Chapter 48

It was clearly a cold winter but Jiang Yunting’s nose was already seeping with beads of sweat.

Whil eJiang Liangchan was holding a hand stove, standing on the side watching Jiang Yunting’s practice and although her mouth was cheering she couldn’t help but worry deep inside.

She herself does not know kung fu but thinking back of the last time Jiang Yunting nibbled on melon seeds doing the horse stance, it was very doubtful that he was now progressing.

When Master Zhang finished teaching a set of movements and let Jiang Yunting practice on his own, Jiang Liangchan trotted over and pulled Master Zhang to a farther place.

Jiang Liangchan lowered her voice.

“Master Zhang, tell me honestly to what extend is my brother’s kung fu now?”

Master Zhang bowed his head and said.

“Young Master Jiang is intelligent and good at learning and he is born with great strength so Young Miss don’t need to worry, in time he will be able to make great achievements in martial arts.”


Good at learning.

Great achievements.

….. She was a little afraid to continue listening as she heard these words.

Jiang Liangchan felt that she had to reacquainted herself with this martial arts master.

Though she also thought that martial arts students were straightforward in character, not afraid of power and were absolutely unambiguous.

But Jiang Liangchan looked back at the “intelligent”, and “good at learning” young master Jiang, who would have “great achievements in martial arts”.

Young Master Jiang’s hair was also swinging as he throw punches with great effort and confidence.

Four out of ten moved were wrong.

Unfortunately, Master Zheng also happened to turn around and saw the scene.

Two people then looked at each other.

There was a moment of awkwardness.

Master Zhang coughed.

Jiang Liangchan sighed and asked.

“Master Zhang if my brother goes to the tournament this month, how sure do you think he’ll be at his current pace?”

Master Zhang pondered for a moment and kindly said.

“The competition does not have eyes, in respect to Young master Jiang’s identity and in case of injury it’s better not to participate.”

He was always indirect and tactful, Jiang Liangchan feels a little tired.

After thinking about it, she said dryly.

“You don’t have to worry about anything—it doesn’t matter, I know what level my brother is. You just need to give me an estimate, no matter what degree he learns it won’t affect you reward Master Zhang.”

Master Zhang was very frank this time.

“There is still no chance of winning.”


Jiang Liangchan sadly turned around, and saw Jiang Yunting leaning step by step and thought that even if he study seriously these days it would be too late at that time.

His basic movement were very shaky, she was afraid that if he fight with someone now he would not be able to find his teeth on the ground.


Wait a minute fighting someone?

His martial arts was not to blame, he hasn’t really fought with someone up to now and doesn’t have any experience in actual combat.

It was estimated he would be beaten by people with experience at the time he enters the competition.

Therefore he needs experience of an actual bottle and learn how to fight!

Jiang Liangchan found the direction and was once again spirited.

If he fight he should choose a good partner, especially with Master Jiang’s reaction just now, it gave her an early warning.

Jiang Liangchan called all the soldiers who were good at kung fu in their manor and asked them one by one.

“How do you think about young master’s kung fu?”

“The young master is an expert!”

“Winning the martial arts world is just around the corner!”

“I’m ashamed of myself!”

It’s over.

It’s all over.

Jiang Liangchan’s heart burst with despair.

There is no hope for this.

No wonder Jiang Yunting was full of confidence while doing three leg stance.

It turned out that the entire court was his confidence blower.

Jiang Liangchan expanded the range by one circle and got the same perfect score of Jiang Yunting’s kung fu.

Despair, was the only word she could think of.

She walk to the training ground dejectedly thinking whether to expand the scope a little more and find an honest martial artist in the capital.

It was such a short time that she didn’t know that finding martial artist would waste a few days.

As she walked there was suddenly an extra pair of shoes in front of her.

As soon as Chen Fang left the courtyard gate he saw Jiang Liangchan passing outside with her head down and face dropping.

Subconsciously, he called out to her,

“What’s wrong with you?”

Jiang Liangchan raised her head listlessly, her eyes fell on Cheng Fang’s face in a trance and did not have the heart to speak and was about to walk away.

But before her foot could be lifted, she suddenly reacted.

Chen Fang!

Her mind immediately came alive, her whole body was pumped up and she asked quickly.

“Chen Fang what do you think of my brother Jiang Yunting, how is his kung fu?”

She stared into his eyes and clenched her fist nervously.

Chen Fang did not expect to hear such a question and frowned. He incredulously asked rhetorically.

“You are asking me, how is your brother’s kung fu?”

Jiang Liangchan was too nervous to speak and just nodded her head vigorously.

Chen Fang smiled gently as if he was sure of some joke.

“Are you sure, your brother calls that kung fu?”

Jiang Liangchan’s whole body came to life!

She knew it!

If there was only one person in Jiang’s house who doesn’t blow self-confidence bubble of machine to Jiang Yunting then it must be no other than Chen Fang!

I’ll kowtow to this boss!

Moreover, as the king of spoilers she knows too well not to mention Jiang Fu. Even in the whole capital there were few kung fu better than Chen Fang!

Besides, how much Chen Fang hates Jiang Yunting, who could be cruel other than him.

Chen Fang didn’t really expect that after he satirized Jiang Yunging, Jiang Liangchan who was original wilting has her eyes lit up. Her bright eyes surprisingly stared at him without shyness as her smiled bloomed beautifully.

Her beautiful and happy appearance made him dare not to look at her.

Jiang Liangchan had no time to pay attention to his reaction as she excitedly grabbed his sleeve tugged him and ran.

“Benefactor! I knew I had to rely on you to save my life!”



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