ding Jian.

“Can I change this small bedroom into a private space?”

Ding Jian asked.

“What do you mean by private space?”

“Similar to a small study. With wall shelves multifunction desk, and small chairs.”

Ding Jian understood what she meant,

“I’ll contact workers tomorrow to modify it.”

She felt that Sheng Qiao was actually quite a little girl so she asked again.

“Want to add little stars to your curtains?”

Sheng Qiao: “… no need.”

The next few days were spent packing and moving to a new home.

In fact there really was nothing to pack. In her old apartment, except for necessary daily necessities and some clothes and jewelry, everything else has nothing to with her. Having nothing to do, she went to Taobao to buy some small home decoration items and bed sheets and quilt covers were also changed. She also asked Fang Bai to buy lots of flowers back from the market, she then placed the flowers on an open air-balcony.

On the official moving day, Fu Ziqing and Le Xiaoxiao both came to help. Zhong Shen had gone abroad for a the show so she only called Sheng Qiao and congratulated her on her housewarming.

Several people cleaned up and decorated inside and out, it was a busy day. The new home become more and more to her liking.

After the meal, the two left. Sheng Qiao called Bei Mingfan to thank him, smiling Bei Mingfan said.

“It’s good to be satisfied, I was just about to tell you that you should take a good rest for the next few days, since you will start working next week.”

“What kind of work?”

“A talent variety show called Starlight Junior, this kind of teen idol talent show has high flow of hot search which is very helpful to your popularity.”

Sheng Qiao opened the computer while saying.

“But I don’t know anything, how can I instruct others?”

Bei Mingfan said.

“You are just responsible for beauty.”

Sheng Qiao: “…..okay.”

Many pages pop up on the screen, all about the Starlight Junior. This was the self-produced variety show of the top video platform Le Yi, which has a large number of users and traffic has always been on the top within video sites. Over the years, it has also launched a number of self-produced variety shows with ratings leading all the way and making a lot of newcomers famous.

The internet has already broken the news on the participants like so-and-so trainee, so-and so newcomer, so-and-so netizens, so-and-so big shot’s son was confirmed to participate in “Starlight Junior”.

But the mentor has not yet been announced, with all the guessing on who it would be the traffic for this topic was mountain high and their guesses were like; professional musician and the star remover who was rumored to be just a pretty face.

And she knew that this pretty face was about her.

After turning off the computer and lying on the bed, she turned on her mobile phone and looked at Huo Xi. She turned over again and over, then finally didn’t continue to send a message instead she login to her fan base account. When she looked at the home page, she know that Huo Xi has gone abroad to participate in the International Music Festival.

Since becoming Sheng Qiao, she was too busy to pay attention to Huo Xi’s itinerary. She don’t know how many excellent LIVE scene she missed, thinking about it she wanted to cry.

There were many LIVE videos sent by the front-line station sisters on the home page. All angles of Huo Xi—from singing and dancing new songs on the stage, to how handsome he was.

Sheng Qiao covered her heart while wailing, poking her phone to forward and swiping the screen.

–husband is so handsome ohhhhh t-t

— I’ll die crazy!!!

— Ahhh a blast!

— Huo Xi my life is yours!


Not two days later, “Starlight Junior” officially announced three mentors and one star remover. The three mentors were Li Yao, a front line flow student, Wei Hedong a singer and Ye Tong a female artist with excellent singing and dancing skill.

Star remover: Sheng Qiao, the vase1

The difference could be seen from the name, the other three were called mentors. She was called star remover.

After reading the rules, the contestant who have passed the three mentors by a unanimous vote could be promoted directly. The star remover has a negative vote, the contestant who were denied by the star remover need to be reevaluate and the audience would vote to determine the advancement.

Once the official announcement came out, the three mentor’s fans have forwarded the control comment. Sheng Qiao’s fans of course was not willing to lag behind, Sheng Qiao explained in the group: “Don’t be too powerful, just stay under the tree mentors. After all, Qiao Qiao can’t do anything,”

Chacha said angrily.

“President! How can you say that about Qiao Qiao! Our Qiao Qiao may not know anything but she’s beautiful! Beauty is justice!”

While eating melons, netizens lamented that Zhongxia was different. As soon as they made a move, they connected Sheng Qiao with a high popularity and high traffic network. It seems that her luck has really changed.

The black fan sneers: just a vase, can’t sing, can’t dance but still going to be one of the judge on a talent variety show. At that time, when you can’t say anything will you finally lose face?

Sheng Qiao: None of your business, and anyway no comment for you.



the vase1–  just  pretty face

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