Chapter 60

Lu Yunchen came up from the side of the stage with a microphone and the whole audience screamed. Some people even shouted a little hoarsely and their voice was higher than Lu Yunchen’s singing.

After singing a few words, Lu Yunchen motioned the audience to lower their voice and then asked Shen Yan to continue.

The clean, clear voice rings out again—and it was intoxicating.

Lu Yunchen came, Lu Yunchen actually came to help Shen Yan!

Those people who shouted that Shen Yan was playing the recorded voice of Lu Yunchen stop talking as their faces turn red.

Wang Peng and Zheng Rou, who were pulling banners in support for Shen Yan under the stage were also dumbfounded that Lu Yunchen had come over to help Shen Yan.

They thought, they thought Shen Yan was going to lose just a moment ago but now Shen Yan was sure to win.

“Sister Zhou, why is Lu Yunchen coming over here?”

Wang Peng shouted.

Zhou Ruo was still shouting the chat with the surrounding audience,

“Go, go, Shen Yan, first!”

Wang Peng was a little worried at this time, Lu Yunchen came to help Shen Yan but what if Lu Yunchen’s fans boycotted Shen Yan online?

After all, there was a big gap between Shen Yan and Lu Yunchen in the entertainment industry, thinking so, he shouted “Sister Zhou” again.

Unfortunately the audience voice was a still a little loud and Zhou Ruo didn’t hear him clearly.

If Wang Peng could thought of this, so was Li He on the other side. He comforted Li Xin.

“Even if Shen Yan wins, we will drive the rhythm in a moment. After all Lu Yunchen had to come to help Shen Yan because of the endorsement advertisement of Sweet Chocolate.”

Her partner Wei Chen did not say a word and silently squeezed out from the audience. Lu Yunchen helped Shen Yan—with just this, the competition was no longer suspense.

“Lost, I’m going to lose. I must have invited a wrong guest, if I ask Lu Yunchen to help me I won’t lose!”

After saying that, she asked Li He.


“Yes, it’s all because of the guests, otherwise we wouldn’t have lost. The moment the voting audience, voted Shen Yan it was also all because of Lu Yunchen. When ask later just say to the people to vote solely on yours and Shen Yan’s performance and not basing who the guests was, because this competition was about you and Shen Yan.”

Li He thought it was okay for Li Xin to say this, and even if Li Xin lost in the end, they could still drive the pace so Li He reminded a few more times.

Inside the limousine, Li Cuiyu looked at Lu Yunchen on the stage and was stunned. She thought Shen Yan must have lost this time, but why was Lu Yunchen came in and help?

Subconsciously, Li Cuiyu called Aunt Qian.

“Madam, don’t look anymore. Let’s go back or you’ll be more worried.”

Li Cuiyu: “….”

“Madam, you also don’t need to wait for the votes. I know Lu Yunchen, this Lu Yunchen is the top in the entertainment circle if he’s helping Shen Yan, then Shen Yan will surely win. Let’s go back.”

“Do not talk.”

“Yes, Madam.”

Li Cuiyu covered her heart and said to the driver.

“Let’s go back, let’s go back. This Shen Yan will win, so what am I still doing here? And that Li Xin, if she invited a guest, why not invit someone who can compare with Lu Yunchen.”

Auntie Qian thought for a moment before saying.

“Lu Yunchen is a film emperor and top level flow. He is also good looking. There are only few people who can compare with him and they won’t come to this competition.”

With another knife pierced her heart, Li Cuiyu didn’t even want to tell Aunt Qin to stop talking and only said to the driver.

“Let’s go to Meng group. I am Yi’an’s mother and Meng Heng’s wife. What can Shen Yan do even if she won such competition? I’ll tell my son about the blind date now.”

When it comes to this, Li Cuiyu suddenly laughed and said,

“Even if Shen Yan wins, my son will not be with her.”

“Master Meng always wants to be with Shen Yan but—”

“Stop talking.”

“Yes madam.”

Aunt Qian didn’t continue, and Li Cuiyu felt more comfortable but on second thought she seems to continue and let Aunt Qian had an opinion on everything, Li Cuiyu wanted to say something to Aunt Qian but in the end did not speak.

She did not dare speak again, lest she had another spicy opinion. She just decided that next time she would not go out with Aunt Qian.

After the song ended, Lu Yunchen took the microphone and took a step forward.

“I didn’t know Shen Yan’s competition with Li Xin until today, because these two are the contestants of Xianlu audition and draft, I just want to come and watched the game.”

Speaking of this, Lu Yunchen frowned.

“But when I knew during the game, Li Xin asked others for help I knew that so many people will vote for Li Xin because of the guests.

Hearing this, the audience were into thinking and were particularly quiet.

Lu Yunchen smiled like a sunshine in early morning as he continued.

“Then it occurred to me that my fans wanted me to work with Shen Tan so I came over to help.”

Lu Yunchen’s fans under the stage screamed, they just like the kindness Lu Yunchen was giving to them.

Shen Yan smiled at Lu Yunchen’s statement, she didn’t know if Lu Yunchen really thought so but one thing she knew was that he was helping her.

After all, Xianlu audition draft didn’t care about this matter, and didn’t forwarded any post regarding this. They just wanted to reap the benefits so if it wasn’t for helping themselves, Lu Yunchen didn’t have to come at all.

Waiting for the fans to finish screaming, Lu Yunchen then continued.

“But this is a competition, so I hope everyone voted solely on the performance of Shen Yan and Li Xin not because of me and Wei Chen.”

After that he gave the microphone back to the staff and nodded to Shen Yan.

Li He was dumbfounded, this was the exact words he just thought of.

Wang Peng looked ashamed, this was the top traffic. According to Lu Yunchen, his fans would definitely not envy Shen Yan, instead if votes were still needed on the next round of the competition, Shen Yan would definitely win with their support.

“Not bad for a top flow ah.”

After saying that, Wang Peng glanced at Zheng Rou who was still there shouting frantically cheering and he then stopped talking.

“What should we do now? Lu Yunchen has said what we have to say. What shall we say later? Moreover since he said this, the audience will surely vote for Shen Yan especially those who wanted to pair up Shen Yan and Lu Yunchen on the drama.”

They would say that they vote for Shen Yan not because of Lu Yunchen but because it was Shen Yan.

So Li He quickly thought of something for Li Xin to say in a moment.

But Li Xin said to herself first.

“I’ve lost, I’ve lost?”

After thinking about it, Li He hurriedly said.

“In a while, just directly say that you quit on the competition and don’t say anything else!”

He kept looking at Li Xin and let her promised, only then did he breathed a sigh of relief.

Next was time for the audience to vote, a total of 1000 votes. The site staff told the audience each person was issued one vote until the end of the competition.

Some fans on the scene without tickets have shouted to vote Shen Yan, who sings well.

“Shen Yan sings well!”

“Yes vote for Shen Yan, not because of Lu Yunchen but because Shen Yan sings well.”

“Shen Yan first!”

The staff were counting the votes, while Shen Yan went directly back to the nanny car. She felt she didn’t need to show up yet.

After the staff counted the votes, she just went back directly. Lu Yunchen stopped Shen Yan and pointed to the audience behind him.

Lu Yunchen: “I came here by taxi.”

Shen Yan looked at Lu Yunchen for a long time.

“Get in the car.”

Inside the car, Shen Yan sits face to face with Lu Yunchen. At this time, Zhou Ruo has not yet gotten into the car she was still waiting for Li Xin to retreat but the driver was with them inside the car.

So Shen Yan does not feel embarrassed. After thinking for a while, Shen Yan took the book Xianlu and gave it to Lu Yunchen while she opened the e-book.

With a puff of laughter, Lu Yunchen leaned close to Shen Yan while he propped his elbow. He then asked.

“Do you want me to study hard and make progress every day?”

Shen Yan: “Thank you.”


“I’ll go to your concert.”

Lu Yunchen turned the book Xianlu and did not speak again, thinking that he was able to let Shen Yan go to his concert then he could always make her his fan.



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