TMBAM 14.1

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Chapter 14 (1)

Rich and powerful families were far away from ordinary people’s life, not to mention some top rich and powerful families who were not really reported casually by media magazines.

And what kind of ordinary people who do not watch some news especially gossips?

After that incident three years ago, Jiang Meng’s scandal rose up and didn’t make any good film last year and fell back to second line. However after the news of her cooperation with Director Li on a new film that came out this year the degree of attention went up again. Her fans was also injected with chicken blood one by one, which set up a strong backing for her career.

And at this critical time, news of Jiang Meng’s pregnancy broke out and she was immediately pushed to the top of the traffic.

The Yan family also came into the publics eye.

Celebrity, rich families, cheating, lovers… several gossip keywords most loved by the public have all come together, whether it’s a scandal or Jiang Meng’s has really caught the limelight.

The comment section was full of fans who were washing the ground for Jiang Meng.

[Mr. Yan’s wife’s name is Gu Xueyi right? She was on the news a few years ago, she’s arrogant emmmm, I can’t stand her. Just a passerby no identity.]

[Found a picture of Gu Xueyi [picture], er, the Yan family seems to be very good, how could they marry her? She’s really ugly. Her makeup looks like she’s going to eat people….]

[Do you know that Jiang Meng is pregnant? Any knew if the Yan’s and Gu’s are divorced? Take NIMA’s rhythm. Wait for the company’s statement, wait for Yan’s statement….]

[U1S1, Jm Yan press ten Gu.]

The phrase ‘JM Yan press ten Gu’, Jiang Meng still remembers.

She had met Gu Xueyi before.

Underneath the clumsy heavy makeup, concealed was a face with picturesque face.

Jiang Meng has a little weakness, but was indescribable hidden. A secret pleasure.

…then it came to a screeching halt at that moment.

While the comment section was covered by more eager netizens pouring in.

[No makeup? The way she dress was also simple, but she has a really classy beauty ah! this temperament is rally great!]

[My cousin works in Yan family said, Mr. Yan had long divorced Gu Xueyi? Are divorced people still holding the title of Madam Yan and invite major giants to dinner parties? The brain is a good thing.1]

[Please ask Miss Jiang Meng who is the most beautiful Gu Xueyi to come out and take two steps–]

[U1S1, Gu Yan presses 100JM. Please Jiang Meng don’t fry in red carpet who presses countless actresses!]

Jiang Meng almost had myocardial infarction.

But when her agent saw that she was covering her stomach and was out of breath the agent hastily snapped the phone shut for her.

“Do you want to be so angry that you miscarry on the spot? Don’t forget your purpose!”

The agent said with hatred.

Originally she though that Jiang Meng would be longest person she would handle, she was good looking enough and had a mixed race persona to add to it. Both male and females fans like her face, later on president Cao fell in love with her and she had more resources but she got pregnant.

If she got pregnant, then she got pregnant after all she knows Jiang Meng has the means.

But how come in front of Gu Xueyi, with just only one round she could not stabilized?

“I can’t talk to Gu Xueyi… She won’t even see me. The second and fourth young master of the Yan family don’t care… no one will recognize the child in my belly.”

Jiang Meng sharply gasped two breaths, barely slowing down.

“What do you mean…….”

“Look for Yan Wenshu.”


Yan Villa.

Yan Wenbo hung up another call without moving.

While Yan Wenjia who was sitting across him looked at him indifferently.

“You’re really back.”

This was something that he really didn’t expect.

Yan Wenbo reacted quickly as he clasped the phone with one hand and looked up with a slightly cold gaze.

“You heard Gu….. Gu Xueyi call me?”


Yan Wenbo’s phone rang again, he didn’t even look at it and hung it up.

“Isn’t that the Shi Chengbin’s gang that keeps on calling you out?”


“Not going?”

Yan Wenbo finally opened his mouth,

“Don’t you have to go to the set?”

Yan Wenjia tilted his head up and thought for a moment, then realized that he has been in the Yan house for several days now and hasn’t been in the crew. Of course he seldom went to the crew but he didn’t go anywhere else either.

Yan Wenjia slowly collected his thoughts and redirected his gaze to Yan Wenbo’s body.

He replied rather casually.

“Don’t want to go.”

Yan Wenbo said coldly.

“I don’t want to go either.”

Yan Wenjia sat up straight and smiled softly, but even if he covered it with his smile his gloomy shadow still looked demonic.

“Now, you’re not afraid that Shi Chengbin won’t take you for a ride if you keep ignoring that?”

Yan Wenbo looked at him with even colder gaze.

The atmosphere in the room immediately became saber-rattling.

Not only was the Yan family doesn’t care with Gu Xueyi but in face several young master and young miss living in the Yan family don’t deal with each other very well.

The servants were not surprised and just lowered their heads and pretended that they didn’t see or hear anything.

When a sound of footsteps approaching suddenly resounded.

Gu Xueyi came down from the stairs, she changed into a more comfortable clothes and her waist belt was loosely tied outlining her slender figure.


The maid called out and said.

“Dinner is ready.”

The atmosphere in the room was instantly pressed down.

Both men closed their mouths as if no one had just opened them.

Gu Xueyi took in the appearance of the two but said nothing.

It was Yan Wenbo who could not stand the excessively quiet atmosphere first and opened his mouth.

“Are you really going to host a dinner party?”

“Well, the invitations have all been sent.”

You really don’t know how far the sky from the earth is.

Was the words that came out from Yan Wenbo lips but swallowed it back.

“…..Do you know how many people will come at that time? Can you control the scene?…. these are all minor matters, have you chosen the venue? Have you decided on the banquet and service staff?”

As he talked about it, Yan Wenbo was getting anxious.

“Those little things I handed it over to Chen Yujin.”

Yan Wenbo choked.

It was only after a long time that his voice resounded again, he gritted his teeth as he was a little angry and a hint of disbelief could be heard in his voice.

“Chen Yujin agreed with you to do this?”


Is Chen Yujin crazy?

Chen Yujin is more than crazy.

Yan Wenjia took a deep look at Gu Xueyi

At that moment, a phone suddenly rang again.

Yan Wenbo hung up the phone without even looking.

Isn’t this another fucking crazy one?

I’m crazy too.

On the other side.

Several people gathered together and asked.

“Did you get through?”

“What is the fourth young master up to?”

“Suddenly not going? Fuck. Without him as our backer how can we get in?”

Several people looked at each other, no one knew the answer to this question and their expression were not looking any good either.


[⬅️ Toc ➡️]

The brain is a good thing.1– a buzzword on the Internet. The full expression of the word is “the brain is a good thing , I hope everyone can have it”. The central idea describes “no brain “.


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